Getting Russian citizenship from the mainpart of the population of the country is by birth. But in a situation where the subjects of another state want to live legally on the territory of our country and enjoy all the rights of a citizen, the procedure for obtaining citizenship is significantly complicated.

Obtaining Russian citizenship

Citizens of the Russian Federation may become persons in the following cases:

  • when acquiring citizenship on general grounds;
  • in cases where it is possible to simplify the acquisition of Russian citizenship;
  • if the restoration of citizenship is recognized;
  • in other cases, fixed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

There is also a category of people who are limited in the possibility of acquiring Russian citizenship, but there are not so many. The persons belong to them:

  • who have an outstanding conviction obtained in the territory of another state, and are in places of detention;
  • who participated in terrorist acts or any military conflicts aimed at the territory, property or citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • participated in the emergence of a threat to the security of the Russian Federation;
  • used false documents to obtain citizenship when applying;
  • are in the military service or are in the security services of another country;
  • who were deported from the Russian Federation on legal grounds, and since that time has not passed another 5-year period;
  • are prosecuted for committing any unlawful acts in the territory of the Russian Federation or outside its borders.

simplification of Russian citizenship
In order to exercise their right to obtain Russian citizenship on a general basis, an alien must fulfill a number of mandatory conditions:

  • to reach the age of 18;
  • live on the territory of the country for 5 years continuously (it is possible to be absent from the territory of the country for not more than 3 calendar months a year);
  • officially have a stable income, documented;
  • comply with the laws of the Russian Federation (including the Constitution of the Russian Federation);
  • be fluent in the state language.

Mandatory period of residence can be reducedin certain cases. For example, foreigners who have special achievements in the field of science, art and other areas can significantly reduce Russian citizenship (up to a year or even less).

The application must be issued in Russian,it must be filed directly by the person who claims to receive Russian citizenship. It is also necessary to attach a valid foreign passport, birth certificate, 4 photos and all other necessary documents (marriage certificate, documents certifying kinship ties, etc.). All papers must be notarized and provided to the migration service with their copies. Also, a mandatory condition will be payment of state duty in the established amount (2000 rubles). There is a group of persons who have a legitimate opportunity not to pay in this situation:

The procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship

  • persons who legally resided in the USSR, but did not obtain the citizenship of the countries included in its membership, and eventually remained stateless;
  • children who are without parental care;
  • orphans.

In fact, the procedure for obtaining citizenshipis very individual, depending on the reasons and circumstances of each applicant. Therefore, you need to contact the migration service, where you will be told in more detail about the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship.