The sign of radiation hazard is one of the 12accepted throughout the world of signs showing zones with a particular kind of threat to human life and health. The statement "Caution, radiation!" Became relevant right after the end of the Second World War.

signs of radiation
The first sign was invented and used for the first timeradiation hazard in the laboratory of the American University of California at Berkeley. Physicists from Berkeley played a significant role in the invention of the atomic bomb, and then the hydrogen bomb. The process of the invention of the sign already after, in 1952, was described in a letter of one of the participants - a chemist of Nelson Garden. A small group of researchers offered several samples of the sign, and it was this one who best visualized the threat. He was purple on a blue background. Purple in its Roman meaning was chosen because of the high cost of paint this particular color - this eliminated mindless copying, writes Garden. In addition, he did not conflict with any other popular color in this field of science. By the same principle, the blue background color was chosen.

Black on yellow

A modern image - a black sign on a yellow background - appeared later, when signs of radiation were used more often.

radiation and people
Objects carrying a radioactive hazard have becomemore. Garden, one of the inventors of the sign, does not like black on yellow signs of radiation. He believes that the frequent use of yellow in the designation of objects of any danger disavows the increased danger of radiation. In addition, the yellow sign is poorly visible against the background of a bright blue sky. Nevertheless, the yellow background was chosen in 1948 with the standardization of the sign as the main one. A sign from three petals or three blades while remained purple. The authors of the new image found that this combination of colors is clearly visible in the open air from a distance of 20 feet. Today's American standards (ANSI), established in the late 1950s, allow the use of both black and purple radiation signs.

Visual meaning of the sign

It is interesting that usually the danger labels in formare classical triangles with one or another image inside. According to the Russian GOST, this sign is a warning sign. Signs of poison and radiation are depicted in 9 out of 10 cases on a square base.

radiation sign in pictures
The radiation sign itself is a circle thatdivided into 6 sectors. Three of them are black. Two black petals-sectors point up, one down. What does the sign itself mean? There are two versions. The first is an inverted shamrock as a symbol of the death of nature, the second, more cynical, the sign is similar to the battle flag of the Japanese living in the west of the island empire. By the way, the similarity of the sign of radiation to the symbol of Mitsubishi car concern is surprising. But upside down.

A new sign of radiation

In 2007, a newionizing hazard. This sign of radiation in pictures is interesting. On a red background, black depicts a traditional sign of radiation, a skull with bones - a sign of death, a running man - an appeal to leave the zone of defeat.

radiation sign photo
The authors believe that this sign is more understandable. But why, it is problematic to explain, because the source of danger is the same three-petalled fan, not quite understandable to the average person, not immediately and not all are perceived as a deadly threat! The IAEA sincerely believes that the new sign will be more understandable to less educated people who do not understand the first sign that does not have an intuitive echo in the soul of a representative of a poorly educated people. For some reason their confidence makes you think. What kind of intuitive echo this propeller should cause in a Czech or Swede? Nevertheless, the IAEA is now trying to introduce a new sign, despite its more complex visual perception. It is interesting that new signs of radiation were tested for recognition in such countries as USA, Morocco, Kenya, Thailand, India and Ukraine. The symbol is coordinated with the World Organization for Standardization in the ISO Industry and is implemented through its implementation mechanisms.
sign of radiation

And where is Roerich?

But is there any other intuitive symbolismthis sign? Its similarity with the Roerich banner is surprising. Three circles in a circle, located similar to the petals of the sign of radiation. There is some esoteric version, which says that the Earth lies on some cosmic path, but the path was closed by distortions when using nuclear weapons. Therefore, a sign of radioactive danger is a sign of the Roerich way and a banner turned upside down. Analogue of an inverted crucifix or pentagram. But even without the symbolism of the Path, there is obviously an opposition between the symbol of peace (pax culturae) and nuclear danger.

Application of radiation hazard signs

Initially in America right after the inventionhis sign was planned to be placed on shelters designed to protect against an atomic threat. Later, this idea was abandoned, since the sign means danger, and not shelter from it. Now, according to GOST 17925-72, in Russia this sign denotes facilities, objects, instruments and devices that carry a real or potential radiation hazard. These can be nuclear power plants, vehicles in which radioactive substances are transported, physical laboratories, accelerators and many other objects that actually carry radioactive danger.

carefully radiation
In short, where the level of radiation is reallyupgraded. It is allowed to use the sign of radioactive danger for educational purposes, at conferences, in booklets, during training. According to GOST, the use of the sign of radiation hazard for avatars in social networks and in the manufacture of jewelry, as well as for other similar purposes is not allowed. But nobody is following this. And measures of responsibility for the disorderly and unauthorized use of the mark is not provided. According to GOST, by the way, the trefoil must be red, but black is allowed on a white background.

Coverage Area

Signs of radiation can mark not only objects,but also space. The area of ​​the signs at the entrance to the industrial site extends to the entire territory of the facility. There is the concept of "zone", which, thanks to the "Stalker" of the Strugatsky brothers, has its emotional coloring.

radiation level
Now somewhere on the verge between civil defenseand a cyberpunk is a campaign to find places with radiation contamination that have survived since the USSR, and activists are trying to mark them with such signs, even if they are made in the form of graffiti on the walls of houses. But activists are not always right. The danger can be imaginary. And people, seeing the "black propeller" on a yellow background on the wall of the house in their street, begin to get nervous. Most likely, a state program is needed to find, identify and disinfect such places, together with a campaign to debunk rumors. And if such rumors, that is, misinformation, are someone engaged professionally, as in India, when world corporations fought nuclear power plants? The new sign of radiation hazard is too similar to the visualization of the wrath of the gods and the call to destroy the object that angered them. In short, the use of signs of radiation hazard needs an eye to the eye.

Signs of radiation and the human psyche

It is obvious that the human psyche is peculiarexaggerate threats. Radiation danger scares for a long time, it is clear that for the population of the Far East these fears did not arise from scratch. Radiation and man are familiar, of course, since the emergence of mankind, relic radiation was always, but now the fear of mutations and changes in genocode under the influence of sources of latent radiation is greater than ever. And not only the word-of-mouth radio, but also the media, these rumors are exaggerated. Perhaps, very soon the data on the radiation background will be received together with the weather forecast, and at airports the passengers will be labeled with the emblems - "radiation safe".


It is interesting that for advanced youth these signsbecame a part of club culture. Many night establishments mark this sign with cocktails, private areas and even bathrooms. All would be well, the psyche of the younger generation and not seen this. Young people gladly modernize the sign of radiation, a photo of it in gas, oil or other fashionable style can be seen in different design projects. But then again, remember the old joke about the boy and the wolf attacking him ... If the sign is applied many times in a safe situation, the mind can ignore it in a dangerous situation.

Hopefully, our hipsters and ravers are notwill search for atomic bomb shelters in the near future or confuse them with smoking rooms, but some state control over the use of this sign for other purposes should be present.