For many people, a mortgage is the only oneway to get a comfortable home. Does the institution of mortgage lending develop in our country? Relatively. The whole point is that you can get money, but conditions are not always convenient for ordinary citizens.

documents for a mortgage

Recall that the mortgage isa kind of targeted loan. The person receives housing, but it is considered the property of the bank until all the debt is fully repaid. In general, money is given out for a very long period of time.

There are various mortgage programs that allow you to purchase housing for socially unprotected groups of the population. A large package of documents will have to be prepared. Yes, big.

Documents for obtaining a mortgage

It all starts with the fact that when you receive a mortgage, you need to pay attention to two points that are basic:

1. The bank should not object to the selected property object.

2. The borrower's solvency must be confirmed.

documents for a mortgage young family

Documents for mortgages are numerous. In many respects, the list depends on the bank to which the application is submitted. In certain cases, the requirements may be specific.

The standard documents for the mortgage are as follows:

1. The passport. In principle, it appears when you make any loan, without it you can not manage. If you prepare yourself and in advance, then before submitting the basic documents, photocopy all possible pages.

2. A certificate of 2-NDFL is required. If there are several works, you will have to prepare several such papers at once. In advance it is necessary to learn in the bank or read on the Internet about how this certificate should be formalized for obtaining a mortgage. Sometimes it is necessary to attach copies of the pages of the work book. They must be certified by the employer.

3. A young man who did not reach the age of 27 and did not serve in the army, will additionally submit certificates from the military registration and enlistment office. These documents for mortgages confirm to the bank that a person is really exempt from military service. If there is reason to doubt this - a mortgage will not be issued.

documents for obtaining a mortgage

4. Married people present a marriage certificate, divorced - a certificate of his dissolution.

5. The borrower, who previously issued loans, will have to obtain certificates from the relevant banks. Similar documents for mortgages banks are not always requested, but they will be asked to submit those banks that are as cautious as possible. Do not doubt that with a bad credit history, a profitable mortgage loan is not obtained.

6. Some banks are asked to provide a certificate of absence of convictions, from the IPA and the like.

Self-challenge bank failurealmost impossible. How to be? It is best to contact bank loan specialists. They will always give competent advice on what actions need to be taken, and also help collect documents for the mortgage "Young Family".