The wedding, the honeymoon anda few years, and maybe decades of living together. And only now you understand that you no longer want to live with this person and will not. There came a time when thoughts of divorce became a reality. It's time to take care of your future and consult in more detail on the topic "Split property division".

Of course, one can assume until the last that youhusband of civilized people and arrange. But in practice, such cases are single. And the spouses, who swore in love and loyalty, begin to pour mud on each other in the hope of snatching a bigger piece.

How to divide property in a divorce and not losehuman shape? It is best to take care of this in advance and during the marriage to conclude a marriage contract. This will greatly facilitate the division of property during divorce. Many of the spouses are offended by this proposal. Begin to torment negative thoughts and doubts about their second half. And in vain, because the marriage contract - this is not an act of mistrust, but, on the contrary, a way to hedge a loved one in the event of unforeseen life situations.

Such a document can be issued both before marriage andat any time in your family life. When the material well-being of the family is changed in such a contract, it is possible to amend the documents notarized. But if you for some reason did not draw up this document, then the division of property under divorce can turn into a very unpleasant procedure for you.

Spouses find it difficult to agree with each other,to whom and what belongs. This is understandable. After all, everyone believes that he invested much more time, effort and money in joint property, and therefore, the best and largest share should belong only to him. But this opinion is erroneous. Under the legislation of the Russian Federation, all property acquired during a marriage is considered joint and must be divided equally between the spouses.

What will not affect the division of property in divorce?

· Everything that you personally received, only if you receive a gift certificate.

· What you inherited.

· Your personal belongings, which include shoes, clothing and hygiene items.

· Personal things of the child, as well as books and items of children's furniture.

· Bank deposits issued for a child.

• What was yours before marriage.

All other things, luxury goods, jewelry, cars, real estate, furniture and even cutlery and bed linens, should be divided in half.

It is worth remembering that if you do not want to register your rights and divide property, then you have an excellent opportunity to do this within 3 years from the date of divorce.

Do not forget that when you divorce will not shareonly jointly acquired property, but also debts, as well as bank loans. Therefore, it is worthwhile to involve a qualified specialist in conducting such a complex and important procedure for your future life as a division of property.

It is necessary to know that it is possible to divide up property,being in a marriage. This procedure is carried out for various reasons. The grounds are debts of one of the spouses. In this case, the creditors turn to the court and indicate the amount of the debt in the filed claim. There is a division of the property of the spouses in a judicial procedure, after which the required amount will be paid from the share of the debtor.

The claim for the division of property can be filed in courtthird parties who claim for part of the property in the event of the death of one of the spouses. In this case, everything is divided in half between the spouses and a certain amount is allocated from the share of one of them, stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, interested third parties.

Take care of your welfare in advance, this will prevent the emergence of many problems.