The passport of a Romanian citizen, of course, servesan excellent springboard for those who want to be in this or that European state. Romania, being a member of the European Union, provides its citizens with entry without a visa to all the neighboring countries. The question of how to obtain Romanian citizenship is of interest to many. In this article, we will try to answer it.

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  1. Life and work in the European Union. Perhaps, this is the main motive, which encourages people to register citizenship of Romania. Nationals and their spouses can unrestricted access to the labor market opportunities in the EU, to get a job without bureaucratic delays, on an equal footing with the indigenous inhabitants of the European Union state they choose.
  2. Teaching children in the EU. Perhaps, you are not going to leave Russia yet, but in the future you want a good education for your children. Minors along with their parents receive Romanian citizenship automatically, and in this case for them the cost of training will be on average half as much as for Russians. Only this fact covers with all the costs associated with obtaining a Romanian passport.
  3. Freedom of movement. For you, not only the cities of Romania, but all of Europe, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and other countries will be opened.
  4. Dispersal field. In our country, the economic and political situation has the property of sharply and painfully changing. In such conditions the Romanian passport will act as a guarantee of a quiet life.

Why Romania?

Get the citizenship of any other EU country is much more complicated and expensive. And why pay more if the result is the same? After all, the Romanian passport is equivalent to the passports of other EU countries.

Romanian citizenship

Legalization on general grounds

If you do not have Romanian roots and do not fall under the simplified system of obtaining citizenship, you will have to go through the procedure of joining Romanian society on general grounds.

First of all, certain conditions are required for this:

  • reaching the age of eighteen;
  • absence of previous convictions and administrative offenses;
  • knowledge of the state language;
  • residence in the country for at least five years.

At the time of filing, the candidate must permanently reside in Romania and have a reliable source of income. At the time of marriage with a resident of the country, the required length of stay is reduced to three years.

Restoration of citizenship

The latest amendments to the legislationsignificantly simplified the procedure for legalization for citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, who are able to confirm the documented existence of their relatives who lived between 1918 and 1940 on the territory of Romania, which included Moldova and part of Ukraine (Chernivtsi region and south Odessa region). It is even possible to have relatives in the third tribe, the main thing is to present a certificate of the birth of an ancestor. To get Romanian citizenship for Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians with ethnic roots, it will not be difficult, they do not even have to pass a compulsory examination of the state language.

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In addition, they will retain the firstcitizenship, so the newly Romanian may not even leave the first homeland - Romanian legislation does not oblige its citizens to live all the time in the country after taking citizenship.

Registration of citizenship in a simplified regime. Submission of documents

Documents on citizenship in case of availabilityethnic roots can be submitted in two ways: on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Romanian consulate and directly in Romania itself. Most of the applicants for the Romanian passport choose the second option. The fact is that it has significant advantages. First, knowledge of the Romanian language will not be required if you are accompanied by an intermediary when submitting documents. Secondly, the case is immediately assigned a serial number, and from the very first day after filing it, the state commission under the Ministry of Justice of Romania, dealing with citizenship matters, begins to consider.

In the event that you decide to file documents inRomanian consulate in the territory of Russia, be prepared for the fact that you will need at least a basic knowledge of the Romanian language for communicating with consulate employees and filling out papers. Keep in mind that the employees of consular missions, when it comes to obtaining Romanian citizenship, basically speak exclusively in the Romanian language. In addition, it should be remembered that from the consulate of Romania, diplomatic mail to Bucharest is sent only three to four times a year. Therefore, it may take up to six months before the case is registered. Consequently, the long-awaited moment of acquiring citizenship will be postponed. When you submit documents to the consulate, the lawyer can not be escorted, since the consul communicates with each applicant only personally.

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Required documents

To file a petition, you will need the following documents:

  • international passport;
  • internal passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • the birth certificate of each parent and their marriage;
  • application for citizenship;
  • information on the absence of previous convictions in your first homeland and in Romania;
  • The statement, which contains the obligation not to harm the tranquility of Romanian citizens and the national security of the country.

All documents and their copies must havenotary certification. It should immediately be noted that trying to acquire a fake certificate of kinship with the indigenous inhabitants of Romania is useless, this will only lead to a waste of money, since the information specified in it will be carefully checked by the relevant services.

Order of Citizenship

About a year and a half afterdocuments have been submitted, on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Romania in the lists you will be able to find your name. This indicates that the application for Romanian citizenship has been approved.

Romanian citizenship for Ukrainians


Perhaps, in the entire process of legalization, this isthe most important and important moment. The oath can be brought both in the consulate of Romania in Russia, and directly in Bucharest. It should be borne in mind that in the case of a ceremony at the consulate, the requirements for knowledge of the state language will be much higher. In the Romanian capital, you will only be required to read a short text of the oath and, perhaps, answer simple, elementary questions. After the oath you can consider yourself a full citizen of the Romanian state. You will receive a certificate confirming the restoration of citizenship.

Obtaining a birth certificate

This should be done by legal professionals inBucharest, a newly-made citizen of Romania at this stage, does not need a trip to the country. The period for obtaining a certificate varies from two to three months. If you have underage children, they will simultaneously receive their birth certificates. Two months later, you can already apply for a Romanian passport.

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Assistance in obtaining citizenship

The procedure for obtaining citizenship is the same outsidedepending on the city of Romania, where you are going to later live. As you probably already knew, the process of legalization is rather complicated. Getting Romanian citizenship is not an easy task, and to solve it, it will take a lot of effort and time, as well as to understand many of the nuances. If you do not have time for this and you do not want to spend your nerves on all sorts of bureaucratic troubles, you can use qualified legal support. Getting the citizenship of Romania as quickly as possible helps many legal offices. The cost of services is approximately 800-1000 euros. These include the analysis of existing documents and the development of a scheme of actions, counseling throughout the procedure for obtaining citizenship, certification and translation of documents, obtaining certificates of criminal records, filing documents directly in Romania with the assistance of a lawyer. Many firms also offer courses for Romanian.

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Do Romanian spouses receive Romanian spouses?

No. For legalization, they must have their own ethnic roots. But do not get upset! Your second half in case you get Romanian citizenship will be the spouse of a citizen of the European Union and according to the EU legislation will get the full right to live and work in the European Union. After three to five years, depending on the country of residence, the spouse can also apply for citizenship. In the case of residence outside the EU, the spouses of those people who have regained Romanian citizenship have the opportunity to receive free Schengen visas in a simplified manner.