"Passport is the citizen's most important document," -inspire us, from childhood, parents, school, society. However, when the age of obtaining the "main document" is reached, one often has to deal with a lot of problems. It would seem that it could be easier? Photographed, paid state duty, wrote a statement - and here he is, coveted! Not everything is so simple ... To get or exchange a passport, you need to collect certain documents, which you better think about in advance, so that the amount of penalty for an overdue passport does not facilitate your wallet.

To start with, get a passport of a citizenRussia can only have people who have Russian citizenship. Many people think that if there is a Russian birth certificate for a child, he automatically becomes a citizen of our country. However, in practice, the birth certificate and the insert with the confirmation of citizenship are different documents, which many learn only in the passport and visa service, hoping to quickly cope with the task of obtaining a passport. Therefore, it is important to think about obtaining citizenship in advance, so that you do not have to ask at the passport desk: "Certificate of citizenship. Is there such a document? What kind is he? "

Penalty for an overdue passport is very unpleasantthing, and therefore it is better to try on time to receive an insert with a confirmation of citizenship, issued free of charge in the house management, to which the parents and the child are related (at the place of permanent residence). For registration of such paper passports of both parents are necessary. If the second parent is absent from the citizenship procedure (for example, because of a divorce), the child is given the citizenship of the parent who applied for the insert. It is noteworthy that if a child has one of the parents - a citizen of another state, Russian citizenship is assigned only if the foreign parent agrees. The receipt of the insert is not regulated by legislation in terms of terms: a child can become a citizen immediately after birth, and at 12 years. It is important only not to forget all the same to take this important paper for obtaining a passport.

Under the current Regulations on Passport for the first timea Russian citizen is issued a passport when he reaches 14 years. However, very often parents are not in a hurry to make out to their child "The Most Important Document", which results in an unpleasant situation afterwards - and it is necessary to pay fines for an overdue passport, or rather, for a document not in time documented.

All the penalties are an unnecessary hassle,huge queues in the bank and a waste of time and money, so, of course, it's better not to delay with the issuance of a passport. If, however, you did not meet the deadlines set by the law - 30 days after reaching the age of fourteen - you will have to shell out for 1500 rubles. In general, the answer to the question: "What penalty for an expired passport?" - this is the price range from 1500 to 2500 rubles, but in practice the amount is more than one and a half thousand, rarely charged from negligent parents.

The overdue passport becomes automatically andwhen reaching the age of 20 and 45 years, and exchange burgundy book is also necessary within a month from the moment of reaching this age. Many people forget about this procedure: "Once, then somehow, I also have a passport ..." However, not to be removed from the plane, not to receive a refusal when obtaining a loan and then do not ask what penalty for an expired passport should be paid, it is better to carry out this procedure on time.

In conclusion, we note that often people forgetchange documents when changing the name. In such situations, the law is more severe: a citizen must change his passport within a decade. Otherwise, the answer to the question of what penalty for an overdue passport in this case may be the amount is no longer 1,500 rubles, and all 2,500, which is very unpleasant. Therefore, it is better not to forget about "The Most Important Document" and to change your passport on time.