You built a garage, but that does not mean that heyour. To make it yours by right, it is necessary to carry out registration in the property of the garage, to fix it documentarily. But this is not all, you still need to formalize the property and land on which it is located.

How to apply for a garage

How to apply for a garageyour lawfully? Only after that you can dispose of it the way you want: sell, give, rent, mortgage or bequeathed by inheritance. If there is a certificate for personal property on hand, local authorities will not be able to take your land under the garage if they need it. And for this, there must also be a registration in the ownership of the land.

To date, land, especially in largecities, in short supply, there are not enough parking lots and parking lots. Sometimes whole garage cooperatives are demolished just because the owners of these garages in time did not flee and did not formalize everything according to the law. And for the demolished property in this case they can receive only a small compensation. This will not happen if you know how to formalize a garage. To begin with, you must fully pay the entire amount of the share in the garage cooperative and take a certificate that you are a member of it, and all financial obligations must be met. In the same document, there must be signatures of all your neighbors in the garage (right, left, rear and front), thus they give their consent to the procedure.

Registration in the ownership of land
There should also be indicated the garage footage, whichcorresponds to the technical plan of the BTI. The certificate must be certified with two seals. In order to receive a technical plan, you must write an application to the BTI, which is accompanied by a receipt for payment (this procedure is paid). With you to negotiate the conditions when you come to experts for measurements. The technical plan will be given to you only after this procedure.

Next, you make a copy of your garage passportand you submit all these documents to the Registration Chamber. If the documents were collected independently, without a lawyer, it would not be superfluous to first show them to a specialist who is in the same place. It costs not more than 200 rubles, but there will be an opportunity to correct mistakes. Further all documents are submitted for examination to the Registration Chamber together with a receipt for payment of the fee, an application is made in electronic form. The check lasts for a month, and only after that you receive a document proving that the garage is your property. How to apply for a garage, we figured out, but that's not all.

We make a property in the land on which there is a garage

In case you

Garage Ownership
in the garage cooperative, the designThe land will be possible only after all the members have completed their garages in the property. The whole site is drawn up, and you can register for yourself only a small patch on which your property is located. Before this procedure, a general meeting of all members of the cooperative is held, on which the decision to legalize the rights is unanimously adopted. Collect the following documents:

- the charter of the most cooperative cooperative;

- certificate of tax accounting;

- an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;

- state. an act stating that the garage cooperative was provided with a plot;

- Certificate of state. registration;

- technical documents for each garage;

- The cadastral passport for this site.

Before you make a garage,you need to write an application that is reviewed within a month. After that, a contract of sale in the city administration is drawn up. Further, the land should be bought by you at the cadastral value (it differs in different regions). After that you go to justice and there form the property on the ground, where you receive the document.