Residents of other states are encouraged by the desire to reunite with close relatives, find a job, get an education, etc. How can citizenship of the Russian Federation be obtained for citizens of Kazakhstan?

how to obtain citizenship of the citizens of Kazakhstan

Simplified version of citizenship

Begin the course of obtaining Russian citizenship in the currentyear in the resettlement authority or other relevant organizations. It should be noted that considering the options how to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation faster than a citizen of Kazakhstan, one must bear in mind that for the residents of this country there is a simplified, preferential option for the law adopted in 2014. He changed the course of obtaining the desired status. How to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation to a citizen of Kazakhstan without special difficulties? A resident of Kazakhstan is given the opportunity to undergo a diplomatic procedure in the following cases:

  • If a person who wants to become a citizen of the Russian Federation was born in the territory of the Russian Federation, but then moved (was transported) to a neighboring country.
  • Among Russian citizens, a foreigner has close relatives.
  • A foreign national was a citizen of the USSR until 1991.

how to obtain citizenship of a citizen of Kazakhstan

List of documents

Preparation of the application is based on the collected papers. Solving the question of how to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation to citizens of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Questionnaire with curriculum vitae about the applicant.
  • Documents on registration.
  • Residence permit.
  • 4 photograph.
  • Data confirming the presence of relatives in the Russian Federation (if any).

Other documents

Such a list may change in the current year independing on the conditions of registration of citizenship. For example, how to obtain Russian citizenship to a citizen of Kazakhstan, if the documents are collected for a family with children? It will be necessary to prepare birth certificates and copies of father and mother identification cards. It will be necessary to bring a statement where the other parent agrees to give the child the citizenship of Russia. Official papers in 2017 must be presented in the official language of Russia. If the data reveals errors, you will have to rewrite the application and legally testify.

If a citizen of Kazakhstan wishes to receiveRussian citizenship, being a former resident of the USSR, a special concept has been realized for him: a person receives a visa, from which one can then obtain a residence permit and citizenship. Since 2017, fluency in Russian is necessary to obtain citizenship in a lightened form. If such skills are available for the applicant and he can confirm his knowledge in the exam, the period for considering the application will be ninety days.

how to obtain citizenship of the citizen of Kazakhstan faster

The application is considered no more than six months. If the package of documents is approved, you can expect to receive a Russian passport.

The standard procedure for obtaining citizenship

Most of the indigenous people of a neighboring countrywill be transferred to the citizenship of Russia in a standard sequence. This is a long enough process, but if there are no mitigating factors, then there will not be another option. How to obtain Russian citizenship to citizens of Kazakhstan? To obtain this status, the applicant must come of age and become able-bodied. A candidate can apply for an official status to the relevant local authorities. Acquisition of citizenship under a standard procedure is possible when the applicant implements a set of conditions:

  • Has a legal and stable source of income, which can be documented.
  • He lives on the territory of Russia with the status of residence permit for more than five years.
  • Refused from Kazakh citizenship.
  • He is fluent in Russian and can confirm his knowledge.

citizen of Kazakhstan wants to obtain Russian citizenship

Acquiring citizenship without leaving the Russian Federation

How to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation to citizens of Kazakhstanin the territory of Kazakhstan? It is necessary to contact the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation and file a proper application. The procedure takes place without much difficulty. The applicant only needs to prepare the necessary data and bring it to diplomatic structures. The time for consideration of documents will be at least six months. But it should be noted that only a limited number of people can obtain citizenship in this way. Conditions for obtaining Russian citizenship in the territory of Kazakhstan:

  • Full-time and capable Kazakhs, whose father or mother previously received Russian status and permanently reside in Russia.
  • The person, the child, the mother or the father of whom received the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

Procedure for issuing documents

After the application for citizenshipreviewed and approved, the applicant obtains an official document - a foreign passport of the Russian Federation. Children under 14 years of age, according to the law, will receive a birth certificate with the appropriate stamp stipulating the change of citizenship. Since foreign Russian authorities should not issue internal documents, the only structure that can issue papers is the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In this regard, in order to obtain a Russian civil passport this year, it is necessary to move to the state and forward the application to the appropriate authorities with the proper application. After that, the document will be processed within the next sixty days.

how can citizenship of the Russian Federation be obtained for citizens of Kazakhstan

Thus, how to getcitizenship of the Russian Federation to citizens of Kazakhstan is quite a lot. Even a more laborious option shows that at present Russian legislation comparatively softly refers to the desire of the inhabitants of Kazakhstan to become Russians. So, if a citizen of Kazakhstan wants to obtain Russian citizenship, most likely, the procedure will be completed successfully.