Most adults do not think aboutthe insertion of the insert on citizenship for the child. Typically, this situation occurs when both parents are Russians. However, this document must be issued in the first year of life of the baby. The insert on the citizenship of the Russian Federation where to get a child, how to apply? If there are important nuances for the procedure?

insert about citizenship of the child where to get

Why do I need to make out this paper?

By and large, a child under 14 years of age may notreceive a certificate of citizenship. Legislation does not regulate the period of registration of this document. In addition, there are no penalties for unscrupulous parents.

However, before the age of 14 this problem stillto decide: a general passport to a minor will not be given without an insert on citizenship. Why should not you delay the receipt of the document? Everything is very simple. In the absence of this paper, you can not make foreign trips, apply for a minor passport, add information about the child to the parents' general parental passports, register the baby in the apartment or house at the current place of residence, and obtain a certificate of parent capital.

to register the citizenship of the child

Procedures for entry into Russian citizenship

Lawyers identify two clearance procedurescitizenship - receipt and confirmation. Passage of the second variant of procedure is necessary for all children born in the Russian Federation. But you can get or register your citizenship only under certain circumstances.

How to apply for a child?

If the child was born in the Russian Federation, the citizenship can be confirmed only under the following conditions:

  1. One parent is Russian. The other is a subject of a foreign state.
  2. Parents are foreigners, but they live in the Russian Federation legally. In this case, citizenship in their homeland can not be provided to a child.
  3. Parents of the baby live legally as stateless persons.

In addition, the citizenship of the childpermissible and under the simplified scheme. This is possible in cases determined by law. Regardless of where the baby was born (in Russia or abroad), a minor is issued Russian citizenship under the following circumstances:

  • Parents are Russians.
  • The father or mother is a citizen of the Russian Federation (citizen).
  • One parent is Russian. The other does not possess the citizenship of any country.
  • One of the parents is a Russian citizen. The second is a subject of a foreign state, and a child faces the status of a stateless person.

citizen of the Russian Federation

Peculiarities of the procedure of inserting

For children born before 2007, as aconfirmation of Russian citizenship was issued a special insert. However, then the system was somewhat simplified. Now the insert replaces the nationality mark. It is placed on the back of the baby's birth certificate. We note that the inserts issued earlier do not lose their legal significance.

So, the insert about the RF citizenship of the child whereget? First you need to issue a birth certificate. You can receive it when you apply to the registrar for the current place of residence. It is issued not later than a month from the moment of birth. In the REGISTRY OFFICE you need to show the following documentation:

  • paper from the maternity hospital, confirming the fact of birth;
  • certificate of marriage registration if available;
  • All-Russian passports of parents.

After this, one of the parents who iscitizen of Russia, makes a visit to the local branch of the FMS. Here you will need to write an application of the appropriate form, submit a package of documents to a specialist of the service. The period of registration of the liner is about 2 weeks, after which the parent can get back the child's document with the stamp on citizenship.

nationality by birth

List of required documents

What documentation will be required for registrationcitizenship? If the child was born after 1.07.2002, the parent should prepare only the birth certificate. Also, you will need originals and copies of the civil passports of your father and mother. If the child was born before 1 July 2002, the list of documents will be supplemented with the registration form for parents in the Russian Federation on 6.02.1992. The application for registration of citizenship (as noted above) is filled in at the FMS office. It is important to note that the state fee is not charged for the procedure for reviewing the application.

insert about citizenship of the child where to get

If the child was not born in Russia

The insert on the citizenship of the Russian Federation, where to get a child,if the baby was born abroad? You can do this only after you arrive in Russia at the FMS department, located at the place of your current parents' stay. The list of necessary papers for citizenship registration includes:

  1. The completed application in the established form in duplicate.
  2. Original and copy of birth certificate.
  3. General passport of the child, if he is more than 14 years old.
  4. Documentation confirming the child's residence in the Russian Federation. For example, a residence permit, a certificate of temporary registration, a stamp on residence in the passport.
  5. The consent of the minor to the execution of the document (for children with a general passport).
  6. Three photos are 3 × 4 cm if the child is more than 6 years old.
  7. A document confirming the right of a minor to a nationality by birth.

In addition, applicants must pay a state fee of 1,000 rubles. The citizenship can be registered in the diplomatic representation of the Russian Federation abroad.

certificate of citizenship


Parents wishing to issue an insert about citizenship for a child should take into account a few more nuances:

  • The settlement where the child was born is not important, since the citizenship of the Russian Federation is formalized with at least one parent.
  • The fact of permanent residence in Russia in 1992It should be confirmed only upon the request of the FMS specialist. Labor cards, house books, privatization cards, military tickets, certificates of study, bank statements can serve as supporting documents.
  • If one parent was still a child in 1992, the migration service specialist has the right to request the above documents from his father and mother.
  • If during the verification of information it turns out thatparents or one of them changed their name, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence of this fact. For example, a certificate of name change, a certificate of divorce or marriage.
  • If the child has only one parent, anda passport of the second can not be provided for objective reasons, a death certificate, a court order, a certificate of missing persons must be submitted to the FMS. Also, a certificate of availability of the second parent of Russian citizenship at the birth of a baby.

certificate of citizenship

Processing period

Procedure for obtaining an insert about citizenshipA minor takes little time. At the same time, the process is carried out at times more quickly than for adults who are currently citizens of another country. In this regard, citizenship is best handled independently, without resorting to the services of various people and organizations.

Citizenship is the result of lawfulnessof the conducted procedure. In general, the document is issued not more than 10 working days. However, if the FMS will request additional documents, clarify the information, the process may take several months. The insert on the citizenship of the Russian Federation where to get a child? Registration of this document is handled by the FMS and diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation abroad. In this case, children have the right to acquire citizenship, if one parent is Russian.