Mobile air conditioners have this name,because they are easily moved from one room to another as needed. They are compact, no larger than a nightstand or suitcase, up to 70 cm tall and up to 40 cm wide.

The simplest of these is a one-piece mobileair conditioning, reviews of which characterize it, as a very convenient mechanism in operation. In the summer it can be used for cooling, and in winter - for heating the air. Another convenience - it can easily be moved from one room to another and even transported to another room. All parts of this unit are housed in one housing. The principle of operation is very simple and is based on the collection of warm air through special openings, cooling it with fans and the evaporator, and then throwing it into the room. The heat generated by the operation of the evaporator and compressor is led to the street through the corrugated hose.

There is still a mobile split-system ortwo-unit mobile air conditioner, the reviews of which point to its more complex installation, albeit easier than that of stationary units. These air conditioners have an indoor unit installed in the room, and an outdoor unit, which is put out on the street and hung on straps, ropes or fixed on brackets. Blocks are connected by a flexible hose in which the refrigerant circulates. This design of the air conditioner makes it possible to reduce the noise produced by the compressor installed in the outdoor unit.

All portable air conditioners have a number of advantagesand a number of shortcomings. Their main and indisputable advantage is the simplicity of the installation. How to install a mobile air conditioner, even an amateur will understand. In this case, you do not have to hollow the wall of the room, as when installing stationary air conditioners. You just need to install it on a flat surface in the right room closer to the window. Flexible corrugated hose, which goes in the kit, you need to fix one end to the air conditioner's hole indicated in the instruction, and the second to bring out to the street - that's all. You can use the window to withdraw the hose. To ensure that air does not get into the room from the street, the window is covered with something, for example, with a piece of plywood, in which a hole is left for the hose.

On the prices of mobile air conditioning reviews are also notsilent. The price range ranges from 13 000 to 60 000 rubles, so even low-income people can acquire them. The only problem is that the main producer of this equipment is China, whose products are often not of high quality.

What disadvantages is the mobile air conditioner. Customer Reviews are as follows:

1. Low, lower than that of stationary air conditioners, power.

2. Noisy (especially monoblock).

3. It is necessary to regularly drain the water from the tray, where condensate is collected. At usual work for a day something 5 liters of a liquid gathers somewhere.

Basically, these are the nuances in operation, and somobile air conditioners work. Customer feedback is almost identical in this. This electrical equipment is in high demand because of the low price and the possibility to easily install the mechanism in the country house, in a country house for the period of residence there. It is easy to simply detach the hose, close the window and transport the air conditioner to another location. Of course, Chinese production does not guarantee quality at the European level, and in the domestic market, mobile air conditioner models are mainly represented by China. But this does not mean that the acquired miracle of technology, designed to create a cool, will break in two days. Usually they work decently for several years.

If you focus on the price, goodAn alternative to mobile air conditioners are window systems. Although it is more difficult to install them, only a professional should do this, but at a price they are about one and a half times cheaper, they work with less noise and with more performance.