The market of mobile devices is growingrapid pace. The producers are changing. There are new brands. Dimensions, weight, technological layout of the device - everything affects the price. But there are brands that invariably enjoy success among consumers. Which phones are now in vogue? In the vicissitudes of choice we will try to understand this article.

what phones are in fashion now

Popularity of smartphones

Let's start with the fact that in today's marketsegment of mobile devices is almost impossible to meet the phone only to make calls. The trend of increasing the production of smartphones is growing rapidly. These gadgets are no longer just phones, but a whole electronic complex with a diverse set of functions. Even the simplest of them support a variety of services and applications that allow their owner to have a miniature computer in his pocket. At the moment, this market is confidently divided between two major companies - the American Apple and Korean Samsung. That's what phones are now in fashion in the vast majority! If the Korean manufacturer has budget versions of gadgets, then about "apple" products this can not be said. Of course, in society, pay attention to what kind of device you use. Cheap devices are visible to the naked eye. However, focusing on fashion trends, you can pretty devastate your wallet. After all, new mobile electronics are not cheap.

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Battle of the Giants: Apple or Samsung

The products of the California company alwaysis in strong demand, despite the high cost. Indeed, these phones, by and large, are image-based. The person who owns the latest model of the gadget from Apple, can always be called a mod for mobile technology. It's like having Gucci shoes and jeans Dolce & Gabbana! Korean models are also popular. But the materials that are used in the production of these phones (even the top level), somewhat belittle their value for those consumers, for whom it is important first to impress. Mobile phone, fashionable for today almost all over the world, is the Iphone-5S. Samsung Galaxy-S4 is also among the fashion-new smartphones. His sales are even slightly higher than those of his rival; nevertheless, the reputation of the American product is small, but still better.

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Other trade brands

But these two brands do not exhaust the listdemanded products of the mobile market. What phones are in fashion other than those mentioned above? There are many such pipes. In general, if you talk about the reputation of a particular manufacturer, you can always rely on the devices of companies Sony and Nokia. It's always trendy phones. Photos of these and many other devices in large numbers are presented in stores, the Internet and television commercials. Of course, the prestige of these pipes is slightly lower than that of the two largest players in the mobile market. However, this is an ideal option, if you are limited in means, and the impression of others wants to produce. These devices confidently take the position of the average in the line of smartphones. Also in this list of widespread, and therefore fashionable, mobile devices burst products of Taiwanese company, known under the brand HTC.

Products from China

Recently, more and more positions in the marketcell phones are conquered by Chinese manufacturers. In Russia there is a rather ambiguous attitude towards all products produced in this country. It is necessary to pay tribute to Chinese businessmen - the quality of goods there has significantly increased. This is evidenced by the rapidity of their penetration of foreign markets and popularity among the population. Which phones are now in fashion from Chinese gadgets? The question can be answered with confidence that this is Huawei and Oppo. Two leaders purposefully implement an ambitious plan to conquer the market and try to move the leaders. I must say, it is to some extent possible. Mobile devices of these brands already have their fans even in America. By the ratio of price and quality, they are an ideal option. Although these phones are not as well known as those mentioned above, they have all chances to become a fashion accessory in the very near future.

what phones are in fashion

Brand of "Lux" class

And finally, what phones are in fashion now"money bags"? Vertu is the undisputed leader in producing impressions on others. The prestige of this tube does not need comments. The products of the structural unit of the Finnish giant Nokia, located on the British Isles, are in constant demand among the most privileged segments of the population of the whole planet. These mobile phones are made of gold, platinum and other precious metals. Can be decorated with various valuable stones, have an electronic base of the highest level. On average, the opportunity to brag of such a novelty will cost the owner of 62 thousand euros. Therefore, the release of these devices is of limited nature.