Hatem Ben Arfa - one of the representativesthe famous generation of talented French footballers, whose career failed to meet the expectations of fans and sports press and went in a strange scenario. But unlike his "companions in misfortune," to which Maruana Shamakh, Sidney Govou and Loic Remy are certain (though the latter in some mysterious way got to Chelsea a couple of years ago, where they still do not know how from him to get rid of), Ben Arfa, apparently, it turns out to resume a real career and play in a style that is expected of him by all who a decade ago gave the player big advances.

Ben Arfa

Why Ben Arfa could not stand on a par with Ronaldo and Messi?

In his youth, Hatem was at times stronger than hiswell-known peers in the future, such as Karim Benzema, Samir Nasri and Olivier Giroux, however, as we all know, it's common for people to make mistakes in their youth. Ben Arfa often quarreled with the leadership (he managed to quarrel even with Didier Deschamps), was a lot lazy, sometimes skipping training, did not take into consideration the opinion of people who wanted him only good. As a result - the constant transitions from the club to the club, the constant fall of the career ladder and even almost completed career.

It's worth saying that Ben Arfa is a football player whosecareer was constantly accompanied by trauma. In many respects it justifies the problems of the Frenchman, since it is extremely difficult to play stable at a high level, constantly getting into the infirmary, it is extremely difficult. For example, speaking for "Newcastle", Hatem had to miss almost a whole season after a serious injury, received in the first matches of the player in the English Premier League.

Hatem Ben Arfa

He began his professional career as an adultfootballer Ben Arfa in the "Lyon", where he received many compliments to his talent. However, after the problems that were mentioned above, went to the transition to "Marseille", "Newcastle" and "Hull", where the player could not start playing.

Where does Ben Arfa play now?

No wonder if you ask this question. We answer: after an unsuccessful stage of his career at Newcastle and even more unsuccessful rent in Hull, the player decided to return to France, where he was sheltered by Nice.

Where Ben Arfa plays

The club, frankly speaking, is not the most prestigious, butplays in League 1, so for Ben Arfa (given his form after the Premier League) this option is very even decent. Many believed that the athlete goes to his homeland just to finish the game, but there it was. In "Nice" Hatem Ben Arfa began to create some unreal things. And this applies not only to the heads, which the Frenchman of Tunisian origin already shot 11 (so many players in one season have not scored in his entire career). The dribbling, which the player demonstrates, impresses not only the fans, but also the head coach of the French national team Didier Deschamps, who decided to forget all the quarrels that were between them in Marseilles, and invite him to the national team.

Is the football player showing such a game, will remain in the French middle peasants?

Featuring a fantastic game in the 2015/2016 season,Ben Arfa could not help attracting the attention of football clubs, which (with all due respect to Nice, ranked 3rd in Ligue 1) have the opportunity to constantly play in such European international tournaments as the Champions League and the League of Europe. The first club, which drew attention to Hatem Ben Arfa, was Turkish "Besiktas", which offered the player a contract in this winter transfer window. But "Nice" refused. However, the midfielder himself does not want to change the French championship to Turkish.

Ben Arfa football player

However, on this interest in Ben Arfa is notis exhausted. Italian "Milan", which, although experiencing not the best of times, but still remains one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world, also shows interest in football. "Inter" also wants to get a talented 28-year-old Frenchman. But most of the rumors unfold around the leader of the League 1 "Paris Saint-Germain", which plans to get Ben Arfa in the summer transfer window. The footballer, commenting on the interest of "PSG" and other clubs, said that after the current season he ends the contract with "Nice", and he does not exclude the transition to another team. "If I receive an offer, I will definitely consider it," the midfielder said in an interview with one of the French football publications.

What will eventually happen to the career of such an unstable, but very gifted playmaker?

The answer to this question we can get onthe end of the current championship of France. In summer, the contract of Hatem Ben Arfa ends, and who knows how to prove himself a football player in the second half of the season. Maybe it will be the best player of the season. Maybe it will go into decline. What now? Now Ben Arfa left for one month because of an injury ...