The jump from the tarp in Moscow, or roupjumping, -extreme rest, consisting in a free fall from a high-altitude object with hovering by means of a special system of insurance in the form of climbing equipment and ropes.

The dry, but very precise definition described above, does not in any way reflect the essence of the extreme. According to professionals: a ramp is not a sport, but a lifestyle.

the jump from the tarp in Moscow

Who invented roupjumping

The founder is considered to be the mountaineer DanOsman, who in 1989, trying to overcome the overhanging section on the rock, broke. All subsequent attempts also led to failure. At that moment, he realized that you can overcome fear only through falling. And he did it.

Further jumps were intentional, and each time the height became more and more. Over time, overcoming fear has become a passion. So a new sport was born.

Where in Moscow is the Tarzanka

Full list of places in the capital, where you can meet with your fear of fear of heights:

NameHeight (m)Location (Area)
The Manihino Bridge25Istra
Grand quarry37Dmitrovsky
KRC Tower20m. Volzhskaya
Substation-5540of Sunrise

The highest tartzanka in Moscow

Usually jumper jumps from those bridges where there is no guard. Most often for the extreme is chosen yahromsky automobile.

The tallest tarp, judging by the table,is located in Orekhovo-Zuevsky district. However, according to reviews on the forums, it is equally interesting to jump in Chapaevka (Odintsovo) - 42 meters. In addition to the standard jump, the organizers allow performing various acrobatic movements in the air.

roupjumping in moscow

It should be noted that as soon as domesticthe extremals mastered the technique of roupjumping, the jump from the tarzanka in Moscow from the bridge became a boring toy for them. Now the dream of any jumper is an unprotected construction crane. High altitude, a sense of flight, but only instead of the usual river before your eyes you can see the industrial landscape. But judging by the feedback, many are inspired.

Jumping from ICG Extreme Team

At its disposal, the ICG team has bothsmall objects in the form of bridges and buildings, and a unique tower with a height of 50 meters for fans of extreme sports. The company does not use "junk prices." According to the organizers, despite the availability of contributions, there is no saving on equipment.

Brief information for those who are interested in roupjumping in Moscow with ICG:

  • Each link of the insurance provided can withstand a weight of at least 2000 kg. In addition, it is duplicated, which means that the strength increases to 4000 kg.
  • The jump is carried out using high-quality and certified equipment.
  • A team of professional athletes and experienced engineers works with you.
  • Contributions of customers are spent on constant upgrading and updating of equipment.

rope jumping

Mad Squirrels

The roaming team in Moscow with a 5-year experience. During the existence of Mad Squirrels have accumulated tremendous experience in organizing safe jumps. The system, like its elements, is duplicated - this allows you to prevent possible accidents. Each jump is carried out accurately, quickly, and most importantly, reliably, as the team uses certified by European standard equipment and rope quality.

Most of the sites where events are heldMad Squirrels, is unique. Among all the rope jumping teams in Moscow, only this one holds regular jumps from a height of more than 100 meters, and for this you do not need to go to the mountains.

To confirm their qualifications and excellentjoint time Mad Squirrels annually arranges trips to very high-altitude facilities. For example, the record in depth and altitude jumps in Russia - A215, as well as the mountains of France and Switzerland.

the highest tartar in Moscow

In addition to roupjumping, each team memberand is engaged in another extreme sport (and sometimes several) - kiting, water or mountain tourism, bass. Backbone Mad Squirrels has solid experience, engineering education and first aid skills, which have been acquired at professional rescuers courses.

In total, the team jumped over 26 objects, 14 of them were tested for the first time.

List of objects:

  1. Morgue - judging by the reviews, if you do not attach importance to the title, then a very good place. The height of the abandoned hospital is 27 meters.
  2. The 5th object is the cradle of jumping from the tarp in Moscow in the famous hospital in Zheleznodorozhny.
  3. Khovrino is a cult place for stalkers.
  4. Crystal - the most famous and attractive place in the capital.
  5. The Pisa mast is located in a picturesque forest. The height is 110 meters.
  6. A-small - a paradise for those who love extreme sports.
  7. A-215 X4 - four iron towers.
  8. The bridge in Manihino is a cult object for fans of rope jumping. Almost every team jumped here. The height is 27 meters.
  9. Mars - by design, this bridge over the Moscow River is identical to the previous one. The height is 21 meters, and for the first time the Mad Squirrels team jumped here.
  10. Verdon Gorge in French Provence.
  11. Rock Lakerbard is located in the Swiss resort of the same name. The height of the fall is about 200 meters.
  12. Podolsky quarry (22 meters).

jumping from the tarzanka moscow reviews

How dangerous is this?

On one of the thematic forums, the roupjampershared his thoughts, where he described his state, which he feels before every jump. It was not particularly scary to jump out, but in flight he thought about the fact that the rope was not stretched enough, and the first thing that comes to mind at that moment is: "I jumped, I got it." But after a few seconds, the rope starts to withdraw, like a pendulum, and you realize that you will live, and then you get a feeling of buzz.

So why does fear even come from those who have traveled a long way from a beginner to a professional or an organizer for roup jumping? How dangerous is this?

The answer to the question may be the fate of Dan Osman, when the only rope could not stand it. He never recognized insurance and always said he was not suicidal.

But one thing when you jump at your own peril andrisk, and other - responsibility for the beginner. As Sergey Nefedov, one of the founders of the domestic roupjumping, admitted, he collected statistics of accidents. In his list there were 35 prerequisites for death, when luck or death saved the participant from death or serious trauma. In addition, out of 78 jumps 67 have passed successfully, and 11 with a lethal outcome.

where in Moscow is tarzanka

And finally: a few tips for beginners

Judging by the reviews, jumping from the car in Moscow is quite a common occupation. If you still dream to overcome your fear of heights, listen to the advice of experienced roupjamperov:

  1. First of all, it must come to the realization thatrope jumping - an extreme, not an attraction. Even if you choose a good organizer, no one is immune from the fact that during the jump something will go wrong. Can tear the strap, crack the carbine ... In this case, each movement can be the last.
  2. If the selected organizer evades the answerson the topic of accidents, and answers the questions with advertising slogans, this is an occasion to ponder. Remember that roupjumping is not regulated by law, and in case of injury or death, the organizers do not bear responsibility.
  3. Alcohol is unacceptable for both organizers and clients. Also, a noisy company or loud music can interfere - any attempt to turn an extreme into entertainment reduces the level of security.

And finally I want to say a few words aboutdoubts. If you do not want to jump and feel that today is not your day, listen to your intuition. As the statistics of the reviews show, a lot of cases were recorded when the premonition was saved from a fatal jump.