Push-ups from the floor differ in their simplicity and inthe same time a great efficiency, because you can do without any auxiliary items and sports equipment. All kinds of push-ups can be done arbitrarily and in any convenient place, not necessarily in the gym. Every young man must be able to do push-ups, and it's not necessary to set records, but this is necessary for training your own body, strengthening the upper shoulder girdle of the muscles, and also the pectoral muscle, and generally to be always in fine form and have a beautiful male figure.

Types of push-ups are different, but they all contribute togood physical fitness, strength of the body and endurance. In order to achieve any high results, you need to start with push-ups from the floor, especially since this exercise is universal and suitable for any age category. It can be done in different ways - it all depends on how the body was trained before. The pumping of any part of it directly depends on the position of the hands, and the types of push-ups allow you to load almost all muscle groups. For these exercises, you need to observe some important rules.

First of all, you need the initial rack to be accepted correctly. On this depends and further technique of push-up from the floor. The basic position is to take the emphasis lying down.

In this case, the hands should be straight and apartat a distance of shoulder width and at the chest level. The back should be held straight, the legs should be together, the elbows should be at an angle corresponding to forty-five degrees from the body. The correct rack contributes to an even distribution of the load. The body when going down should touch the floor, with the greatest stretching of the muscles. It is also necessary to breathe properly: first the exercise needs to be inhaled, at the end - the exhalation. Arbitrary holding of breath or vice versa, its increase can negatively affect the body and the training in general.

If the hands are close to each other, the load will lie on the triceps and the small pectoralis muscle.

If the arms are positioned along the width of the shoulders, the load will be distributed evenly between the muscles of the chest and the deltas, as well as the triceps.

At the widest possible position of the arms relative to each other, the load distribution goes to the deltoid and large pectoral muscles.

Types of push-ups require certain skills. The most common basic exercise is push-up on the palms of the floor. Having correctly adjusted the post from the "lying down" position, place your arms across the width of the shoulders and, respectively, at the chest level, with the straight back and legs together, you must start to sink to the floor and then touch it with the chest. After that, lift the body up. At this type of load is evenly distributed on the muscles of the chest and hands.

The next kind is push-up on the fists from the floor. Those who devote a lot of time to martial arts, this exercise will strengthen the knuckles and increase the impact strength of the hands. The main thing that needs to be paid attention is to try to do push-ups using only two front knuckles, the rest to the floor should not touch.

Push-up with the back of the hand is verywell strengthens the hands. It is quite painful and uncomfortable, but over time these feelings go away. Deltoid muscles and muscles of the arm are affected.

Types of push-ups, in addition to its diversity,amaze with their extraordinary. For example, you can press and on the edge of the palm. In hand-to-hand combat, this exercise is the main one. Hands are pressed against the body and located below the chest level on the width of the shoulders, put on the ribs of the palms. The main load is accounted for by the muscles of the hands and hands.

Push-up on the fingers from the floor - the most difficult kindexercises. The stand is made on five fingers from the support lying down. As a result of numerous trainings, the fingers are gradually removed, and eventually the push-up will be performed with one hand and one finger. But this training can take more than one year.

Very heavy and dangerous is push-up inStand in the arms, the head is at the bottom. It should be done near a support, for example, a wall. Initially, the initial position is accepted, after which it is necessary to throw your feet on the wall and touch the heels of the support. You need to go down to the level that the body will allow, then slowly lift the body. Efforts at lifting are expended incredible, but a person capable of performing this complex push-up will be a model of endurance and immense power. However, people with increased pressure and headaches such exercises are contraindicated.