Sports fans know firsthand about the hammeredmuscles. Obvious signs appear one day after training. As a result of excessive sports, you get a bad feeling, and in the hands and feet - obvious shackles. In thought, only one thought turns: "I scored a muscle, what should I do?".

Knocked leg muscles

Causes of muscle congestion

Some sports fans believe that the downtroddenmuscles - this is the result of fruitful sport activities, and most likely, the ailment will pass independently. But it is not so. During the load, the muscles are inflated. And if the exercise is long, the muscle fibers do not have enough oxygen. As a result, lactic acid is formed.

Hammered muscles what to do?

Restless athletes often do not pay attentionon the clogged muscles and continue to train in the usual mode. Persistence in sports, of course, is good, but in this case, the rupture of muscle tissue is inevitable. Signs of the physical strength are as follows:

  1. Blood accumulates in the legs, hands in a large volume.
  2. Microcracks and microfractures.
  3. Swelling of the muscles due to the formation of lactic acid.

Prevent muscle congestion is realistic

You can protect yourself from an undesirable problem associated with muscle congestion. It is necessary to remember the rules for preparing your body for training:

How to score muscle?

  1. Stock up in pharmacies or special stores of sports nutrition with vitamin complexes or amino acids. Their choice is great enough.
  2. To buy woolen leggings. Wear them directly during training.
  3. Warm up for five minutes. You can include a small complex, which includes running, walking, squats, stretching. Obligatory emphasis on exercises for rotation of joints.
  4. Eating no later than 30 minutes before exercise.

Actions after sports sections

Adhering to the following points, athletes will not face the question "What to do when the muscles are clogged?".

  1. After class take a warm shower. An excellent option will be a sauna, but not earlier than 20 minutes after the completion of training.
  2. Put a woolen cloth on the muscles or a warm water bottle.
  3. Just right applicator Kuznetsov. It is necessary to stand on it for several minutes.
  4. Massage the clogged muscles of the legs and hands. Use your fingers to walk around the affected area, so that the blood begins to circulate again.
  5. It will not hurt to stretch the muscles of the chest: hands first set perpendicular to the body and make 5-7 breaths, then in parallel I will become and the same amount of breaths, then up and in the side.
  6. Stretching of the dorsal muscles: tilt forward (slightly spring), then complete straightening. Exercise repeat several times.
  7. Stretching of the leg muscles. Wide legs apart, do squatting on one and then another limb.
  8. After training, a cocktail based on carbohydrates and proteins is useful. Most often they are purchased in the departments of sports nutrition.
  9. In parallel with the exercises it is desirable to eat fruit.
  10. With severe pain, ointments, gels, creams are used. It is best if the appointment is made by a doctor.

Scoring a muscle what to do

Exercises for pain relief

How to score the muscles correctly? This question is actual, most likely, in the field of bodybuilding. In order for them to really be pumped up, it is necessary to first make several approaches (3-5), repeating each 8-12 times. It is desirable to pump muscle tissue on free weights, and it will be necessary to give it a shape on the simulators. It should be remembered that excessive inflation will lead to serious damage.

Several exercises will help to defeat the ailment:

  1. Stand up straight, raise your right foot and wiggle in weight to the right and left, back and forth. Do the same with your left foot.
  2. In the direct position to get the buttocks heel alternately with the right, then the left foot.
  3. Sit on a chair - put your legs straight, feet - on the floor. Do not tear off the heels, long pull the toe of the right, left foot. Such exercises will be useful for prevention.

Effective recipes

Relax and relieve a lot of stress will helpessential oils. You can buy them at the pharmacy. They are not expensive. The method is simple: to collect in the bathroom warm water, add a few drops of any oils and plunge into the contents for 20 minutes. After doing the procedure for several days in a row, you can forget about the muscle pain.

Effective alternating baths with massage,but it is desirable to conduct it in the office of the masseur, so as not to increase the pain by incorrect pressing. In this case, you must rely on a professional specialist.

Medication for muscle recovery

Not all athletes believe in folk remedies,so for them it is actual medical treatment. "Finalgon" - ointment, which reduces pain in the joints and muscles, at the same time eliminates the anti-inflammatory process. Within 10 days the drug is rubbed on the affected area 2-3 times a day and tied with a woolen cloth.

In the first-aid kit, the athlete must beavailability of drugs ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen. But it should be remembered that aspirin is banned for persons who are under 18 years old. Self-treatment is not desirable - it is better to seek help from specialists.

Muscles clogged once and past righttreatment, in subsequent training with the same load will be much quicker to recover, since the protective effect will develop. If the pain is tolerable, then you can continue to play sports, but with less stress. With severe ailments, it is better to give up training for a few days or even weeks before the complete recovery of the body.

Hammered muscles

To facilitate muscle pain, minerals and special complexes of vitamins are taken: Apitonus P, Elton P, Leveton Forte. Plus, to lead a healthy lifestyle.