Hereby cyclists do not understand why they areremarkable transport to equip the electric motor, after all the two-wheeled means is just intended for the development of the leg muscles, improving the work of the heart, and raising the general tone of the body. But many people who do not have a garage, a car and living in a multi-storey building, can not simply live without such transport: work, a dacha, a market are all on their own bicycle.

reviews of owners of electric bicycles

In the focus of this article, owner feedbackelectric bicycles: operational experience, recommendations, comparisons, advantages and disadvantages. Everything that the reader has never known about electric bicycles, he will find here.

What are the charms?

If the usual bike is installedelectric motor, controller and battery, the result is an electric bike. Unlike the scooter or motorcycle, such a miracle transport is not tied to a single source of energy, and when the battery is discharged it can become an ordinary bicycle, which is driven by the rotation of the pedals.

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However, reviews of owners of electric bicyclesassure that the charms do not end there. After all, unlike the same mopeds and scooters, this vehicle does not need rights and license plate. Light weight, small dimensions, simple maintenance are only advantages.

Price niche in the two-wheeled transport market

For the majority of Russians who look afteritself as a transport electric bike, the price is the key factor. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what devices are in the domestic market and what is their approximate cost.

Initial category (from 20 to 40 thousand rubles) -small bicycles, the diameter of the wheels is less than 26 inches. At first glance, they look more like children's, but, having looked at the description, the buyer will find that cycling can withstand an adult (80-110 kg).

The budget class is rich in classical models,more like a normal bike: ladies, highway, mountain, city. Prices range from 40 to 100 thousand rubles, and in most cases the cost of an electric bicycle is already influenced by the manufacturer's authority, the weight of the transport and the installed components.

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Elite bicycles can be selected with a budgetfrom 100 thousand rubles and above. It's clear that in this category the buyer will be able to purchase the best, most technologically advanced device in the world from a very well-known and reputable manufacturer.

Simplicity and convenience for the older generation

Strangely enough, but it is the older generation (from50 and above) prefers to purchase inexpensive electric bicycles. And, judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, it's not at all in price. The main criterion here is the weight of the vehicle. After all, an adult, unlike a teenager, is very difficult to move heavy objects, and the bicycle, in addition to mass, also has large dimensions.

Most inexpensive electric bicycles havefolding frame, which greatly facilitates the transfer of the vehicle, not to mention the possibility of its transportation in the trunk of a car, in a bus or subway. The weight of such devices is within twenty kilograms, which is exotic in comparison with any transport having an engine.

Experience in the operation of inexpensive devices

The most popular niche of inexpensiveelectric bike has a huge number of all kinds of models. Most of them have "Chinese roots", and their name can not be uttered from the first attempt. Many potential buyers are very interested in the owners' opinions about such electric bicycles. Here everything is simple! Chinese devices in the first months of operation are practically no different from their competitors. Problems arise with time when components begin to fail, and the owner discovers one oddity: it is impossible to enter the Russian market, and foreign auctions can not offer anything.

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If a potential buyer wants to buyinexpensive device that has a service center in our country and any details to which you can buy without problems, it is recommended to look at world-famous brands. Electrobicycle Wellness, Volteco, Velectric System will not leave indifferent any buyer.

Budget niche: one way to stand out from the crowd

This category is almost no differentfrom conventional bicycles with a mechanical drive from the rotation of the pedals. The same frames, wheels, all kinds of accessories from famous brands and a large selection of accessories. Is that the weight of the "adult" electric bike will have more of an opponent because of the presence of a battery and an electric motor.

The characteristics of budget devices are decent,almost all models on the market have similar data and this is what attracts the attention of future owners. The maximum speed of movement from the electric motor is within the limits of 25-40 km / hour. The distance of a run on one charge is 35-60 kilometers. The maximum angle of ascent is 12 degrees.

Active market of budget devices

The most popular in the Russian market isbicycle GIANT Dual Drive 1500W. This is one of the few devices that can meet the needs of the buyer by the criterion of "price-quality". The cost of popular transport in the market fluctuates between 80 and 90 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for this price niche. But the technical characteristics will not leave indifferent any potential buyer: two horsepower of the electric motor (after all, the power of the battery is 1500 watts) are able to accelerate the electric bike in a straight line up to 50 km / h. Shimano's dual shock absorber, cruise control, disc brakes and many other useful features will surely please the future owner.

Do not forget about the electric bike "TitanRaptor, which in the past few years is considered the best-selling device in the markets of the post-Soviet space.This is due to the low cost of 40-50 thousand rubles.The manufacturer did not pursue high-speed performance (maximum speed of only 25 km / h), attention was paid to the distance traveled - almost 60 kilometers on one charge.This is a very high rate among competitors.

electric bike 9000w

Problems of owners and their solution

In the mass media one can meetnumerous reviews of owners of electric bicycles about low service or its complete absence in most cities of Russia for this type of transport. The whole problem is that the market for such devices in our country is too young and many manufacturers are not yet ready to open their representative offices in Russia. Therefore, many experts recommend that all buyers focus not on price, but on service, about which many do not think at all until the moment of breakdown.

Do not need to rush on electric bicycles, whichare equipped with a large number of additional elements and accessories (lanterns, trunks, footsteps, flu, horns, lighting bands and the like). Very often the seller with these pleasant gifts distracts the buyer from the poor-quality goods. In the process of operation, the repair of the breakdown of the main mechanism will be much more expensive than all the gifts taken together.

Elite class of electric bicycles

If the buyer is interested in electric bike, the pricewhich is not the main criterion of choice, then professionals recommend starting a review with the most technological device in the world called Grace. First of all, the German manufacturer thought about the owner, making the two-wheeled transport the lightest in the world - 23 kilograms. The maximum speed of overclocking of all Grace electric bikes is limited to 50 km / h (apparently, safety is not in the last place). The power reserve is 50 kilometers, and the battery charging time is about one and a half hours. And, of course, a service center with a two-year warranty, which the seller provides, being the official distributor.

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Popular in our market and Americanrepresentative of Electra Townie Balloon, which has a very attractive price and excellent technical characteristics. Elite two-wheeled transport is unlikely to be able to accelerate over 25 kilometers per hour, but the power reserve for one charge is enough for 95-105 kilometers (depending on the weather conditions).

The world's fastest bike

The media does not stop the debatearound the fastest, most technological and most popular two-wheeled vehicle in the world. The electric bike "Storm Titan 9000W" is able to develop a maximum speed of about 105 km / h in ten seconds. Transport can overcome on one charge about 150 kilometers (although at a cruising speed of 50 km / h). Indeed, a potential buyer, having acquired it, can on own experience make sure that the statements of producers are not fiction.

Only there is a downside to the coin. First, the power that an electric bike (9000W) possesses, is peak, that is, short-term. In fact, the battery capacity is 3000 watts, which means that you will be able to enjoy maximum speed only a few seconds. Stop the buyer can and the price: half a million rubles - a pretty serious argument.

Great offer from car manufacturers

Reviews of owners of electric bikes assure thatThe two-wheeled vehicle purchased must be under a very serious and authoritative brand. For example, BMW, Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Ferreri and similar brands of famous automobile concerns. After all, there are a lot of bicycles and electric bicycles on the Russian market, which are sold in automobile centers. Apparently, the manufacturer wants to earn in such a young and interesting niche.

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Naturally, the buyer who wishes to purchaseelectric bike of a reputable manufacturer, do not worry about quality and accessories, because these devices are manually assembled and pass many types of quality control before entering the market. This person is a manufacturer, and if it fails, the whole business may suffer. Therefore, if the potential buyer will be facing a choice, give him a preference for an elite American device with an unknown name or buy the same name electric bike in a BMW concern, the choice he makes is uniquely correct.

Oddities in repair

According to many owners of elite two-wheeledvehicles, repair of electric bicycles of this category is carried out not on the territory of Russia. That is, the broken technique is taken from the owner and sent directly to the factory where the vehicle was manufactured (from the seller's words). Repair is very often delayed for 3-6 months, and its cost is very high.

Authoritative producers assure that thisthe procedure is described in the documentation that is provided to the owner along with the vehicle at the time of purchase. Moreover, any minor repairs or upgrades should also be performed only by the company's specialists. Any intervention by the owner in the operation of the mechanism is unacceptable.

The same documentation provided by the seller,regulates the following: after the removal of the vehicle from the owner of the seller must provide a replacement for the entire repair period. This means that the owner of the broken electric bicycle should give the seller a working copy. However, many manufacturers (except automobile concerns) do not hurry to take such a step.


Operational experience of many ownerselectric bikes suggest that buying this type of transport is not always the right one. In the race for convenience, the buyer forgets that the device must be constantly charged from the outlet (4-8 hours, depending on the battery). The ease of movement around the city and beyond requires the presence of musculature (not everyone can bring 25-40 kilograms to the elevator).

Therefore, in order not to be disappointed in its firstpurchase, it is worth paying attention to cheap electric bikes. Only after having spent a lot of time and understanding all the advantages and disadvantages of the device, you can take a step towards buying the worthy device of your dreams.