Diet on yogurt is very popular: in most cases, it is easily tolerated, and the result is noticeable to the naked eye. An important point: it involves the use of natural yogurt, without sugar, flavorings and flavor additives - otherwise there will be no effect. This extremely useful product contains calcium and potassium, B vitamins and vitamin A, animal proteins and fats. However, the main value of yogurt is bacteria that cause milk fermentation - the Bulgarian rod and thermophilic streptococcus, which promote digestion of food and maintain a normal intestinal microflora. Yoghurt, which was subjected to heat treatment, with a long shelf life, does not carry any useful properties and is simply a milk drink.

Yogurt diet exists in severalvariants. The first of them, the most severe, involves daily consumption of food, in addition to 500 ml of yogurt, apples (5-6 pieces of medium size). These products are divided into 3-4 meals - depending on how easily you cope with food restrictions. If it is difficult for you to withstand large breaks between meals, it is better to eat more often. Such a diet, yogurt with apples, can be observed for three to five days. The daily ration contains only 700 calories, so it is quite possible to get rid of two to three kilograms of weight in a given period. During a diet, you can drink only green tea or water.

A more sparing diet option is designed for tendays. Thanks to a varied diet to adhere to it quite easily - despite the fact that it is from the category of low-calorie. This yoghurt diet provides for the consumption of meat products, as well as fruits and vegetables. On the day it is allowed to eat 100 grams of low-fat chicken or turkey, usually at lunchtime, with a vegetable salad or stew. Vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but not all of them are allowed. Among the permitted - cucumbers and tomatoes, sweet peppers, zucchini and eggplant, green beans, radish or radish.

You can season salads with lemon juice,aromatic herbs or vegetable oil. Refueling can be done from yogurt, which in the amount of 125 grams is present in every meal. For this you can, for example, grind garlic and salt and stir the resulting gruel in yogurt. Another option: in yogurt add mustard and salt and whisk it up a bit. These mixtures will help diversify the menu. You should not just get involved in salt: yogurt diet involves reducing its use to a minimum.

As for fruit and berries, they are alloweddaily eat up to half a kilogram. Of these, you can make a fruit salad, filling it with yogurt, or you can prepare from these products a very useful drink - smoothies. Unlike regular milkshakes, it does not add juice, but puree from whole fruits or berries. Pre-cut them in a blender, then add yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and stir everything. Sugar throughout the yogurt diet is not desirable for eating.

Meat should be boiled, baked or cooked onsteamed: fried foods are not allowed. Another important point: a yoghurt diet according to Dr. Zeyk provides daily consumption of natural juices - half a cup before each meal (there must be four in total). It is desirable that they are fresh, made with their own fruits and vegetables. In addition to them, you can drink loose tea and mineral water.

Those who need to lose weight within two weeks,this yoghurt diet is shown: reviews indicate that it is transferred perfectly, without stress. You can stick to it no more than the specified time, then you should take a break for at least 3-4 months. Approximate weight loss for this time will be about five kilograms.