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Green coffee - a product for weight loss, whichbecame popular recently. All due to the fact that in early 2012 there were studies proving that chlorogenic acid, which is contained in large quantities in unroasted coffee beans, helps improve metabolism and helps the body to break down the fat that comes with food. It was after this publication that the "golden hour" of green coffee came, of which scientists, however, knew the benefits already in the 1980s. Many Russian companies, including "Evalar", began to produce products based on the extract of unroasted beans, among them "Tropicana Slim". Feedback on the additive, its characteristics and description of the features of the application can be found in our article. It represents nothing more than a usual finely ground green coffee, compressed into tablets, which are placed in plastic packaging and sold through a retail pharmacy network.

"Tropicana Slim": reviews and features from the manufacturer of the product

According to doctors, safe and optimal forweight loss is a dose of 1000-1600 mg of green coffee extract per day. Each tablet of the drug has a weight of 200 mg, so the manufacturer advises, taking this standard into account, to take 2 pieces a day - one morning half an hour before meals, and the other one at lunch. But to achieve the desired result, it is not forbidden to use the maximum dose of the extract - up to 1600 mg, breaking it into 3-4 meals a day. The course is designed for 1 month, so the jars of the product "Tropicana Slim Green Coffee", the price of which ranges from 790 to 900 rubles per 1 packing, may be enough to reduce the weight for the promised 2-5 kg. Also, the company "Evalar" notes that the extract of unroasted beans helps to reduce fat deposits in the so-called "problem areas", gives tone to the skin and fights with the effect of the "orange peel". According to the responses of consumers, more about which we will discuss below, the drug really helps to fight excess weight and gives visible results.

Lose weight with "Tropicana Slim": customer reviews

This food additive has unquestionable advantages:

  1. Preparation of green coffee takes enoughfor a long time, besides unroasted beans are incredibly hard and difficult to grind in an ordinary coffee grinder. Considering that the drink needs to be taken 2-3 times a day for a whole month, you can simply get bored every time a new portion of coffee.
  2. Prepared drink is very unpleasant to taste, especially since sweeteners and other additives can not be placed in it. With pills is easier: you just need to take them with water.
  3. If you apply the drug on the background of anylow-calorie diet, the undoubted advantage is that the extract of green coffee can reduce appetite, which means that you will not be bothered by a painful feeling of hunger between meals.
  4. Tropicana slim reviews
    Against the backdrop of the diet application "Topikana Slim" gives good results: someone is losing weight by 2 kg, and someone at all 6-7 kg, however, with parallel compliance with the diet.
  5. The drug is completely made from high-quality natural raw materials and does not contain artificial additives. It is certified and legally sold in pharmacies or specialized departments of supermarkets.
  6. Contraindications to the use of the remedy are only those that apply to regular coffee, including a possible allergy to it (which is extremely rare).

The advantages of the drug have just been listed, but about"Tropicana Slim" reviews are met and negative (as, indeed, about any similar product). The most common negative comments say that the supplement does not help at all. This may be due to a number of reasons: "Tropicana Slim" and similar dietary supplements are only a supplement to a diet or proper nutrition, and not a complete replacement. Think about it: if you take the drug, and then enjoy a three-course dinner with dessert, cakes, other high-calorie foods, and also afford fast food and late suppers, then no, even the most modern and expensive, means will not help you get rid of from excess weight.

Tropicana Slim Green Green Coffee Instruction
Also, the drug is unlikely to help if obesityis caused by health problems (for example, hormonal failure), or manifested against the background of taking certain medications. If you do everything right, you will definitely help coffee capsules "Tropicana Slim" (green). Green coffee, the instruction for use of which is observed (that is, you apply it daily for 1 month), the effect, albeit small, will certainly be given. Some consumers also note that the additive can cause nausea (especially in the mornings) and headache - often a consequence of an overdose of the drug or an individual reaction of the organism to its component. In this case, the reception of "Tropicana Slim" is better to stop and use another, more suitable preparation. Otherwise, the product of the company "Evalar" can be quite effective in combating obesity, and against a background of diet and other measures aimed at getting rid of unnecessary kilograms, give a good result.