Xabi Alonso is an outstanding football player fromSpain, born November 25, 1981 year. At the moment he is a member of the Munich "Bavaria". Habier (his full name sounds exactly like that) has behind him a lot of achievements and quite impressive career. Well, it's worth at least a little talk about his busy career.

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early years

Xabi Alonso was born in sports, footballfamily. His father played for FC Real Sociedad, and together with the team became a two-time champion of the country. He also played for the Catalan "Barcelona". Brother Hubier - also a footballer, and he is a midfielder. At the moment is in the ranks of "Charlton Athletic". The second brother is a football referee. Because, it would seem, it's not surprising that Xabi Alonso became a football player. But his passion for football is not an imposed feeling. It manifested itself in early childhood, when little Habier spent all his time on the beaches of San Sebastian and played there in football. At a very early age, competing with his childhood friend, he decided that he would be a defensive midfielder.

At the age of 15 he fell under the exchange program and went toKells (Ireland) for learning English. He, along with Mikel Arteta (his friend), dreamed of playing for FC Real Sociedad. However, their ways were divided, since Alonso's friend went to Barcelona. But Xabi fulfilled his dream. It was in the "Sociedad" he began to progress. By the way, in 2004, Alonso's childhood friend returned there. But this time they were unlucky. Very soon, Khabi Alonso received an invitation from the "Liverpool" to speak for them and, of course, agreed.

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Career in England

There has come a new stage in the life of Xabi Alonso. The biography of this period is considered the most interesting. He became a truly indispensable player of "Liverpool". Remember, at least, a match with "Fulham", when his club lost 0-2 in the first half. One in the second came Xabi on the field. And the final score of the match was 4: 2.

Unfortunately, in 2005, Alonso broke his anklein a match with "Chelsea" (then he ran into Frank Lampard). For three months he had to be treated. But then he returned, just during the crucial matches of the Champions League play-offs and replaced Stephen Gerrard, who was also injured at the time. In the final, when the club played with AC Milan, equalized the score, and then Liverpool won in the series of post-match, thereby winning the main trophy of the Champions League.

The last five years

In the summer of 2009 it became known that Alonsobuys Madrid "Real". "Royal" club for a long time thought about buying this impressive player and decided. Moreover, they did not even want to pay Liverpool the minimum set by the British, supposedly saying that it was an awkward lot of money for him, and they had already spent on Kaka and Ronaldo. However, it was this person, for whom they did not want to pay, became, as a result, a key player in the central midfield.

In 2014, Xabi decided to move to theMunich "Bavaria". For him, the Munichers gave 10 million euros, and they did not regret it. There were no such players who would so quickly join the team and the team. Many fans are surprised themselves, saying that there is a feeling that Xabi was always with them. And the football player himself is satisfied with his new club and the people who surround him there. And this, I must say, is mutual.

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Habi has a family - Nagora's wife Arambulu and threechildren. Footballer loves his family, and once even preferred a family to football. He missed the game, which was held in the "Champions League", because then he had a child. He decided that he was obliged at this time to be near his wife.

Xabi Alonso, whose photo is shown to uscalm, simple guy, in fact is a football player, behind him is a lot of achievements and awards. With "Liverpool" he became the owner of the Cup and Super Cup of England, the European Super Cup and the winner of the Champions League. Together with Madrid "Real" has achieved no less. Twice they won the "Sample", once they received the Super Cup of Spain and once - the victory in the Champions League. With the "Bavaria" - so far won the Bundesliga and the German Super Cup. With the Spanish national team, Xabi held two European championships and one World Championship. In general, the Spaniard has many successes. And, as you can imagine, this is far from the last of his achievements.