Perhaps, each of us at least once in his life held inhands gymnastics roller, which is a wheel with two handles: left and right. This shell does not take up much space, its price is quite democratic, and therefore quite often he meets at home from a wide variety of people. However, not everyone from the simulator regularly uses it. Meanwhile, such a simple device allows you to work almost all the muscles, although the main load falls on the abdominal press.

Roller gymnastic is an excellent projectilefor home strength training. It will fit more "advanced" fitness enthusiasts than beginners, as it allows you to perform a complex compound exercise that develops the upper body and the press.

Strength training or aerobics?

Contrary to popular belief, among the non-professionals,Strength training in fat burning is a much more effective measure than beloved cardiovascular exercises. After all, aerobics only works during the lesson, and strength exercises have a prolonged effect lasting several hours, or even days, after you have finished the lesson. The point is that the more muscle mass a person has, the faster his metabolism takes place in his body. Even during rest and sleep, accelerated metabolism destroys excess fat deposits.

Experts call the gymnastics roller the mosteffective from domestic shells for drawing of a relief of a stomach. Flexors and extensors of the abdominal press are subjected to a colossal load. In the upper part of the body, arms and shoulders work, but even more - the thoracic and dorsal muscles. Below are actively improving the buttocks, femoral biceps and quadriceps (one of the most problematic areas). The only thing that is not perfect gymnastics roller: exercises with it are too complicated for beginners. Therefore, coaches advise to start with simplified forms, and as physical training improves, to move to full loads.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most people who use gymnasticsmovie, praise it. The main advantage of the projectile is that the load from it is complex and affects a very large number of muscles. They note also its practicality: the size is small, the device is simple and sturdy, nothing is required except for sex. It's a pleasure to work with such a simulator.

For objectivity is worth noting a couple of cons. The first is trauma danger. Problems are most likely with the lumbar region. To avoid them - observe the correct technique. The second is the lack of efficiency in the opinion of some users. Believe it or not - it's personal, however, the facts remain the facts: with proper and regular training, the effect is still there, and not a little.


So, how to use the gymnastics roller correctly? Below are the options for exercises with this projectile.

  1. Kneeling, hold the roller with your arms outstretchedon the floor in the chest area. Begin slowly to roll the projectile away from yourself until you touch the knees with your chest, then as smoothly roll it to yourself, returning to the starting position.
  2. Variations of the exercise 1. In the most distant position of the roller, hold for 2-4 seconds, and only then make a move back.
  3. Sitting on the floor with straight back and bentknees, put the roller under the feet and roll it away from yourself, bending the upper part of the body in the direction of movement. When the slope reaches a maximum, you can move back. Do not try to perform this exercise perfectly the first time - it requires a certain skill that comes with time.

To increase the effectiveness of the exercises, take a deep breath before the slopes, and exhale during the ascents.