Blows in the box - it's interesting for every novice fighter. In the direction they are all subdivided into two varieties: from the flanks and straight.

Types of strikes in boxing vary,there are more than ten of them. All of them are different in length and direction. As a rule, this depends on the distance from which the strike will be struck. The hand also moves in different ways. If the strike is distant, then it will be necessary to straighten it completely. With the near hand, it will remain half-bent.

The most popular blows in boxing are, of course,direct. There are several varieties. The name of the blows in the box, although they, by and large, and refer to the same type - is different. For example, there is a cross. This is a kind of direct impact, which is considered to be its most powerful variation. It is applied with a stronger hand, there are right and left variants. It begins with a quick jerk of the fist.

At the same time, the fighter pushes his right foot and sharply moves forward, transferring weight to the other leg. Crosses are considered one of the most powerful types of strikes.

Direct impacts in the box on the body can easilydisable the enemy. Such attacks lead to a violation of the heartbeat and, quite possibly, to knockout. Striking the liver of a person is fraught with spasms, breathing is interrupted, a faint may come. The solar plexus is a very vulnerable point, the hits on which can bring a person to an insane state. A simple hit on this place plunges the opponent into shock and stops his breathing for a certain period of time.

Striking the spleen is equivalent to attacking the liver and causing the same sensations. Hitting the heart area is also dangerous - they violate the heartbeat.

Now we turn to other varieties. Uppercut - direct movement of the fist from the bottom up, with the intention of getting into the chin or body of the opponent.

Speaking about strikes in boxing, it is impossible to leave withoutattention hook, or, if you speak Russian - a hook. This is a side kick that does not require a swing. It is applied by the bent elbow of a hand on the body or in the opponent's head. Such a blow is capable of knocking out virtually instantaneously, but very difficult in technical terms.

The next attack I'd like to drawattention - jab. This is one of the basic boxing punches. It is applied at a long distance. Used to prepare an opponent for a turn from power attacks.

This is the main attack in boxing. How to put the right blow? You have to be quick. Even a person who is powerful can sometimes not knock out. All because he does not hit fast. If a man who is not muscular is attacking slowly, the blow will be unconvincing. To develop sufficient speed, you need to hone skills on a small pear.

The psychological factor is very important in boxing. Someone is afraid of the enemy, some are afraid to overdo it. Subconsciously, the movements are constrained, and the strokes become indistinct. Ability to move away from what is happening is the basic postulate. Of course, not completely - so you can get it from the jaw. But to set aside all extraneous emotions aside is vital. Only in this way a boxer is able to win a firm and confident victory.

You need to move, regardless of yourphysiological characteristics, you will just mark off on the spot - you can not strike a powerful blow. Attack in motion is much more powerful than in any other position, and this is not hard to see.

It is necessary to fight with the whole body - in many ways forceyour hook or jab depends on where your legs, shoulders, back are at the moment. Want to knock out - aim at some strictly defined point.

Let's hope that these descriptions and tips will help you in this fight.