Small-caliber weapons still retain their traditional popularity in our country. A striking representative of this class is the domestic long-barrel hunting carbine "Sable".

Sable Carbine


This small-caliber weapon was created in 1993year designers of the IZHMASH plant. Carbine "Sable" has an original device, similar to which was not in any of the previous models of similar systems.

The prototype for its creation was the sportsBiathlon BI-7-2 rifle, which provided a quick and easy enough recharging, and without changing the position of the hand arrow. This mode is very convenient for high-speed shooting during hunting for small, but mobile game and fur animals.

Hunting carbine "Sable" 5.6 caliber for thisthe moment is the best in the class of domestic small calibers. It is used both for training shooting, and for hunting such small game as marmots, sables, martens, squirrels. Weapons are very popular in our country. "Uncomplicated and easy to operate" is called the users carbine "Sable". Feedback from owners about it is mostly positive.

Unlike its basic model - sportsrifles Biathlon BI-7-2, this carbine has a relatively shorter trunk, as well as a semi-pistol box, classically made of wood material. On the cover of the receiver there are parallel recesses. They form a bar like a swallowtail, on which optics are mounted.

Carabiner Sable 5,6


Carbine "Sable" refers to the type of rifledweapons with sliding longitudinal shutter. He has a crank-crank mechanism of locking. The caliber of this carbine is .22 WMR or .22 LR. The length of the trunk is fifty centimeters with a total of nine hundred and ninety millimeters. The weight of this weapon is three kilograms. The magazine capacity is five cartridges.

Principle of operation

In order to charge the carbine "Sable", it follows thatRemove the magazine to equip it with cartridges. Stacking with the help of a window for the ejector of cartridge cases on this weapon is impossible, since it is in-line. You can charge one cartridge only from the top in case of an empty magazine.

The shot is executed as followsway. The cartridge into the chamber is sent by withdrawing the lever of the crank-and-rod mechanism back and then returning it to its place. During the movement in the opposite direction, the shutter frame will weigh the hammer.

In order to put the Sobol carbine onfuse, you must press the lever that is on the front of the trigger guard. In combat position, he is led backwards, towards the store. The larva of the shutter has no fighting stops. It enters the breech in the trunk, and therefore locks it only because of resistance and under the influence of the mass of the crank-crank mechanism.

The bojek passes along the upper edge of the larva of the shutter. To accomplish the shot, it must hit the trigger of the descent, which is cocked from the movement of the bolt frame in the direction of the back.

Carabiner Sobol reviews


Carbine "Sable" has a very simple design,he is unpretentious in exploitation. The set includes three stores: one is installed in the regular place, and the rest are located in the cavity of the butt, the lid of which is on the lower edge. Judging by the feedback of users, it is quite convenient. In addition, according to the owners, it is quite practical to have a bunker with cartridges in stock.

The box of this carbine is made very qualitatively, withthoughtful ergonomics. You can buy models with a "Bavarian cheek" or so-called. the crest of a "boar back". Optionally, you can choose with a pillow. In all cases, the backplate is made of cushioning rubber material, however, it is unregulated.

The match type of the locking mechanism makes it possiblearrow to produce a series of shots, while not being distracted from the goal. Of course, aesthetes from his appearance may not be delighted, because he looks massive and even rude, somewhat resembling a barn bolt. But this design is completely compensated by its functionality.

On the muzzle of the carbine "Sable" designers have provided a facet in the form of a funnel - the so-called "crown". It is done quite qualitatively, and therefore the ballistics of the trunk improves.

Hunting carbine Sable


The biggest disadvantage is that the larvaThe bolt of this carbine has no stops at all. She, entering the breech, does not hold anything there, except for the geometric shape of the crank. And the latter directs the recoil momentum in such a way that the bolt is supported even more. But the BI-7 sports rifles - the basic rifles for this carbine, were designed only for the .22 LR cartridge, while the Sobol has a charging option and .22 WMR. This ammunition is much more powerful, therefore users have some fears that during the shot the crank can open spontaneously.

Another disadvantage is that the breech is not tightly locked. This reduces the shooting qualities of this little caliber.

Carabiner Sobol owners reviews

Carbine "Sable": reviews

Most of the owners of these weapons are happy with their choice. Many people speak of this carbine "as a completely worthy rifle." The price fully justifies the quality.

Judging by the reviews, the carbine has a negligiblereturn. The accuracy of the shots is also good. Unfortunately, not always the factory batch is completely qualitative. There is some instability, so those who are unlucky can run into a weapon in which not only the shells are removed badly, but bullets fly out of the trunk "fan."

Moreover, shell-free lead.22 LR cartridges with a small initial speed are strongly affected by wind. Therefore, experienced hunters recommend .22 WMR caliber in a copper shell. This bullet has an initial speed of 500 m / s and has better ballistics.