According to statistics, for the St. Petersburg team"Zenith" is sick more than half of the inhabitants of modern St. Petersburg, and more than 45 people consider it a symbol of the city. However, only those who are familiar with the history, know that the appearance of the football club is associated with the name of "leader of all peoples." The team was organized at the Leningrad Metal Plant (named after Stalin) in 1925, but only eleven years later it was given the official name "Stalin". A few years later, in 1940, the players and the trainer of the factory team joined the disbanded club Zenit, which already played in the USSR championship. Four years later, "Zenit" won a major victory, winning the USSR Cup (and ahead of all the Moscow teams).

why the zenith is called homeless

Each team has symbols, colors and nicknames. For example, the Moscow "Spartak" is called "meat", because at the dawn of his career the club played at the meat-packing plant. The team "Saturn" from the Moscow region is thematically "called" by "aliens". "CSKA" (Moscow) has the nickname "horses", tk. at the site of the club's stadium deployment once housed a racetrack.

Why "Zenith" is called "homeless"? There are several options for the origin of this nickname. It is believed that it appeared in 70-80 years, when the fans of the club practiced the so-called "electric". It consisted in the fact that the fans went to root for their club in Moscow by electric trains. The move was accompanied by alcoholic influences and debauches.

zenith fans

In addition, after the trip there was no possibilitywash, therefore, Petrograders came to the match in mildly unpresentable form. For the richer Moscow fans moving on airplanes, this situation seemed wild, that's why Zenit is called "homeless" in the capital circles. In addition, today's fans travel by electric trains with the same constancy. And many years ago in these travels there were also their positive sides - songs for guitar, which in the companies were performed by Grebenshchikov, Tsoi and other celebrities.

There is another version of why Zenitcalled "homeless." The situation developed in such a way that until the mid-1980s the team beloved by the townspeople was not particularly successful, "hanging" on the verge of departure from the division. Therefore, the club began to consider not "having a solid propiska."

zenith fans

In some Leningrad (St. Petersburg) familiesit is customary not to miss a single game of the Zenit team, whose fans are sometimes several generations old. Among the fans are known two women who came to the game at the age of more than 100 years. This is Ts.Savitskaya and R.Donde, who attended matches in 2011, but by now, unfortunately, have already passed away.

Many apartments store old calendars,posters, clippings from newspapers and, of course, know why "Zenith" is called "homeless people" and ... "sacks". This is due to the fact that in 1984 the team received the "gold" of the USSR championship, after which plastic bags with the indication of the champion title "Zenith" were released. Leningraders proudly traveled around the country with these works of light industry, which caused gloating and contributed to the acquisition of the nickname.

Team "Zenith", whose fans do not behavealways decently (like fans of other clubs), is often subjected to major disciplinary action. For example, in March 2013, she was charged with a technical defeat, a fine of more than 1 million rubles was imposed, and two matches were also ordered without spectators for the firecracker team thrown by the fans in the goalkeeper. The latter received hearing damage and a chemical eye burn.