Catching the net is not so popular with real fishers. This kind of quiet hunting can be called, rather, poaching, than a pleasant pastime.

What is a nonsense?

Breden is one of the varieties of seine, which has a more specific modification and is used both for fishing in a private way, and on an industrial scale.

The history of this fishing gear goes into a deepantiquity. Then a few tribes of people living on the banks of rivers and lakes, tried to fish with their hands and spears. Success in fishing was achieved by a few: only the strongest and cleverest members of the genus.

The first networks began to weave from long vines, lianas ordried animal veins. It usually fished from two to three people, walking along the shore of the pond and carrying a wanderer. The meaning of the word takes the direct beginning precisely from the process: to walk along shallow water with a tackle in hands.

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What does the net look like?

Breden is a network of 2 to 70 meters in length,width - from 2 to 3 meters. The classic nonsense consists of the left and right wings, and in the middle it has a special "pocket" - a mottle. For convenience, long poles are attached to the edges of the networks. They help to pull the net along the pond and keep the net in an upright position.

Moth is a bag, sewn from the net to collectcaught fish. The size of such a "pocket" depends on the length of the gear. Often it is at least a third of the network. But the smaller the wingspan, the more motility can be, and vice versa.

Experienced fishermen prefer to use specially adapted for them on familiar reservoirs. They are prepared taking into account the features of the bottom relief and the fish to which the fisherman is going.

Types of nonsense

There are four kinds of nonsense:

  1. The classic nonsense. It consists of two wings of equal length and a mote. Catching ravings of this type is carried out on shallow reservoirs, rivers and lakes. Two people pull the nets along the chosen place, and the third collects the catch that has accumulated in the mote.
  2. Without a hose. This is an ordinary network, no more than 4 meters in length. It is great for fishing at a depth of not more than 50 centimeters. The method is effective in the autumn-spring period, when the fish is heated in water heated by the sun's rays.
  3. "A hen". This is a mottle without wings. Ropes are attached to the edges of the net (nags). They help keep the whole system afloat. Fishermen, passing with seine along the whole body of water, do not pull the catch, but, lifting the net, they take out the fish caught in it.
  4. Wings of a network of different lengths. Such nonsense is suitable for fishing in places where it is impossible to pull a seine along both banks of the reservoir. From the networks create a semicircle, protecting the part of the river where fishing will be conducted.

How to catch nonsense?

Breden is a long network, and use itbetter in those places that are known to anglers. To clear the net from the catch or debris that accumulates during fishing, a wide deserted shore is needed.

Catching nonsense is good during zhora, in warmthe weather in shallow water, but for this it is necessary to supply the seine with a sinker (often a chain is used for this), placed in the middle under the mote and floats (you can use ordinary foam).

Movement of anglers is better to start against the current,alternating shallow waters and depressions. Experienced fishermen, knowing the topography of favorite places for fishing, try not to use several whirlpools. They are not cleaned from snags, algae and debris. In these places the fish "rest", the young grows, passes the winter quarters.

catching nonsense

Thus, it is possible to maintain the same amount of fish and be sure that it will not go further along the river.

In addition, catch nonsense, not only fish in the rivers,but also on industrial vessels. Tackles on fishing trawlers are similar to nets or a hammock. Thus, fishermen catch not only large fish, but also fingerling. After it is sorted and processed.

nonsense meaning of a word

How to make a wand with your own hands

The cost of tackles now is such that for a full outfit the fisherman must pay a lot of money. But there is always a way! All the snap can be done by yourself.

Breden is a network that trains out of threads,line or capron. The technique of weaving is very simple, and everyone can master it, since it is not difficult to find information about it. The main task for the master is to determine what tackle he needs to receive.


"Chicken" has the shape of a cone, a wanderer with wings -form of a volleyball net with a net in the middle. The cells of such gears on the mote will not be more than 2-2.5 centimeters, and along the entire length of the wings not more than 2.5-3 centimeters.

Weaving the network takes from one day to several weeks. In addition, the technique of weaving, which the master uses, plays an important role.

If the network is too light, to its bottom edgefasten the tin sinker or the usual chain links. And for the network to stay on the surface, use floats bought in the store or cut from a piece of foam.

It is easy to make a wanderer with your own hands, the main thing is patience and the desire to achieve the set goal.

Under the law, net fishing is consideredillegal. This is poaching, during which all the fish are caught, both large and fry. First, it harms the number of fish stocks, and secondly - the size of the caught fry is much less than permitted under the law.