All people are imperfect, each has its own shortcomings. And sometimes you need to quickly put your body in order, especially if an important event is just around the corner. To go out, you need to know how to lose weight in a week at 5 kg.

To implement a given goal, you must limit yourself to eating. What should be deleted?

  1. Consumption of fats. But if you lead a very active lifestyle, go in for sports, you will have very difficult without them, so exclude everything that is too fatty - sausages, meat, butter, eggs, margarine, nuts, buns, sweets. To fill the need for fats in the morning, take fish oil.
  2. Sweet. Minimize the consumption of sweets, because these are extra carbohydrates, absolutely not necessary for people who want to lose weight. Honey, sweets, sugar, cereals, chocolate - all this increases the production of insulin, which is responsible for the store of fat under the skin. Dairy products should also be temporarily excluded.
  3. Fast food. Cola, chips, crackers, canned food - this is a very harmful food, because it contains a lot of preservatives that prevent fast to lose weight.

But do not sit on a strict mono-diet - nothing,except for harm it will not bring you. Such diets deplete the body. You can not skip meals, you should always eat at the same time. Snacks and alcohol are unacceptable!

Thinking about how to lose weight in a week at 5 kg, get ready to strictly follow certain rules:

  1. Remember that life is movement. Having decided on rapid weight loss, it must be remembered that in addition to dieting, physical exercises are also necessary. If you do not, the skin will simply hang ugly. You need to train at least 5 days a week. Exercises should be done correctly.
  2. Eat protein. If the body has to forget about the usual diet for a whole week and intensively strain. You can buy protein in powder in any sports store. It is bred with water and you can drink it all day. To fix the effect, you also need a couple of times a week to have fish cooked for a couple.
  3. You need to drink a lot! At least two liters a day. The best is like regular non-carbonated water, it perfectly quenches thirst after exercise fitness. Water well removes toxins from the body, which are always present in our body as a result of its functioning.
  4. Switch to salt-free food. Of the body is necessary to withdraw the excess water, in order to lose weight, and therefore it is necessary to give up salty foods, which causes increased thirst. This will help you in how to lose weight by 4 kg per week.

Thoughts, how to lose weight for a week at 5 kg, especiallyoften visit us in the spring, when the first sun looks out and it is necessary to "undress" - i.e. take off your outer clothing. Remember that the body needs special microelements, so to help the body you can stock up on vitamins.

To solve such problem how to grow thin for a week on5 kg, can be very simple. These kilograms will go away if you observe a special diet in the diet, and you will also lose the same amount if you take aerobics, skiing or cycling. Good detoxifies and tightens skin sauna and Russian bath.

Want to learn how to lose weight by 7 kg per week? Then you will help the Herculean diet. It is quite simple, but after the "diet" week it will be necessary to strictly observe the diet. If this is not done, then the lost pounds will return "with a bonus". The principle of diet is very simple - all week you will have to eat only porridge porridge. No other products are allowed! Only at the end of the week you can eat a cucumber or just one apple. You need to cook the porridge without salt and sugar. You can eat it in any quantity.

To go out with such a diet should be gradually,slowly increasing caloric content and the number of products. First, it is better to introduce in the diet fruits, vegetables and bread with bran. Remember that more often than once a month you can not use such a diet.