Well, perhaps, the human brain with the help of fantasy is ready to generate a variety of ideas. Sometimes you wonder and ask yourself the question: "How could a man come up with this, what inspired him?"

Even in the field of sports games, people came up with a lot of ambiguous and incomprehensible competitions. There are a lot of them, so it's hard to choose the funniest kind of sport.

List of those types of motor activity, which can be attributed to comic, evoking a smile, is quite large. Let's talk about some of them, which are the most popular and funny.

Race on tractors

You will not believe, but such races are very popular. And not only in Russia, but also abroad. In the United States, there is even a special organization that organizes them, the National Association of Tractor Racing, founded back in 1969.

races on tractors

Fans say that it all started in the 19th century,when the farmers were measured by the forces of horses. They tied them to some kind of burdens and looked to see if they could drag her along with him. The winner was the one whose horse could pull the heaviest cargo behind him. Then, when tractors began to appear, farmers began to measure their strength.

Then, when the iron cars beganto improve, the participants of the competition began to measure not only their strength, but also their speed. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and today there are 22 official organizations of tractor races in the world.

Since 2002 in the Rostov regionraces are held on tractors under the auspices of the "Bison Track Show" competitions. Since then, these competitions have acquired a large audience of fans and participants, and have been listed in the list of official attractions in the Rostov region. The same race is held in the Crimea in 2007, under the city of Simferopol.

And participants of such races improve theirtractors are no worse than drivers of street racing on passenger cars. Drivers of such monsters change the engine to a more powerful one, strengthen their suspension, put turbines on them. Tractors acquire such power that at competitions it is quite possible to turn over iron monsters. It looks amazing.

Such entertainment can be advertised unconditionally as the most ridiculous sport. Races on powerful tractors have many fans around the world.

Running in bags

Where this game was born, you can not say for sure.

There is an opinion that the evil and bloodthirsty pirates,who robbed ships and killed people, could come up with a kind of entertainment, like running in bags. Of course, since then there has been enough information about how the pirates were entertained and how they thought of spending their free time so.

running in bags

A well-known fact is that the captains graduallybegan to prohibit booze, and also to play in gambling. These two entertainments led to constant fights on the ships, as well as incitement of hostility within the pirate team. And, most likely, from idleness pirates invented a run in bags as an alternative to gambling.

According to another popular version, it was invented in Ancient Russia: the landlords used to amuse themselves, exposing their peasants.

To date, this entertainment is one of the most popular, and it is held almost at all corporate events. Also such entertainment is in demand and on children's holidays.

Cooperschild Race

Trying to determine the most ridiculous sport,you can not fail to mention this kind of competition. If you want to feel like a mouse that chases the cheese, then this is just right for you. Every year on the Cotswold Hills such an event is held. The participants are taken to the mountain. Organizers from the slope let the head of double gloster cheese. The winner will be the one who first caught up the cheese rolling on the mountain.

cheerful sport


Shahboks is a very cheerful sport. Athletes deny the fact that you can not be both strong and intelligent at the same time. According to the rules of this game, the participants compete with each other for 11 rounds. During the rounds, a game of chess with boxing alternates. You can win it by either kicking an opponent with a blow, or by putting a checkmate in the chess game.

funny sports list

Hold the ferret in your pants

This entertainment got into the article because of its unusualness, as well as danger. Brave ones, having gained courage, let the ferret into his pants. Their main task is to keep the animal as long as possible.

the most ridiculous sport

Such entertainment is quite dangerous, because no one knows how the ferret will behave. The animal can behave unpredictably, which gives piquancy to these competitions.

It remains only to add that for today the longest result is the holding of the ferret for five minutes.

Throwing Christmas trees

For fans of throwing weight there is such a kindsport, like throwing Christmas trees. In some regions of Germany this entertainment is a traditional event that is held annually. It's hard to believe, but the world record was set in 2007 with a spruce, which was thrown at 17.5 meters.

the most ridiculous sport

Throwing mobile phones

The popularity of this competition is very large. Think before the game the Finns. The first official competitions were held in 2000. Such events are attended by a very large number of participants and spectators. Also, judges of the Guinness Book of Records are often invited to record new records in throws, if any.

cheerful sport

The most ridiculous kind of sport is very difficult to choose. There are many more fun competitions than the small amount that got into the article. And with every day there are all new funny sports. Their list is large enough to describe them in one article. But they all bring a lot of joy to the participants, even if they can not be attributed to serious sporting events.