Denis Kulyash is a famous Russiandefender, who for a long time playing in Russia. During his long career, this defender has replaced many clubs, but he failed to win the Russian championship.

Carier start

Denis Kulyash was born on May 31, 1983 in the cityOmsk. He was born in a simple family. His father was a taxi driver, and my mother worked as a nurse in a kindergarten. Since childhood, Denis was a strong child, and decided to give it to the sport. Hockey in Omsk is very popular, that's why Denis decided to give it to him. His fate was difficult enough. He is not one of those hockey players who became famous at the age of 18. At first Denis Kulyash gained enough experience in the lower leagues for a long time, and after that he became interesting to clubs from the Super League.

Denis Kulyash

Professional career

Denis Kulyash began his professional careerin the second team Omsk "Vanguard". But in the first team he could not get through. He decided to go to Tyumen and play for the Gazovik club, which plays in the Major League. And after that he became a player of the CSKA Moscow Air Force club. For the time spent in these clubs, he grew up as a player. Kulyash always possessed physical strength, but he had problems with speed. Because of this, he often flew high-speed attackers. Denis has always adequately assessed himself and tried to improve his technique.

Kulyash Denis hockey player

Speeches in the Super League, and then in the KHL

The game of Kulyash in the Major League was noticed by specialists fromCSKA Moscow and invited him to the team. There he played one season, not always having a place in the starting lineup. At the end of the season Kulyash Denis (hockey player) moved to the club "Dynamo". It was there that this defender became the main player and became famous throughout Russia. This gifted defender, together with the club in 2006, won the European Cup. This trophy became his first in his professional career. But in this Moscow club, Denis played only one season and again returned to CSKA. There in a season he returned already in the status of a star. He was a real leader, regularly gaining points.

Denis Kulyash photo

Continuation of career

In 2010, CSKA decided on a profitable exchange. The Omsk club offered two players for the defender of Kulyash, and the CSKA club agreed to the exchange. Denis after a long transition to various clubs returned to his homeland. In the 2010-2011 season, this defender held 62 games for Omsk club and scored 32 scoring points. During the holidays it became known that Kulyash signed a contract with the Kazan "Ak Bars". In this club, Denis did not manage to take a leading position, and in 2013 he again returned to his native Omsk "Vanguard". In total, for his native club, he spent over 200 matches. For a large contribution to the team's victory, the contract with this defender was extended on more favorable terms. In 2016, Kulyash moved to the club "Salavat Yulaev". The agreement was signed for a period of two years.

Denis Kulyash biography

International career

Denis Kulyash, unfortunately for many, not so oftenwas involved in performances for the national team of his country. For the first time he put on the Russian national team shirt in the 2005-2006 season. He played for his international team at the Euro Hockey Tour. At the end of the tournament our team won it. In 2006, Kulyash took part in the World Championship. He played seven matches on it and scored four scoring points. But in general for our team the championship was unsuccessful. More Kulyash did not take part in international tournaments.

Denis Kulyash family

Features of the game defender

Denis Kulyash is a defender who alwaysgained a lot of points due to his strong throw. Partners, knowing the trump card of their defender, always try to bring him to the throw. With his help, Kulyash brought the team victory at the last minute of the meeting. Denis Kulyash often comes out when playing in the majority. He shoots the goalkeeper, often scoring goals or injuring opponents. At the match of all the stars in 2011, Denis set a record speed record. The washer after a click flew at a speed of 177.58 kilometers per hour. But a year later his record was beaten by Alexander Rezantsov.

Personal life

Denis Kulyash, whose photo appears regularly insports magazines, married and happy in marriage. He knew his future wife Olga from the age of 12. After they turned 18, the wedding took place. At that time, Denis did not have millions, so the wedding was played modestly. This happy married couple has three children. Two sons and one daughter. The family lives in Moscow, and Denis continues his career in Ufa. The eldest son followed in the footsteps of his father. He works at the CSKA hockey school, where his father once performed successfully. He plays at the position of the striker and shows excellent statistics. The eldest daughter studies in one of the capital's schools. Denis Kulyash, whose family means very much, often visits them. They understand that he is a professional hockey player and must play.

Interest from the NHL

In his youth, Kulyash was selected in the eighth rounddraft pick NHL "Nashville Predators." But Denis never went to try his hand overseas. This club, when Denis played for the Kazan "Ak Bars", invited him to himself, so that he helped in the Stanley Cup. They needed a good defender. But Kulyash refused such an offer and preferred to stay in the KHL.

Denis Kulyash held a lot of games in the championship. Now this defender is the transfer goal of many top teams. Denis Kulyash, whose biography was very successful, might not have become such a popular hockey player. In his youth, his family had no money, and he thought he needed to go to work. Kulyash at the moment is 33 years old, and soon he will finish his long sporting path.