Rybakov in Moscow and the surrounding area is verya lot of. But to find a free and good place for your favorite occupation is increasingly difficult with every passing day. On ponds, lakes and rivers, it is increasingly useless to come without money in your pocket. This situation discourages many. But do not despair, there are free places for fishing in the Moscow region.

The best ponds

In the Lyubertsy area, near the village of Novy Milet, the damdivided 2 ponds. In good weather, "Aborigines" regularly come here, who come here for karassem. Catch small fry not everyone likes. Local residents, according to one version, hunt for small change in order to stock their own reservoirs. For many, the process is important on these banks, they do not seek for huge trophies. Almost everyone will enjoy fishing in the suburbs. Free you can catch enough fish.

fishing in the suburbs for free

The Moscow Experience

Fishermen with experience have told, that in these places it is possibleprofit and larger copies. To advance into the pond is better in the morning dawn, capturing a large number of species of bait. At this time, there is practically no one from the local.

To understand, it is necessary to go here or not, you needto study free ponds for fishing in the suburbs. It is believed that first you better fish in shallow water. Accurate sweep will allow you to pull out of the water crucian carcass weighing 1300 grams. Further, the specimens may come across a bit less: from 500 to 1000 grams. In the catch can be present and 600-700 gram lines. Lin loves the worm, and the crucian-corn from the jar. A good free fishing in the suburbs is available, therefore, to everyone.

good free fishing in the suburbs

It should be remembered that crucian takes bait in 5-7meters from the coastline, and ten - closer than 3 meters. Carasay per day can catch up to 17 pieces, and a line - about a dozen. Very often, all the fishing places, however, are busy, and the car has nowhere to put the car.

Boat sailing and dirty beaches

If there is no nibble near the shore, it is better to change torubber boats, so as to be able to move further and not compete with fishermen on land. At 15 meters from the shore on the pond near Lyubertsy there is a sandbank, this place may seem interesting. Here in the reeds the worm bites a tin, but not so actively. And on the other side of the island on corn grains you can catch the crucian carp, and it takes a bait no worse than from the shore. In this place there is a whirlpool, about three meters deep, in which a large crucian lives. From the boat, as you can see, fishing is also available in the suburbs. Free you can catch enough heavy carp.

Landscapes are local, however, not always pleasing. Near the pond is a garbage dump in the form of a huge pyramid, reminiscent of the Egyptian, but much longer. Despite this, the fish caught here are edible, there is no foreign soul and even there are no parasites in it. If there is a desire, you can try your luck at the end of the pond, where there are a lot of big snags in the water. This place was chosen by the large carp. Therefore, no one will remain without a catch.

How to get here?

This place is also good for driving hereyou can in any weather. The road with a good coverage to the place of free fishing in the near suburbs is almost never met. There are several ways to get here.

  1. On Novovoyinsky Highway to the station. Railway. Following the sign, you should then turn towards Egorievskoe highway in the direction of the village. Rusavkino-Popovschino.
  2. Through Lyubertsy, further to Kraskovo, and then through Torbeevo.
  3. On an electric train from the Kursk railway station to the station. Railway. Then you need to change to a fixed-route taxi, the next one to Poltava. Get off at the stop. New Miletus. Before the pond it will be necessary to walk on foot, the good it is near the stop.

where to go fishing in the suburbs for free

Now you know where to go fishing in the suburbs. Free of charge you can relax with your family or a large company. Just prepare for what you can not get the desired catch.

Who can be caught?

The main types of fish: bream, pike, pike perch, tench, crucian carp, perch. You can catch them freely. In rivers and ponds, the population of sterlet is replenished artificially. Carp and wild carp are bred by different companies in leased areas of reservoirs.

Professional anglers are well aware of the legislation that regulates fishing. It can be carried out on a fishing rod, spinning and other non-technical ways.

free ponds for fishing in the suburbs

Rules applicable to all

The most important thing is to observe a simple rule: a maximum of 10 hooks and 5 jails per person. The law prohibits fishing with nets, traps and trawls. If you get to the place of fishing on a private vehicle, remember that it must be left outside the water protection zone. It is 200 meters from the shore line. Violators can be brought to administrative responsibility. It is famous for good fishing in the suburbs. You can catch for free, however, only for fishing.

During spawning, fishing is prohibited throughout thethe territory of the Moscow region and Moscow. The terms of spawning are as follows: from 10.04 to 10.06. In accordance with natural conditions, this period can be adjusted for several days. Fishing during spawning is allowed only from the shore for one fishing rod (no more than 2 hooks) and outside the spawning zone. Fishing in May in the suburbs (free to catch the majority of visitors) should be careful, note that there is still spawning.

No special permission for fishing in theThe Moscow region is unnecessary, since it is only required for industrial fishing, which is impossible to organize here because of the lack of necessary fish volumes. Where to go fishing in the suburbs for free, now you know. But do not forget about the rules.

where to go fishing in the suburbs for free

Other places for fishing

Today, fish can be caught in other water bodiesMoscow region. Be sure to visit the Ivankovo ​​Reservoir. Especially will like these places for fans of winter fishing. In summer it is preferable to catch here from a boat.

And if you drive along Yaroslavl highway (77 km), thenyou can stumble upon a picturesque pond (the village of Malinniki). Here you can sit with a fishing rod and even fish for spinning. Nearby there is another pond - Lake Torbeevskoe.

The river Istra is also a favorite place for fishermen, the season opens in March. Among the large catch is pike and perch. At the junction with the Moscow River, bream is found.

Unique is Lake Biserovo, its areaabout 100 hectares. All year long you can leave with a hefty catch. Fishermen love to come here with their families. There is not only beautiful nature, but also good beaches for swimming.

If you prefer carp, then go to the village of Kupchinino. There is a whole group of small reservoirs, in each this fish lives. Local people say that they caught carp and pike.

Fishing in May in the suburbs for free

You, undoubtedly, will remember the fishing in the suburbs. Free you can catch on many ponds. Only need to find the appropriate place for this. Do not forget about the time and allowed methods of fishing to avoid trouble with the law. Keep up-to-date information on the fish species allowed for fishing.