With each year the sounder becomes more and morehabitual attribute of fishing equipment. It allows you to save precious time and do your favorite thing with maximum efficiency. With the increasing popularity of echo sounders, their range also grows, so even a sophisticated fisherman sometimes does not just choose the right model. Today we will consider the rating of fish finder for fishing (2017), which will help simplify the choice of this, of course, useful device.

Sounder unit

Before making a rating of echo sounders for fishing, we will become acquainted with the device and its main characteristics, which should be based on the choice of a suitable model.

The sounder consists of four parts:

  1. Transmitter;
  2. Converter;
  3. Receiver;
  4. Screen.

The electrical impulse comes from the transmitter inconverter, where it turns into a sound wave, which, in turn, is sent to water. Faced with an underwater object, the wave is reflected, and in the form of an echo, it goes back to the transducer, which turns it into an electrical signal and translates it to the screen. Since the speed of sound in water is constant, by measuring the time interval between signal transmission and its reception, you can calculate the distance to the object. The sounder repeats this procedure many times with great speed, which allows the fisher not only to find the fish, but also to track its movement.

As a rule, the echosounder operates at a frequency of the order of200 kHz, but in some models this figure may vary. Despite the fact that the frequency of the device is in the sound spectrum, the fish, as well as the person, do not feel this. Therefore, worry about the fact that the echo sounder can frighten the expected prey is not worth it.

The device must bejoint work of the above 4 parts, in different weather conditions. The more powerful the transmitter, the better the device copes with the tasks assigned to it at great depths and in adverse weather, and the more so small objects it is able to recognize.

Echo sounders

The converter should not only convertone kind of energy in another with minimal loss of signal strength, but also cope with the high load from the transmitter. On the other hand, it needs to recognize a weak echo reflected from small objects.

The receiver is dealing with a wide range of signals. The weak signals coming from the converter, it amplifies, and the strong signals coming from the transmitter - weakens. In addition, the receiver must distinguish objects that are too close to each other and show them as separate pulses on the display. The higher the screen resolution and its contrast, the more accurate information the angler can take from him.

Since the range of instruments and their functionality is quite large, the rating of echo sounders for fishing will be divided into several categories.

Portable fishfinders

Being the most convenient and simple inuse, portable models have gained immense popularity in the fishing environment. They bribe, above all, compact and light, and more recently, and the ability to synchronize with smartphones. Some models can be used both from the boat and from the shore, which is very convenient.

3.Rivotek Fisher 30

Rating of the best echosounders among portable modelsopens a Russian device, Rivotek Fisher 30, which is manufactured in China. From the point of view of characteristics and functional, there are absolutely no censures for it. Special waterproof housing provides the possibility of using the device in bad weather conditions. For scanning the underwater world, a beam with a power of 4333 kHz, whose radiation angle is equal to 90 degrees, is responsible. The depth sounder can work at a depth of 36 meters, which is a very good indicator, considering its modest dimensions and price. The resulting picture is transferred to a four-color display, which thanks to the backlight can be used at any time of the day.

A clear defect of the Russian apparatus, whichprevented him from winning in the ranking of wireless echo sounders, you can name a limited range of temperatures, and only one way. So, the device can function normally at a temperature of up to 70 ° C, but refuses to work at the slightest frost. The price of this echo sounder is about 110-120 dollars.

2. "Practitioner" ER-6PRO

Echosounders for fishing

On the second place of the echosounder rating is stillone Russian model, which, unlike the previous one, is produced at home. This unit works well at low temperatures, which makes it stand out among most competitors. Another advantage of the Practiker is the low power consumption: only a few batteries will be enough for the whole fishing season. The light weight of the device also captivates - only 170 grams. It can work at a depth of up to 25 meters. To the device does not scare away the fish, but catches the fluctuations of water, the depth of its action can be adjusted. The scan results are shown on a black and white display, which is highlighted in the dark. The sounder of this model costs about 80-90 dollars, which favorably allocates it among many competitors.

1.Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0

The winner of the echolotics rating for fishing withshore becomes a Lithuanian model from the company Deeper, which became famous for its reliability and trouble-free operation in a wide temperature range. It was created specifically for work in a temperate climate and normally copes with the tasks assigned in the temperature range from -20 to + 40 ° C. Using a two-beam echolocation system allows you to accurately track the movement of underwater objects at a depth of 40 meters. In this case, the relief of the bottom and the number of underwater inhabitants are displayed with high accuracy.

Wireless Echo Sounder Rate

Since fish biting is largely dependent on lunarphases, the lunar calendar is integrated in the echo sounder. The ability to synchronize the device with smartphones, greatly increases the convenience of its use from shore. The rating of the echo sounders of this model is also high due to their waterproof case and low weight - only 100 grams. Thus, among the portable models, he has no equal. The Lithuanian echo sounder costs about $ 200, and this is its only drawback.

Portable echo sounders powered by mains

Since the operating time of simple portable echo soundersis limited by the capacity of their battery, at the most inopportune moment, the device can fail. In the event that there is a need for constant maintenance of a high level of charge, it is worth paying attention to the echo sounders, which can operate from a 12-volt network. They have the same advantages as conventional portable models, but lack the main drawback. The rating of echosounders recharging from the mains is represented by two models.

2.Lucky FF18-180W Portable

Chinese Fish Finder Lucky FF18-180W PortableIt is popular in the tropics, where the air temperature can range from 10 degrees below zero to 50 degrees Celsius. In these latitudes the potential of the device is revealed to the fullest. The sounder has a pair of scanning beams, with a power of 125 and 200 kHz. The maximum length and depth of scanning is 197 meters. On the water, the fishfinder is held by a float. The case of the device is made of water repellent material. A wireless sensor is included with the echo sounder. Thus, the model is quite suitable for comfortable and inexpensive fishing. Its price is about 15 dollars.

1.Humminbird Piranhamax 230 Portable

Features of portable echosounders with rechargingmuch higher than for models that run on batteries. This is fully illustrated by the Taiwanese model (manufactured in China) Humminbird Piranhamax 230 Portable, which got the first place in the rating of echosounders with charging. Thanks to two scanning beams, the width of the coverage of this device is as much as 182 meters. The maximum power of the device is 800 W. This is quite enough for a thorough drawing of objects, even in conditions of insufficient visibility. Rays have a different frequency - 200 and 83 kHz. The angles of their direction also differ - 20 and 60 degrees. From the scanner, the signal is fed to a black and white display equipped with an approximation function. In addition, the Taiwan echo sounder is equipped with temperature and speed sensors. The price of the best device in the rating of echosounders with the possibility of recharging is about 250-260 dollars.

Echosounders rating for fishing from the shore

Stationary fishfinders

This category of echo sounders also received a widedistribution in fishermen. On a number of parameters, they differ from portable counterparts, and it's not just the mobility of the latter. The main advantage of stationary instruments is a large range of action. This allows the fisherman to explore a vast area, and find fish at great depths. In addition, stationary echo sounders usually have a larger viewing angle. Dimensions and weight at them above, but hardly for someone it becomes an essential disadvantage. Stationary device - the best sounder for fishing from a boat. The rating given below is based on the price-quality ratio.

3.JJ-Connect Fisherman 600

The rating of echo sounders for fishing from the boat opensAmerican model produced in China. The main advantage of this model is low cost with good functionality. Reliable operation of the echosounder is provided at a temperature of 10-50 ° C. The case has a shockproof, waterproof coating. The transducer is most conveniently attached to the transom of the boat. The sounder has only one beam, but this does not prevent it from scanning the water column at a depth of up to 280 meters. The scan data is transmitted to a black and white display with a resolution of 120x240 pixels. It is the low resolution that determines the democratic cost of the device, and is its main drawback. As an additional option, sensors for temperature and speed of the boat can be installed on the sounder. The price of this device is about 80-90 dollars, which means that in the rating of budget echo sounder it would obviously have an advantage.

2.Lowrance Elite-3X

Echosound Rating from the shore

In second place is the real Americana model that confirms that even a stationary sounder can be compact. The width of the device is only 9.5 cm, and the height is even smaller - 5 cm. It is important to note that with modest dimensions, the device has a full functional. The depth finder is equipped with two beams, which allow you to explore the pond at a depth of 244 meters. The information is transferred to a color 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 240x320 pixels, which is equipped with a backlight for working in the dark. The depth finder has an ambient temperature sensor. Optionally, it can be equipped with a speed sensor. The price of this device is about $ 150.

1.Garmin Echo 200

First place in the rating of stationary echo soundersdeservedly received another "Chinese" of American origin. Garmin Echo 200 is considered the leader among low-cost models. A two-beam transducer can scan a freshwater bottom at a distance of up to 500 meters. Black and white 5-inch screen device has a resolution of 320x480 pixels, which contributes to a comfortable perception of information.

In the functionality of the device there are some brandedfeatures. So, the patented HD-ID technology allows you to track the specified dynamic targets, and the Smooth Scaling program ensures the continuity of the image. The device is equipped with an ambient temperature sensor. It has very modest dimensions, but weighs 500 grams. The average price for it is $ 250.

Rating of budget echo sounders

Stationary sonar with GPS

GPS navigation, as well as compatibility withoperating systems of smartphones, has become an integral part of the technical improvement of devices. The progress has not bypassed the echo sounders, the more so because in them the given function is very useful. It allows you to put marks and without problems to look for places of former fishing glory. In addition, the fishermen have the opportunity to transfer data to the devices of associates, opening for them fish places. Outperforming the usual echosounder, this class of devices received an additional advantage, which, of course, affected its pricing policy.

3.Humminbird Helix 5SI GPS

This model has American roots, butis made in China. The scanning transducer has four beams and can explore the bottom of the freshwater reservoir at a depth of up to 450 meters. The received information is translated as a three-dimensional image on a color 5-inch screen with a resolution of 800x840 pixels.

The device is equipped with a memory device,whose memory is enough to register 45 routes and 50 tracks. The memory space can be expanded without problems by using the connector for the MicroSD card. The price of such an echo sounder is on average 850 dollars.

2. Lowrance HDS-7 GEN2

Like the previous model, this echo sounder hasAmerican residence permit, but is issued in China. In the rating of budget echo sounder this device would obviously remain at the end of the list - its price is about one and a half thousand dollars. However, a wide range of features and excellent technical characteristics make it one of the leaders in the price-quality ratio. The sounder operates at a temperature of -15 to +55 ° C. The memory of the GPS-module is enough to save 200 routes, 10 tracks and 12 thousand control points. The device has a connector for connection to a computer and Ethernet.

The best sounder for fishing with a boat: rating

Among the shortcomings of this model, it can be notedonly a high price tag, but also a bundle. The sounder has a temperature sensor, but does not have a transducer. The transducer is supplied as an option, for a fee. At the same time, the scanning ability of the device is surprising - the sensor operates at a distance of up to one and a half kilometers.

1.Garmin GPSMAP 585

The first place in the rating of the best echo sounders forfishing among the models with GPS was the next "American Chinese" - Garmin GPSMAP 585. Like many other models, this echo sounder comes without a transducer. The scanning power of this device is limited to 460 meters of depth. The resulting image is transferred to a color 5-inch screen. GPS-module can not save tracks, but registers up to 150 routes and 6000 waypoints. A flash drive allows you to extend these capabilities. The device is also equipped with temperature and speed sensors. The model has very compact dimensions and convenient layout. Its weight is only 390 grams. It is not necessary to speak about a shockproof, waterproof case, because in echo sounders of this class it is used by default.

Rating of the best echo sounders for fishing

The device costs 600 dollars, which along with quite worthy characteristics, makes it a true leader in the class.