Before I start my narrative, I would like totell the readers one story that happened in reality with one of the winners of the Miss World contest. True, I do not give any exact names and surnames, for the prescription of years, but it does not change the essence. Events developed in this way. Beauty, after she got the crown of the queen, relaxed and managed to gain 10 extra kilograms in a short period of time on the throne. A strict jury made a decision - to deprive the winner of the title and transfer the crown to another pretender. Before the girl there was an unreal task - for one day to lose weight by 10 kilograms or say goodbye to the crown. Apparently, the stimulus was powerful. Surprised paparazzi could only trace how the young lady bought a few packets of a diuretic and laxative in a drugstore, then bought a bottle of vodka in the bar and locked herself in her room. Exactly one day later, the scales under the beauty queen showed the right figure. Personally for me, until now, remains a mystery, for which the girl needed a bottle of vodka. With the rest of the ingredients of the "slimming system" everything is clear.

Actually, start with this curious story of mespodvigla topic of the article: "How can I lose weight in 3 days." I wanted to demonstrate to the readers that there is a significant difference between the concepts of "losing weight" and "losing weight". If we talk about whether you can lose weight in such a short time, the answer will be unambiguous - no. During this time, you can reduce the size of the waist and hips, in order to climb into your favorite dress or wedding attire. The arrow of the scales, of course, also deviates to the side of decrease, but everything will return to its own place after a couple of days.

The difficult task of losing weight in 3 days is often worthbefore athletes, for whom weight is important. Take for example wrestlers or boxers. It is known that for them to fall into another weight category, at times, is equivalent to a loss. Therefore, just before the competition, many lose weight. The fluctuation of body weight during the day is from 1 to 3 kilograms. So if the eve of an important event to eat and drink as little as possible, and even a sauna to visit, the arrow of the scales will show the desired result. There is another way - a two-hour cross in warm clothes. He sweated and lost a kilogram of water - one and a half. You can lose weight for 3 days thanks to the jockey diet. It consists of 400 grams of low-fat meat (chicken, veal, beef) and the same number of vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers). Of course, no oil and salt. From drinks water, coffee and green tea are allowed.

There is also a more rigid version of this diet. It proposes to exclude vegetables, and on the third day only coffee will be limited.

The program is complemented by massage and sauna daily. This diet for 3 days, 5 kg can be reset. Please note that it is designed for absolutely healthy people.

If vegetables prefer fruit, trydiet "Pre-Holiday". You can spend it from 1 to 3 days, as long as the willpower is enough. A piece of lean meat weighing 500 grams is divided into 5 portions. This is your basic diet for the day. Add lemon, 4 apples and 3 rusks. Tea and coffee are not forbidden in any quantity, but without milk and sugar.

Its secret how to lose weight in 3 days opensTV presenter and simply beautiful Tina Kandelaki, in her book "The Designer of Beauty". She suggests limiting the daily ration of green tea with the addition of lemon and a spoonful of honey. Tina assures that she resorts to such a diet quite often and she helps her stay in great shape.

I must say that in the diet for express reductionweight can easily turn the menu of a fasting day. Quin-kefir, fish and meat menus are quite suitable. If you want to enhance the effect, use capsules "Turboslim", from the program "losing weight in three days."

Of course, in our life there are times whenTo lose weight it is necessary urgently, but think, whether bridles under your eyes and a half-fainting pallor will decorate you? If your circumstances are related to a romantic date or a celebration, it may be easier to leave it as it is. After all, in this case, the main thing is not centimeters in the waist, but a good mood.