Previously, scooters were considered an excellent transportfor children. But now produce and adult versions. They can serve for movement and training of the musculoskeletal system. How to choose the best scooter for an adult city? Rating of popular models will help to do this.

Purpose and benefits

Riding a scooter brings pleasure. This transport allows you to quickly arrive at the right place. As the demand for products is growing, the variety of goods is increasing. Each manufacturer tries to replenish the assortment with new models.

rating of scooters for adults

Compared to children's scooters, adults havechanged appearance, other dimensions of the wheels. They are made of other materials and have increased speed. If you need transport for adults, it is desirable to purchase standard products that are considered strong, stable and have wheels made of polyurethane. They have low weight, affordable cost, easy operation. To choose the best product, you should study the rating of scooters for adults.

If the facility will be used for suburbantrips, then the transport should have large wheels. With them it will be possible to move along the sand, gravel, gravel. On uneven surfaces for riding fit means with inflatable tires. And those wishing to perform tricks are better to choose designs with small wheels and an uncontrolled rudder.

If riding is extreme, then you needprofessional scooter. In them there are no superfluous elements, connections, they can not be added and regulated, therefore these designs are more stable. Their weight is much greater.

Yedoo City

The rating of scooters for adults begins with thismodel. This is quite expensive transport - about 12.5 thousand rubles. It has a beautiful appearance and features functionality. For the city this is a suitable option. It looks especially original in white color. The design is durable, reliable, convenient, safe.

rating of adult scooters for the city

Its characteristics are as follows:

  • wide deck - 40 cm;
  • length - 128 cm;
  • carrying capacity - 120 kg;
  • convenient folding mechanism;
  • hand brake.

Transport two wheels with a diameter of 160/120 mm(front and rear). The frame is made of steel. The weight of the structure is 9.5 kg. According to reviews, the transport is comfortable on different surfaces. The brakes are excellent in their functions, which is also very important.

Hello Wood HW Racer Limited Edition

The rating of adult scooters for the city is continued by American transport. Its cost is about 9.8 thousand rubles. The model belongs to SUVs.

Distinctive parameters are:

  • rubber wheels with a diameter of 30.5 cm;
  • load - 100 kg;
  • height of the steering wheel - 85 cm;
  • aluminum frame;
  • weight - 7.9 kg.

Folding transport is equipped with inflatable tireson aluminum disks with a diameter of 200 mm. Skating on them does not cause problems, even if the asphalt and tiles are not very high quality. Included are polyurethane wheels.

This transport does not require parking, becauseexist stand. The footrest is set by the movement of the foot. Front shock absorbers allow to damp the vibrations received by the front wheel, and the rear ones allow to make the ride smooth even on non-ideal territory.

Transport has a folding system, withwhich does not close during movement. What is not less important. To unfold or fold the scooter, you just need to press the lever located at the helm. The set includes a carrying strap. Reviews of the product are only positive. Customers praise transportation for its reliability, affordable cost and beautiful design.

Yedoo Wzoom

The rating of scooters for adults includes an off-road car for 7,5 thousand rubles. Transport is perfect for city walks. Its main characteristics include:

  • load - 100 kg;
  • aluminum frame;
  • hand brake;
  • Absence of shock absorbers;
  • presence of the footboard;
  • rubber wheels of 30.5 cm;
  • the height of the steering wheel is 85 cm.

rating of the best scooters for adults

The length of the transport is 118 cm, and the width of the deck is 32 cm. The weight of the structure is 7.9 kg. Reviews confirm the excellent quality of assembly and welding.

Razor Ultra Pro

Rating of the best scooters for adults includesAmerican transport, which is ideal for street sports. It will allow you to enjoy the ride. The steering rack of the equipment is equipped with a double clamp. Also, the product has high-quality polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 98 mm. At transport reliable bearings Pro10, the wide deck (92 mm), having an antisliding covering.

The equipment is equipped with an E-wheel fromchrome-molybdenum special design. It can tilt 80 degrees. The rear brake is protected by a patent. The weight of the structure is 4.7 kg, and the load is 100 kg. Transport is suitable for extreme driving and performing complex tricks.

Jdbug MS-108 Pro

Continues the rating of scooters for adults sports transport. The construction of the Chinese assembly, but the owner of the brand is Taiwan. The width of the rudder is 46.5 cm, and its diameter is 4.3 cm.

best scooter for the city adult rating

Transport is designed for tricks. Increased influenza allows you to comfortably hold onto the steering wheel. The wheels of the scooter are polyurethane, their diameter is 46 cm. The weight of the structure is 3.43 kg. The cost of equipment is 6,1 thousand rubles.


Although the rating of adult scooter brands allows choosing high-quality transport, nevertheless it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  1. The unit must correspond to the height and weight of the owner. This is a prerequisite. Many scooters are suitable for people with a height of 1.8 m and weighing up to 100 kg.
  2. It is advisable to choose a telescopic rack. Her position is regulated by the growth of a person.
  3. It is better to choose a folding mechanism that works with the click of a button.
  4. If you are interested in a safe design, it is better to choose a monolithic version, as it is suitable for sharp turns.
  5. To keep the scooter in a standing position, it must have a footboard.
  6. For uneven roads, you must choose a design with a shock absorber.
  7. For driving around the city, aluminum frames are more suitable.
  8. The wheels are divided into hard, medium hard and soft. The first are ideal for sports driving, the second - for trips on the asphalt, and the third - for quiet walks.
  9. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the higher the speed.
  10. The platform should have an anti-slip layer.


Given these nuances, it will be possible to choose the appropriate transport. Adults too can enjoy trips, especially since with a quality scooter, riding will be safe.