Possessing magnificent natural sportsAnton Alekseev dreamed of becoming a great goalkeeper since childhood. At first, fate smiled at the boy, because he was in the legendary Moscow "Spartacus." But the subsequent events were not so rosy ...

Goalkeeper by nature

Future goalkeeper Anton Sergeevich Alekseev was bornMarch 31, 1984 in Kharkov. Anton from the earliest childhood was fond of football and day after day chased the ball in the yard, but quickly outgrew the level of friends and frankly bored. Fortunately, soon the lanky boy was attracted by children's coaches, and the boy became a pupil of the Kharkov SDUSHOR Arsenal.

Anton always stood out among his peers powerfulphysical data and high growth. Therefore it is not surprising that the coaches found the new player of the team the new position - at the gate. At first Anton took this without much enthusiasm: everyone knows that in childhood it is much more interesting to run around the whole field and score goals. However, gradually Alexeyev got involved and learned to get a real pleasure from the new work.

A couple of years young football player Anton Alekseev realized that he could not be kicked out of the gate even by force.

Anton Alekseev football player

A dream that has not come true

At the age of 18, Alexeyev's dream of a top club - on the promising goalkeeper drew attention in the Moscow "Spartacus." In 2002, Anton began to defend the goal of the double "red-white". He did it quite well - in the 2002 season, he played 11 games and conceded 13 goals, an average of just over a goal per game.

In 2003, the 19-year-old goalkeeper got the opportunityplay for the main line-up. Legendary Oleg Romantsev released Alexeyev to the match of the Premier League Cup. Anton played reliably, but new proposals did not follow for the main line-up. Alekseev continued to defend the gate of the double, and in 2003 he spent 14 matches, conceding 20 goals.

Anton Alexeev

Games of 2003 ended for "Spartacus"a deafening failure and a change of coach. Before the young goalkeeper in this situation, no one was. Anton Alexeyev quickly understood this and moved to the club "Ocean" (Nakhodka). Yes, the team is not very status, but in 20 years you need to play, not sit on the bench.

Wanderings in a Minor

In Nakhodka Kharkov spent two seasons, but"his" in the team did not. During these two years, the coaches allowed Alekseev to play only 23 games. Therefore, the goalkeeper with great joy perceived the ensuing in 2007, the transition to the Khabarovsk team "SKA-Energy." As it turned out, it was in vain - here he was also taken for the role of understudy, for the whole championship Anton Alekseev did not hold a dozen matches.

Still putting on the first place the game practice,Alekseev decided to go down again and began the 2008 season in Volgograd's Olimpia, which played in the PFL. The result was not bad: Alekseev defended the goal in 14 games, in which he missed 16 goals.

Alekseev Anton Sergeevich goalkeeper

The following year, he moved into a promising"Mashuk", and then made a big mistake ... At the 23-year-old goalkeeper suddenly noticed the coaches of the team, "Krasnodar", in which the main goalkeeper Perov was injured. Anton Alekseev threw everything and went to the "bulls", but there he had no chance to break into the main squad. As a result - another hopeless sitting on the bench without any chances for something more.

Since 2011, goalkeeper Anton Alekseev defends the colors of the club "Biolog-Novokubansk".