Kevin Strottman is an outstanding football player, midfielder, who was born in February 1990 in the small town of Ridderkerke (Netherlands).

Beginning of the club career

The first team, which officially began to play Kevin Strottman, was the Rotterdam Sparta.

Kevin Strottman

The first seasons were very successful forfootball player, then he decided to go to the club "Utrecht". But here he did not stay long, because he was spotted by the agents of "PSV" and offered a more financially profitable contract. Kevin Strottman signed an agreement with the new club on June 28, 2011.

Italian club "Roma"

Not losing in "PSV" and two years, Kevin Strottmanagain changes the club. This time, his life turned to the Italian team "Roma". The contract, signed by a football player, is designed for 5 years. Later it became known that for the transfer the player was paid more than 16 million euros, and another 3.5 million euros, Kevin was promised as a bonus if he could achieve certain goals in a short period of time.

The midfielder's debut took place on September 1, 2013 in a home match against the Ellas Verona team, but in the 87th minute Rodrigo Taddei left the field instead.

kevin stttman football player

In the spring of 2014, Kevin Strottman in the match againstclub "Napoli" tore the knee and medial ligaments, and also damaged the meniscus. This serious injury affected the health of the player as a whole, and for a long time knocked him out of the sporting rut. Because of problems with the knees, Kevin had to miss the world championship and the final of the Italian championship.

The player was able to return to the football field onlyIn the fall of 2014, where he spoke in a match against the team "Torino". At this time, rumors began circulating about the transfer of the prospective player to the club "Manchester United". But in January Kevin Strottman was seriously injured, which led him and the structure until the end of the season.

Career in the national team

Kevin Strottman is a footballer who is alwayscontinued to play for the Netherlands team, moving from one age group to the next. After successful demonstration of skills, he was called to play in the main team.