Frank Lampard is famous EnglishA football player who acts as an attacking midfielder. At the moment he is in the ranks of the American "New York City". It was this club that bought Frank from Chelsea, where Lampard was a permanent vice-captain and favorite of the public.

Frank Lampard

About private life

Biography of the footballer is very interesting. Frank Lampard is the man who was born in a football family. His father is a two-time winner of the FA Cup. He acted as a defender for the club, "West Ham United." And Uncle Lampard is the head coach of FC "Queens Park Rangers". The cousin of former vice-captain of "Chelsea" played for "Liverpool".

Frank Lampard began his journey in the same club whereat that time his father worked. However, then he served as assistant coach. In 1995, a young football player signed a formal contract with this club, and in October he was already rented by FC Swansea City. There he began his career with a victory over the Bradford City team. True, he did not stay there for long - after 9 matches he returned to West Ham United.

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Career in "Chelsea"

Frank Lampard, whose photo can be seen below, inIn 2001, he moved to a London club called Chelsea. And there he was fixed for a long time. One of the most successful periods in his life is the 2004/05 season. Then Frank Lampard became the universally recognized top scorer among all midfielders, who then played in the Premier League. On his account there were 13 balls! And at the end of 2005, he also set an absolute record for the number of consecutive matches for one club.

On his account, he recorded 164 games in a row. Not surprisingly, one of the absolute leaders of Chelsea at that time was Frank Lampard. The personal life and career of this football player is amazing. Is not it amazing that in the 2005/06 season this man again received the title of the team's top scorer? Only this time he could boast of 20 goals scored. This was the best achievement for the midfielder for all the time that only the English Premier League existed. But on this midfielder did not stop. In the next season, he not only repeated, but also increased his success, having already completed 21 goals. And in the 2006/07 season he played 62 games with his team in absolutely all tournaments. So far, no one has been able to repeat this among the "blue", especially at the age of Frank.

Frank Lampard biography

Moving from England

Of course, it is not surprising that the departure from "Chelsea"Lampard plunged everyone into shock. It's just as incredible as the fact that Bastian Schweinsteiger left Bayern. But it happens and such. A new stage in the life of such a famous football player, as Frank Lampard. Biography of the midfielder, so to speak, has become "more diverse." In 2014, on July 24th, it was officially announced that the English football player had moved to a new club called New York City. For two years he signed a contract with the Americans. But did not have time to go and ten days from now, as information appeared that Frank rented the club "Manchester City". Allegedly, it was necessary to maintain the form of the football player. Although, in fact, so it turned out, because the American club did not play then at full strength (after all, it was founded only in 2013).

Frank fit well in the "Man City", it is recognized even by some fans of "Chelsea". There he stayed a little longer than planned - until 2015.

Frank Lampard personal life


For a long time you can talk about what youto achieve for the years of his career this football player. With his first club, "West Ham United", Frank managed to get the Cub Intertoto, for example. This was his first achievement. But with the "Chelsea" he managed to win 13 trophies! Three times he becomes the champion of the Premier League. Four times - the owner of the FA Cup. He also won with the "Chelsea" in the Champions League in 2012. It should be noted that he is also a two-time winner of the Football League Cup, and another 2 times received the country's Soubkubek. And, of course, once with "Chelsea" he won in the European League.

In addition to the above, he still has a masspersonal achievements. Frank Lampard has repeatedly been called the player of the year by the version of many magazines and fans. He was also a member of the symbolic team of the world, he was declared the best midfielder by the UEFA version ... and this is not all that Lampard can boast of. The football player is already 37 years old, and this is a solid age for a fielder. Well, how to know, it is quite possible that he will please us with yet another bright achievement and spectacular match.