Gary Medel is a 28-year-old Chilean footballer,who stands at the moment for the Milan club "Inter" in the position of the defensive midfielder. In addition, he is part of the national team of Chile. You can tell a lot about this football player, but the most interesting is to remember.

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Footballer as a person

Gary Medel - the guy is very strong, and howspirit, and physically. At the moment he is in the prime of his football career, but he did not come to this right away. He moved to the goal, fighting with severe injuries, getting into car accidents and coping with the troubles that brought him life.

Gary Medel is a non-spoiled person whoI'm used to surviving. His spirit could not break the obstacles and situations that he had to face. Even the eerie earthquake in Chile, which happened in 2010 and took the lives of a small niece and sister Gary. This is a harsh man and a strong football player who goes to the field and fights to the last, sometimes simply destroying his rivals. Only in 2014, when he was carried off the field on a stretcher, all bandaged, limped and beaten, only then we saw the tearful tears of the football player, whose team desperately, but unsuccessfully, fought in 1/8 for the place in the next stage.

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About the technique of the game

Gary Medel is a low-key playercan not be named. It's like a lion wakes up when he goes to the field. He lives football, but does not play it. Gary Medel argues that the fight in the match is absolutely normal. And if some play in the play, others play football. Gary Medel, whose photo shows us a strong and muscular athlete, has all the qualities of a real midfielder. Excellent tenacity, incredible stamina, excellent selection and, of course, a good game in the subcategories. In addition, the player is able to participate in attacks and block rivals. He excelled in everything. Although there is something that he does not work. He can not play "on the second floor" - a small height (171 cm) does not allow this.

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Career and achievements

Not all players start with big names. So Gary Medel: he left the Universidad Catolica and debuted for a real, professional team at eighteen, in 2006. Very soon, in 2007, together with his Chilean team before the age of 20 took the fourth place in the championship of South America. Then, at the Chilean championship, Gary scored his first goal. But the year ended unsuccessfully - a lot of injuries and other troubles.

But in 2008, Medele was recognized as the football player of the year inChile. It was a success, and in 2009 he was bought by FC Boca Juniors. Then he was included in the symbolic team of South America. And in 2011 Gary moved to Sevilla. During his career, the football player has changed several clubs. In the "Seville" he played for two years, and in 2013, he bought "Cardiff City" for 13 million euros. But also there the football player did not stay, because in 2014 Medel gave 8 million Milan club "Internazionale", in which he acts to this day.

The player has achieved a lot. He was recognized as the defender of the year in Chile for 2008 (besides all of the above), and besides, he won the America's Cup in 2015.