Football today is no longer just a sport. Owners of clubs earn billions, selling and buying players. Football players are becoming more recognizable, each of them has its own style. Many are even more like Hollywood stars than professional players. The result is that not only men but also women watch football.

Let's go directly to the matter - make a rating, which will include the most beautiful football players of the world. Of course, it can not get into the player who is sympathetic to you. There are a lot of them.

Xabi Alonso

beautiful football players

Repeatedly the Spanish midfielder got intolist "The most beautiful football players of the world." Was born in a football family. Father and one of the brothers are football players. Another brother is a football referee. Who will become Xabi, there was no doubt no one.

Beautiful footballers are usually famousappearance in public and loud scandals. Alonso has never been seen in anything like that. So he can be called the quietest player. Only once he had a conflict with the head coach of the team. It happened when Habier played for Liverpool. The reason is the refusal to participate in the Champions League match against Inter. The midfielder stayed at home, as his wife was supposed to have a second child. Wife Spaniard, by the way, the famous model of Nagora Arambulu. Such actions show that beautiful football players put family first.

The decision to skip the match still causedeffects. Having quarreled with Benitez, Alonso had to move to Madrid. It is difficult to name the tragedy. Khabi quickly established itself in the stellar lineup and won a ton of trophies. Today he stands for the German "Bavaria Munich" and continues to delight women from all over the world with beauty, and men - with a great game.

Robin van Persie

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There are beautiful football players in many teams, but the wizards find it difficult to find the ball. The Dutch striker managed to contain both of these qualities at once.

Biography of Robin is a story about a bully,who was able to become one of the most recognizable personalities in the world. At school he studied badly, violated the order, was repeatedly excluded. He had good physical indicators, due to which he got into football. Beautiful football players of the world, photos of which do not disappear from the covers of magazines, often do not take root in teams. So it was with Robin. In the Netherlands, he played in several teams, from which he flew because of conflicts with coaches.

By a lucky chance I got to London "Arsenal", where I showed myself completely and became a legendary football player.

In 2004, a handsome football player got married. A year later the marriage was threatened with testing. Robin was charged with raping a photomodel. In conclusion, he spent two weeks, after which he was released due to the termination of the case. It turned out that the football player was in a relationship with the model, but did not rape her. His wife forgave Robin.

Iker Casillas

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Beautiful football players, photos of which you often seein newspapers, as a rule, play on attacking positions. Iker Casillas is a Spanish goalkeeper who deserves the sympathy of girls all over the planet. At the same time, he is one of the best in this position.

For a long time, the goalkeeper was the captain and star of the "Real". With the team won an unthinkable number of cups and awards. Along with Buffon, is considered the best goalkeeper in the world in this century.

Iker differs not only in hisattractiveness, but also adherence to the native club. In Madrid, he spent 25 years, where he became a real star. In his native town one of the streets was named in his honor.

Beautiful footballers, photos with the names of which to findeasy, often expose their personal lives for show. Casillas hid the details of his relationship to the last. In 2014, the first child entered the goalkeeper's family.

Alexander Kerzhakov

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The most beautiful football players in Russia can notboast of such popularity as foreign players. However, they are in demand in our country. Alexander Kerzhakov - the famous striker of "Zenith" from St. Petersburg - has repeatedly been recognized not only as the best football player, but also as a handsome man.

During his career, Alexander was able to assemble a collectionawards and become the most productive scorer of the St. Petersburg team. In addition to football, Kerzhakov is engaged in business and literature, is shot in films. There is a daughter from the first marriage. Now in a relationship with Ekaterina Lobanovskaya, who gave birth to his son.

Andrey Arshavin

the most beautiful footballers of Russia

The most beautiful footballers of Russia, a list of which is quite long, are represented by Andrei Arshavin.

For a long time the player played for Zenit. Repeatedly recognized as the best football player of the country. Managed to show himself in the best part of Euro 2008, than earned the respect of the male. Due to its attractiveness and corporate style celebrating the goal (attached to the finger's finger), is also listed among women.

Several seasons spent in the English "Arsenal", then returned to his homeland. He was married to Julia Baranovskaya, who gave birth to three children.

Mats Hummels

most beautiful soccer players russia list

The most beautiful football players, whose photosare presented in the article, there are also in Germany. Mats is a representative of a football family. In this sport came through his father, who was part of the coaching staff of the "Bavaria". Despite the talent, he failed to gain a foothold in the Munich club.

I noticed the potential of the player, "Borussia Dortmund". Here, the player really opened up and managed to get into the squad.

After the termination of career of football player Mats would likebecome a journalist. The fact is that the player's mother worked in this profession. Since childhood, Hummels was not afraid of camera flashes, so today he can often be seen in magazines. It is shot in advertising.

So far, Mats is not married, but he has a girlfriend. Quite often in their relations there are scandals. Once in the press there was information that she had changed Hummelsu with Neven Subotich (also speaking in "Borussia"). There was even a fight between the teammates. Nevertheless, Mats forgave the betrayal of his girlfriend.

In May 2016 Hummels signed a contract for 5 years with the "Bavaria" from Munich.


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One of the youngest and talented playersmodernity. In addition to his profession, Neimar likes expensive cars and stylish things. In the photo without a football form, he is more like a singer. This is promoted by a hairdress and a lot of tattoos.

Many criticize the footballer for being too shockingappearance, but this does not prevent him from showing an outstanding possession of the ball. From Brazil, the player managed to get to the famous "Barcelona", where he immediately became the player of the base. Many clubs in the world are ready to pay for it more than a dozen million dollars. Neimar remains in the Spanish team, which made him a star.

From the girls the football player does not have a hang-over. My father was already at the age of nineteen. By the age of 23, he had changed three girlfriends. Now he meets with the Serbian model Soray Vuchelich.

David Beckham

beautiful football players

Who does not know this football player? Men admire his playing skills, and women admire his beauty. During his career, David managed to play in many famous clubs of the planet and in each of them left his mark. Became the star of the England team.

Many girls were ready to do everything tobe close to this handsome man. The former participant of the Spice Girls Victoria group became happy. The wedding took place in 1999. Until now, the couple never parted.

David Beckham showed himself not only as a bright football player, but also as a decent family man. In marriage, he had four children - three sons and a daughter. Sons want to become, like a father, footballers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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One of the most expensive and professionalfootball players of the world. The most untwisted modern player. Recognize by people far from football. Became the face of many famous brands. I did not shoot in one advertisement. Literally every football team dreams about it.

The success to Ronaldo came thanks to the gruelingtraining. Cristiano watches every muscle of his body. Such a technique and speed, like his, there is not one player. Fans of Ronaldo know how he moves, beats and celebrates his goals. After all, these are the most recognizable movements in the world.

In every photo, Cristiano appears in all hisbeauty. Even on team shots he is able to stand out. Five years I met with the Russian fashion model Irina Sheik. Parting occurred in 2015. He brings up his son from an accidental connection, which is called Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr..