Recently, relatively often replacedhard to hard diets, which, in turn, represent a serious stress for the body, come a wide variety of unloading days. According to dieticians, they bring considerable benefit to the body. Along with cleansing from all sorts of toxins and toxins, there is also getting rid of excess kilograms. Today, the so-called day of cucumber is very popular. How is it different? What benefit does it really bring? This is exactly what we will detail in this article.

Cucumber picking day
general information

Cucumber is a very useful vegetable, which,in turn, also allows you to get rid of a couple extra centimeters at the waist and kilograms in the shortest time. Moreover, cucumbers, as is known, are approximately 95% water, therefore, are an excellent tool in controlling slags and toxins. High fiber content in them contributes to the normalization of the digestive tract. It should be noted and low caloric content (about 14 kcal per 100 grams). Proceeding from all the above, it can be stated with confidence that a day of cucumber is of exceptional benefit.

Types of "cucumber" fasting days

At the moment, experts identify several options for this type of diet. Let's look at each of them below.

three days on cucumbers

  1. Hard day of cucumber is,perhaps, the most popular. Its essence lies in the fact that a day should use about two kilograms of these vegetables. It is also allowed to use an unlimited amount of still water in the diet. The rest of the food and drinks are strictly prohibited. So, three days on cucumbers - and you say goodbye with five kilograms of weight!
  2. Doctors offer another option, which,in addition to the main vegetable, implies the use of kefir (better than 1%) and lemon juice. In the process of this kind of discharge, you can also eat a salad seasoned with a small amount of kefir, as well as lemon juice, but without salt or any other spices.
  3. Unloading day on cucumbers with boiled egg -this is the third option. In this case, during the day you can eat only the salad described above, but with the addition of a boiled egg. To improve the taste, you can add a small sprig of greenery and season with vegetable oil.

Unloading day on cucumbers. Reviews and results

day of cucumber

Today, very many believe that this vegetableis useless. However, this statement is fundamentally wrong. The fact is that the fruits contain a large number of vitamins (PP, C, B) and other nutrients (salts of aluminum, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, etc.), which in turn contribute to the appearance of a diuretic effect. That is why this kind of one-day diet and allows you to cleanse the body of the existing slag and toxins. In addition, as noted above, the calorie content of the fruit is relatively small, hence, there is a rapid loss of centimeters in the waist in the absence of a constant feeling of hunger.