The greatest minds of psychology have long proven thatthere is a relationship between the physique and the character of the person. In this article, the asthenic (this is the type of character) and the corresponding physique will be mainly considered.

astenik is
Asthenic character

The term asthenic originates from the Latin Asthenia- weakness. Still such people name defensive (from lat. Defenso - to protect, or in our case, to be defensive). A person whose character is related to this type will not go over to an offensive in a difficult situation, preferring to take a defensive position. He will never enter into an open confrontation, trying to avoid conflict. Often such people underestimate themselves and are afraid to actively participate in any enterprise. Well, what can I say? Asthenic! This is caused by the fear that others will not be delighted with the result of his activity or, even worse, ridicule his shortcomings and worthlessness. At this stage, a conflict arises between self-esteem and a sense of inferiority, a fear of being misunderstood and a desire to show oneself, one's capabilities.

Most often asthenic, whose nature is manifestedin periods of fatigue or failure in a hysterical form, quickly "blown away", repents and begs for forgiveness. Especially often this manner of behavior is manifested in the family circle. Loud and stormy splashes of emotion are not related to the desire to express their position or "stand in a pose." They are connected with the inability to experience the turmoil and hardship yourself. Asthenic unbearably restrain discomfort and negative emotions, especially long ago accumulated.

So, an asthenic is a person who is more characterized by quiet irritability, unduly understated self-esteem and unwillingness to restrain discomfort and negative emotions inside himself.

asthenic character
Shape type

Each type of figure has inherent only to itdifferences. Asthenic is a person with a special body constitution. As a rule, leanness physique adjoins with high growth and angular forms. About these people say: not a horse feed. Happy people! They can eat anything and do not get fat. The metabolism of these people is fast enough, which helps them not to recover and not to limit themselves in food. But to build muscle mass is not easy. For this, astenik will have to load himself with power sports.

Asthenic is not the only type of figure. There are also normostenics and hypersthenics. The first seem more dense, but not at the expense of fatty deposits, but muscle mass. To maintain the figure is normal, such people have to somewhat restrict themselves to eating, not exhausting, however, by strict diets, but still paying much attention to nutrition. Hypersthenics, as a rule, have a "broad bone" and rounded forms. They quickly gain weight, despite the measured diet and exercise.

astenik normostenic hypersthenic as defined

Asthenic, normostenic, hypersthenic! How to determine what type of person is it? The most common way is to reach the wrist. In women: up to 15 cm - astenik, 15-18 cm - normostenic, more than 18 cm - hypersthenic. In men, the boundaries of the gaps are 17 and 20 cm.