What is the psychology of men in love? Here you meet an attractive man who ignites with feelings, spends all his free time with you, introduces his friends, eagerly enters your company, and then it turns out that he has no serious plans for your future together. Time is spent, feelings are broken, disappointment in the man. What to do, how to understand at the initial stage of the relationship, that a man is not going to start a serious romance with you? A few signs of a man in love we'll look at and try to recognize the liar.

Psychology of men in love

Other guys will immediately show whose girlfriend she is

Psychology of men in love is this: if he likes a girl, he will necessarily show other men that she is already busy. For girls, the presence of the wife does not become an obstacle to achieve the desired man, but the representatives of the stronger sex react quite shyly to the ring on the woman's ring finger. That's why they try to show others that this girl is already occupied, for them she is taboo. In public, a man tries to hug the object of adoration as often as possible, walk by the hand, carry her bag, kiss with friends. By the way, about friends and relatives. They should pay special attention. The psychology of men in love is such that they will never introduce and introduce into their company a girl with whom they do not plan a serious relationship. No less important is how he presents his companion to his friends. If it sounds simply "Nastya", then you should worry, because you can imagine a neighbor from one entrance or former classmate. If a man accentuates the word "my" and then continues the "girl", "beloved", etc., then this is a sign of a very serious relationship. The main thing is that he said the word "my", by this he designated you as his property.

Psychology of love of men
We often talk about men in such situations,that they are owners. Psychology of love of men does not allow them to simply designate their girlfriend, they take this word very seriously. I do not take into account the talkers and liars. Such immediately you can determine by verbal babble about his ideal ideas about your future relationship. If your lover introduces you to his friends, on their birthdays he goes with you, and most importantly, he is interested in your life and with the same eagerness to delve into it, so he is not planning an easy romance. For the sake of this the guy would not have scored his head.

Reinforcement of words with material assistance

Someday candy-bouquet periodends, and normal everyday life comes. That's when the guy should show his courage. Psychology of a man in love does not allow them to spend a lot of money on a girl to whom he does not have any special feelings. Is that a couple of times for the sake of sexual satisfaction.

Psychology of a man in love
But the constant financial support and supportit turns out to be only someone who really treasures. This applies not only to expensive gifts, their wealthy man can present for the sake of impressing the girl. First of all, a loving person will be interested in your affairs, so he will know in which case his financial support will be needed. As for the provision of the family, a loving and ripe guy will "throw himself" to work in order to fully provide food, shelter, comfort and clothing.

Psychology of men in love does not allow themto support the family in any need. He without your reminder will earn money, which he will willingly spend on joint needs, but only on the condition that he loves you.