Modern psychological science canboast of remarkable names, which are gradually becoming more popular and in demand. Every year the number of those who voluntarily and without a rest has decided to devote themselves to the chosen specialty is growing. As a rule, these are optimistic people who look to the future without fear and are always aimed at the best result. Of course, everyone has difficulties. However, you need to be able to overcome them in time, so that the burden of unresolved problems does not accumulate behind your back. Such is Larissa Surkova - a psychologist not only by education, but also by way of life. She has learned to feel the situation from the inside. Psychological support of people who need help is an integral part of our modern reality. The current rhythm of life forces a person to be on the edge of their own capabilities, constantly looking for new ways to develop their activities. Of course, this affects personal life, the sphere of relations.

Larissa Surkova

Larissa Surkova - known to datespecialist in the field of psychology. About his profession in the interview often notes that everything in life has made itself. Where does she get inspiration and how does she manage to combine everything at once?

Biographical information

In fact, accurate data on their ownbiography, Larissa Surkova does not give. Some experts still argue about how old she is. The future psychologist was born on March 26, 1978. After graduation she entered the Leningrad Institute of Technology. In the period from 1975 to 2002 she worked as a teacher. Further, her career drastically went up the hill. Larissa decided to abruptly change her life and gradually achieved what she wanted.

Larisa Surkova psychologist

How did she find herself in psychology? At some point, she just found herself in a difficult situation. Then she began to help others, saw that she was doing it well, and decided to continue. Interest in psychology was always. Larissa wanted as much as possible to splash out that for many years she lived inside her. Fortunately, she succeeded. She has a colossal experience, which she generously shares with people. Larisa Surkova is a psychologist whose biography speaks for itself: a woman has achieved everything by her own titanic work. And I would like to wish such persistence to everyone.

On the profession of psychologist

She notes that working with the sphere of the soulman, to be able to touch the innermost is very difficult. We have to develop a certain degree of flexibility and keep up with the times. You can not learn psychology once and for all. It is necessary to constantly improve their skills, engage in self-education, and see new real prospects ahead of them.

The profession of a psychologist is a special gift thatyou can nurture yourself, bring up at the cost of incredible effort and everyday work of the soul. Larisa Surkova notes that the one who works with human problems should be impeccably true and honest person. It's really hard to imagine a cheating psychologist - it's very scary. Of course, to this lesson you need to feel a certain inclination, otherwise nothing will come out. It is necessary to want to help people, to feel such need in oneself and constantly improve oneself. Larissa Surkova is a psychologist who gets it. Many would envy her perseverance and intense dedication.

"Motherhood is the main thing for me"

Larisa Surkova is the mother of four children, and rightly soproud of its, perhaps, the main role. Maternity can not be replaced by anything else. A woman can not be completely happy and consider herself wealthy to the fullest extent if she does not have her own child and has built trust with him.

family psychologist Larissa Surkova

Why is motherhood above all else? Yes, because we can not qualitatively and fully assist other people, while in our family there are problems. Mom psychologist in the first place must still take care of their children. Their needs and needs are in the first place. Larisa Surkova is a psychologist, whose photo can be seen in the article. He is a pretty woman, to whom you immediately feel trust and gratitude.

"Proper planning is the key to success"

In any profession, time management is the mainthe key to success. You can be an insanely talented person, but you can not do anything at all. When time passes ineptly, it is necessary to bitterly regret about wasted hours. You need to learn to appreciate every moment and remember that you can do a lot in ten minutes.

лариса суркова psychologist comments

Proper planning begins withself-organization. The psychologist needs to be collected and ready to help at any time. Of course, it's better to plan everything in advance. As Larissa Surkova notes, in the day, unfortunately, only twenty-four hours, so you need to use them as efficiently as possible.

Development Center "How cool"

The author of this project argues that the purposethe creation of it was the idea that a person in need of help must necessarily receive it. When we have the realization that there is someone to turn to, everything falls into place. Gradually there is a desire to act, improve their skills, work through existing problems and difficulties.

Larissa Surkova psychologist photo

What difficulties are most often addressedclients for help? These are problems in the interaction of generations, marital conflicts, child-parent relations. Larisa Surkova conducts wonderful thematic trainings and webinars that help to believe in yourself, overcome the feeling of despair and insolubility of the situation. Individual counseling is useful when the client wants to work alone in the face of significant obstacles that prevent him from achieving success. "Online Marathon Positive" allows each person to come closer to understanding the need to seek help from a psychologist, come to this decision and choose a specific specialist.

What does the author write about?

Larisa Surkova's books are now known and availableto each user. They are published in well-known publishing houses and are very popular among readers. For the parents, the books will be very useful: "Being a mom is great", "A child from eight to thirteen is the most difficult age". They help to learn to understand your child, to grow in him an individuality.

Larisa Surkova psychologist biography

In addition, a successful psychologist maintains a blog on his website, where he constantly postulates new interesting publications dedicated to various aspects of the relationship between people.

Larisa Surkova is a psychologist. Reviews

Every person wants to feel the return,To see the result of all that he devotes a lot of time. Larisa Surkova, fortunately, has already reached popularity: they address her, they know her. Reviews about her work are the most positive. Clients note the outstanding ability to build a conversation in a constructive manner, relieve tension, help to cope with themselves.

Instead of concluding

Family psychologist Larisa Surkova todayincredibly popular. She is often invited to television, she participates in various conferences, conducts cognitive conversations and consultations with parents, gives effective recommendations on the upbringing of children. The younger generation needs attention, in order to be heard. In many respects it is the merit of competent specialists.