Of course, every woman wants to swim incompliments and do not lack a man's attention. However, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a natural gift of seduction. In achieving success in the opposite sex will help pick-up - the art of seduction. Previously, only men were interested in secret techniques, and now the fair sex representatives also want to know how to achieve their own on the love front.

What is it all about?

The pickup woman pursues her goals. If men, as a rule, want to get acquainted with the girl and as soon as possible to drag her into bed, then the beautiful ladies have different aspirations. So, it is important for women to understand the following:

  • Where can I find a suitable candidate?
  • How to make friends?
  • How to make the most of your spell?
  • How to keep the attention of the object you like?
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Answers to all these questions include a female pick-up truck. The tips below will help you become a real expert in seduction.


  • Learn to control yourself. The views of the hungry wolf will only scare away potential candidates for a place in your heart. The suitors are sure to be interested in a lady who is moderately smiling and behaves naturally.
  • Say goodbye to your girlfriends. Constant support to you to anything. In addition, two hunters often choose one victim for themselves. This can lead to a serious conflict. The best option is not lonely sadness. For example, you sit at a table in a cafe and read a magazine or watch news on the Internet.
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  • Be careful with your gaze! The opposite sex can take them for a signal of availability. Try to train attracting, but at the same time keeping a safe distance.
  • A woman pickup, however, like a man, imposestrict prohibition on the abuse of alcoholic beverages. There is nothing more repulsive than a drunken lady, letting go of the greasy jokes and inordinately courageous. A woman in such a situation seems that her behavior is hypersexual, but this is not so.
  • Do not bother the man you likedattention. It will be enough to apply to him a little more often than to the rest. Thus, a man can believe that he is a hunter, not you. In this case, the game will only be more interesting.
  • Learn the art of touching. Believe me, an easy sensual touch can cause a storm of emotions. In order to "get" a man, do not necessarily dance half-naked on the bar.
  • Love yourself above all. Radiating confidence, you will attract worthy gentlemen without much effort.
  • Try to understand what you want from a particular man. Do you need easy flirting? Stormy romance? Long-term serious relationship? Determining this, it will be easier to build a line of behavior.
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Why strive?

A female pickup means grinding certain qualities that primarily attract men. Among them are the following:

  • Absence of aggression.
  • Initiative (in moderation).
  • Independence.
  • Raskovannost in the intimate sphere.
  • Freedom from prejudice.
  • Ability to listen to the interlocutor.
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Some lucky people are awarded by naturethe ability to attract male attention. However, not everyone can take advantage of innate qualities. This is what a woman pick-up is teaching. Tips for seduction is important not only to learn, but also to effectively apply.

Secrets of success

  • Try to always be in sight. Make new friends, be open to communication. Selectively refer to places of leisure. If you dream of a muscular handsome man, do not expect to meet him in the library.
  • Watch your appearance. Remember: meeting with an object that you are interested in may be unplanned. Perfect appearance, easy smile and good mood - these are your faithful assistants.
  • Become an expert in matters of male psychology. This knowledge will help you to fully master the female pick-up truck. The techniques will prove ineffective if you do not have an idea of ​​what and when it is worth talking and doing.
  • Praise is the best bait. If a man hears compliments to his address, he melts in front of his eyes. However, here also observe the measure. So, admiration for clean shoes or an ironed out suit will cause rather bewilderment. Praise men for their heroic deeds and timely help. If you do not like matriarchy, a female pick-up will help build a relationship with a man so that he will be your knight, and you - his beautiful lady.
  • Try to tune in to one wave withinterested in you representative of the stronger sex. For this, the repetition of his gestures, the manner of speech, movements is best suited. It is on this behavior that a woman pickup is built. However, be careful: explicit copying can be mistaken for mockery.
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Elena Gamayoun. «Female pick-up truck»

In co-authorship with Alisa Andreeva Elena Gamayunreleased a kind of code pickup. The edition has an unprecedented popularity, because it contains practical advice based on ten years of experience in studying the sphere of seduction. "Female Pickup" - a book that describes proven dating methods, which allows understanding the psychology of men and revealing the secrets of how to attract a worthy chosen one.

Tips from professionals

Elena Gamayun reveals ways to achieve successon the first date. Secret one: a woman does not have time to impress. Everyone decides the first minutes, and sometimes even seconds of dating. The second secret: much is determined on the first date. It is at this - the initial - stage that a man decides in which way the relationship will develop. And if you seem, for example, an accessible person, you should not count on a serious novel.


Different life situations help you understand,whether your chosen one is a worthy person. One option is to check for generosity. This by no means implies a thoughtless devastation of the man's purse. But, as a rule, a very greedy person just does not part with even a hundred rubles. Go to the cafe. When paying the bill, carefully observe how the man disposes of the money. Scandal due to incorrectly counted surrender or careful checking of the account should make you think.

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If something in the man's behavior youWorry, do not waste your time. Cherish your sexual energy, do not give it to an unreliable person. In the event that it is wasted, irritability, hysteria and tearfulness will not keep you waiting.

Interference within us

Elena Gamayoun argues that many women haveinstallations that program for loneliness. Its unique development is a female pickup, the techniques of which will allow removing the installed barriers. So, what prevents us from being happy and loved?

  • "A rich man is probably dishonorable. From money is one evil! A man in a good car? Just get rid of such thoughts. Successful businessmen are hardworking, responsible and intelligent people.
  • "You can not get acquainted first". Excessive modesty is a dead-end path, but do not confuse boldness with obsession.
  • "I am not pretty". Love yourself with all the disadvantages. Believe me, most of your shortcomings are noticed only by you!
  • "Time is pressing, I would be married soon." From ill-considered actions, you must protect at least the fact that a woman is responsible to future children for what kind of dad they will have. Focus on personal happiness, not the opinion of others.


Remember: the main thing in any business is constancy. Work on yourself, you will succeed!