Now many have heard the phrase "comfort zone". In the language of psychology, it means a person's stay in the living space (in both the physical and mental sense), in which he is comfortable to be, he is not stressed and anxious, he is relaxed, but at the same time nothing happens to him, as a rule, does not seek to bring something new into his life. Of course, to each his own. Far from all have great goals, for their happiness they have enough stable earnings, a standardized working day and an evening TV. And if there is a longing for the great, then very quickly it disappears. The surrounding people, trying to push them to change, cause only irritation, and eventually retreat over time.

But when the comfort zone itself is in itthe individual is recognized as an obstacle to development, it is necessary to take decisive steps. No, not all people are able to reach some stellar heights, not all have outstanding talents, not everyone is lucky. But to make your life more successful and rich, to develop the desired qualities, to gain additional skills, to expand or change the circle of communication, any person can start to move out of his comfort zone.

Modern psychology offers many methods of self-improvement.
Almost all of them are based on the destruction of stereotypes, on the changing of thinking,
getting rid of old ones and forming new habits. These are quite vital
recommendations, however, in order for them to work, it is necessary not to argue, but
act. It is unclear how to begin? From a small.

  • make furniture rearrangement;
  • go to work the other way;
  • A dull awakening in the morning is replaced by a cheerful jumping out to the clockwork;
  • enroll in sports training, dance or courses;
  • make new friends;
  • go on an unusual journey;
  • think about how to turn a hobby into a means of earning;
  • at work to surprise everyone with a new idea or a masterpiece of own cooking;
  • change your hair style and style of clothes.

These are just insignificant innovations that can become the beginning of grandiose events.

Many books have already been written on the topic "psychologyhappiness ", in the relevant stores they occupy entire shelves and leading positions in the sales ratings. People really want to be happy and succeed, which is not surprising. Only here in the prize are authors and publishers of such literature, as well as organizers of seminars on self-improvement, which cost a lot of money. It is far from a fact that after these courses a person will suddenly change his life, and after reading the book and even more so, it is common for people to look for a miracle cure that will naturally lead them to well-being and happiness. Comfort zone is not broken so easily. To exit from it it is not enough to make efforts once or twice, here constant work is necessary, and above all above itself. After all, sometimes it seems that the world around us literally disposes to laziness. Even in the store you do not have to walk, you can order everything up to the products by phone.

That's the main danger - in sensationwell-being. When you know that everything necessary for life is there, and what is not, or not so necessary, or unattainable at all, so why change something? Indeed, why? Well, I'll jump with a parachute, well, I'll go on a tour of Europe - but in general, what will change? Again a gray existence, a house-work-gym. Again, she tightened the comfort zone. This is normal, the main thing is not to surrender, not to stop, to move in the given direction. Gradually it will become easier.

And it is not so necessary to throw out the old cozyarmchair. In it you can just relax, having returned from the "big" life, full of achievements, to your dear, now truly warm, not dull house.