Man is a social being, and can notfully live outside society. Even those who praise their independence in every way need recognition and approval of their activities by other people. Otherwise, the natural question arises: why all this is necessary? Personal interests do not always coincide with social attitudes, morality, norms adopted in a particular social environment. Sometimes it happens that the beliefs of a certain individual are in conflict with the society in which he lives. And then there is a conflict.

interests of the person list

The world of human interests is so diverse,that for each person the defining needs will be absolutely different needs. For some, high material wealth is not only desirable, but also mandatory, others are more focused on the spiritual aspects of life. Human interests and values ​​are based, first of all, on the needs of the individual. Everyone chooses for himself what to achieve and by what methods. Fortunately, the circle of human interests is not limited only by material goods. It must necessarily include relationships with loved ones, the need to somehow express themselves. What do people need? Consider in order.

Basic needs

These are the needs that are necessary formaintenance of normal vital activity of an organism. This includes a full meal, a healthy sleep. If these desires of a person are not satisfied, then he will very soon fall ill, and the question of life will come to the fore. When the health deteriorates, the individual will no longer have a special business before building an effective business or newfangled clothes. By the way, the need to look beautiful is already related to social needs, but any person, at least, needs to feel that he has the necessary things for different seasons. Everyone would also like to have a normal, suitable home, so that it can then be improved in its capabilities. In other words, we need a roof over our heads to maintain a sense of security and well-being.

Having a loved one

To each of us for the most complete, happylife is highly desirable to a companion, a man of the opposite (or his - and such happens) sex, who would support in difficult situations, understood from a half-word, shared life principles and attitudes.

To go hand in hand with another person isa great risk and a huge responsibility, because here a person has not only rights, but also responsibilities. This is daily internal work, which must be done with genuine dedication and absolute disinterestedness. Knowingly wise men say that living with a loved one is a colossal work. To live with an unloved woman (or an unloved man) is obviously a perfect punishment. A woman wants to feel protected next to a strong, confident person. This can be achieved only as a result of the constant performance of their duties. To live with another person is to serve him.

A family

Creating a family is a responsible step,which people decide by mutual consent, by joint decision to become one another for support and protection. Meanwhile, in society there is an opinion that every citizen is obliged to have a family. In fact, a person should strive for this only when he is internally ready for daily service in the name of another person, even the closest person on Earth. You can not marry or marry without realizing the obligations that you still have to take on yourself. In a marriage you need to disinterestedly give away, so it would be nice to first learn to take care of others.

what people need

The question that raises many disputes: is the person's family the place from which he came from? Even in the Bible, the greatest of books, it is written that "everyone will leave their father and mother" in the name of their own future. However, this does not mean that parents should be forgotten. Still, children have obligations to the most expensive people who raised them. Only having learned to live independently, becoming self-sufficient, it is possible to help them to the full extent.


This is a complex concept of each of us for ourselvesdefines in different ways. The basic needs of man would be incomplete without the desire to express their individuality to the full, to reveal themselves as a person. In fact, interest in achieving any lofty goals is always connected with the desire to remain in the ages, to gain immortality.

Professional activity has nothing to do with it. Yes, it often happens that a healthy person endowed with any abilities wants a career growth, a good post, but this often has nothing to do with self-actualization. The ideal option, when a person has the same personal aspirations of the soul with what he does in life. If his dream is a specific position, then this is very positive.

Material wealth

Perhaps this is the most controversial area,representing the interests of man. The list would be incomplete without this extremely important supplement. Many people are so attached to money that they do not represent how they could have existed if there were less of them. As appetites grow, so does the need to acquire more and more material goods.

personal interests

The main thing that a person must understand is: money and material prosperity are only means to solve a particular task, and not the very purpose. People often confuse these concepts, mix with each other, which causes them to suffer later.

Interesting activities

It is also very often identified with the professionrights. And in Soviet times it was believed that you need to choose a specialty yourself once and for all, before retiring to "serve" the state. "Seekers" and "flyers" were not liked, because they were not useful to society. Now the opinions on this subject have changed. It is much better to find yourself in an interesting business, rather than just working for money.

Activities that bring moralsatisfaction, giving everything a meaning, can be absolutely anything: creativity, your business, just an occupation, a hobby that gives pleasure. If such activity is consistent with the desire of a person to be independent, to work for himself, then this is even better.


It is known that not every artist with timebecomes a true master. But the creative vein is present in each of us. What do people need? Be heard, gain recognition, take place as a person. Why is this very difficult to achieve? The fact is that many from childhood inspired the idea that it is necessary to work for the state.

basic human needs

So the majority and remain in the soul of the unrecognizedpoets, artists and musicians, having a talent behind them, but continuing from year to year to work in the factory. But personal interests, views on life, a person is fully able to satisfy himself, express through creativity. Few develop themselves to such an extent that they can manage creatively and earn good money on this. Only units have the courage to act not according to the rules, but at the behest of the heart. Meanwhile, this is a real prospect.

Belonging to a group of people

Desire to work in a team, to achieve recognitiontheir work, feel that you are needed, useful - this is the true need of most modern people. Those who are used to working for themselves often believe that people need only to achieve financial independence in order to feel happy, but this is not entirely true. The need for encouragement from others, the opportunity to be in the team is very significant.

world of human interests

It is noticed that in the environment of people it is easier to overcome difficulties than to one, so a person feels more confident.


Basic human needs are not limited toto a sense of security and material well-being. A truly living person constantly feels the desire for self-improvement. It can be courses of improvement of professional skill, reception of absolutely new specialty or additional education.

Admittedly, self-development, however, is not alwaysis associated with the receipt of a diploma. Human interests, a list of additional opportunities may well lead to personal growth. A person needs only a meaningful, clear understanding of what he really wants.

The desire to grow up healthy and happy children

The desire to continue the family, to see how the children grow up,grandchildren, many of us consider almost the most important thing in life. That is why it often overshadows other values, human vital interests.

material interest

Some people are often willing to sacrifice themselves: career, personal ambitions, even a happy marriage in order to be able to constantly be close to children, relatives, in every possible way to support them. Material interest seems to such people too petty that they pay attention to it.

The need to pass on someone's business

In other words, this desire is called intentionmature person to leave behind a successor. It is a fairly common situation when a retiring person wants to transfer his position to a strong and worthy candidate in all respects. As a successor, it is not necessary to act as a relative, but a person responsible, ready to commit to the leadership of the organization that is left to him.

If it is a simple employee, not an ex-employeethen this intention can be expressed in an effort to teach your children what you know yourself: to knit, to bake pies (the mother passes the daughter), to construction, to physical work (father to son). With age, a person generally has a desire to teach someone. He believes that he has already lived his life and therefore knows better how it is arranged. Often this need is not realized by the person, but is adjusted to the vital interests of the person. The list can be continued indefinitely.

circle of human interests

Thus, the interests of the individual existthe most varied. Some are connected with material values, others - with spiritual components. In the aggregate, they include the interests of a person, a list of his life achievements and opportunities. Of course, each of us independently sets the bar, which vertices he can reach, but there are common aspirations, the same for most people.