Ekaterina Cronhaus is known to dateas the author of the amazing book "I'm a bad mother?". Her creation she addressed to women who doubt their willingness to have a child, constantly make excessively high demands on themselves and are afraid of not acquitting them later. Journalist Catherine Cronhaus talks about what a serious stage precedes the appearance of the baby in the family. The book is easy to read, written with humor, backed up with relevant life experience.

Catherine Cronhaus. Biography

The author was born on April 27, 1984. Ekaterina Krongauz is a talented journalist, blogger, author of numerous texts left on the Internet. In 2009 she finished her studies at the Moscow State Pedagogical University. She devoted a lot of time to studying the topic of child-parent relations and is ready to share her experience with the readers. At one time, Cronhaus led a column in the magazine "Snob", she worked as editor-in-chief of the "Big City".

Ekaterina kronhaus

At the moment it is a young prosperousa woman, the mother of two sons - Lyova and Yasha. Her experiences related to children and their own worldview after their birth, she expressed in the book "I'm a bad mother?". Ekaterina Cronhaus long sought answers to her painful questions. In her opinion, every parent, consciously or not, experiences an incomprehensible sense of guilt before the child. How to treat your own fears, the author also tells in his entertaining text.

Willingness to have a child

No young family has ever fullyfeels worthy of such happiness. No woman can become a mother until she realizes the joy of care and warmth with which she constantly surrounds her child. The author persistently pursues the idea that you can not love a child in advance, until you give birth to him, you will not see how he makes his first steps. It is sad and mistaken to demand from ourselves some ideal conditions for letting us experience joy and happiness from the very process of communicating with the baby.

ekaterina kronouz biography

Today many people associate willingness to havefirst of all, with material well-being. Family affluence, of course, is important, but this circumstance should not become an obstacle to thinking: can I grow a little man or not? The willingness to have a child is, first of all, an inner sense of responsibility, and most importantly, the desire to care for, to give someone a piece of their soul.

Do we need sacrifice?

It seems to many women that,so that their baby grows healthy and happy, they need to partially give up their own happiness. Catherine Cronhaus discredits this myth about the need to constantly sacrifice themselves. She brings the reader to the understanding that there is no need for the baby to drop out of school, to give up personal life, to spoil relations with relatives. Yes, the image of the mother in itself looks somewhat sacrificial. There is a widespread opinion in the society that a son or daughter can not be raised without any deprivations, worries and hassles. Caring for you in any case will increase, but it is not necessary to sacrifice yourself.

I'm a bad mother Ekaterina Kronauz

A young mother, of all doubts, has the right tohappiness, professional realization. But how many women can afford to really enjoy the moment of acquired motherhood? Almost all fears are tormented: what happens if I do not manage, how can I manage everything?


It is a separate point deserving specialattention. Cronhaus in his book emphasizes the idea that many women experience uncontrollable feelings of guilt before their child. At the same time, the existing parental merits are not taken into account. Every woman has her own point, in which she turns out to be a "bad" and unworthy mother: she does not pay much attention, develops crumbs, does not have time to get higher education, etc. It seems that sometimes we create problems for ourselves and we suffer from them. It is not necessary to strive for a perfect ideal. Remember that each person in his own way is interesting and unique. While you build a certain static image, the world will have time to change many times. With the emerging sense of guilt, it is necessary to work. How exactly? About this Catherine tells in her remarkable book.

Excitement for the child

Mother always worries about the baby: Whether he is fed, warmly dressed, not frozen, is not he ill? The list can be continued indefinitely. Excitement for the child is justifiable, but it spoils to live not only for the woman, but for the very baby. Only by making amazing discoveries, one can fully know the world. Do not limit your little researcher.

journalist Ekaterina kronhaus

Thus, Catherine Cronhaus in the bookaddresses to women-mothers from a position of logic and common sense. She cites numerous examples of the fact that the education of independence and responsibility is in the power to organize to her child every caring parent.