Sometimes a person's hobbies can be extremelystrange and incomprehensible to the rest of the people. Someone collects candy wrappers and stamps, someone designs ships from plastic bottles, but someone is addicted ... slash. An unfamiliar word? Well, let's deal with it.

who is slasher

Who is a slasher?

It is better to start, as they say, from afar. Have you ever noticed a desire to change the story in a read book or a watched movie? For example, you did not really like that there is a happy ending in the "Lord of the Rings" - it would be much more interesting (in your opinion) if Sauron remained the ruler of the world. Or, for example, you clearly see that in the famous "Potteriana" Hermione is in fact in love with Harry, and not in Ron Weasley.

Surprisingly, thousands, hundreds of thousands of peoplefeel such feelings in relation to some works. Feeling the strength to write an alternative version of history - albeit not as voluminous and, to be honest, less talented - the girls (and sometimes the young men) come to work. Such fan stories are called fanfics, and the people who write them are fikraterami. "But who is a slasher, and what does he have to do with it?" - you ask impatiently. To which you will receive the answer: "We are already close!"

list of slashers

Not always fantasy fikrayyrov works instandard direction. And instead of coming up with another nice story about Harry and Hermione finally getting married, they're giving out something incredible. In their view, real feelings Potter does not feel to Hermione, not to Ginny, and not even to Zhou Chang, but to ... Draco Malfoy. "They are both male!" - exclaim you. But fikrayery nothing stops: if they saw the love between the two characters, they will do everything to those that were together - even in the fictional world!

This kind of fanfiction, in which there are romanticand sexual relations between people of the same sex, are called slash. Where did this name come from? Usually in the header (the description of the work), we indicate peyr (the pair whose relations will be described). It looks, for example, like this:

atypical slasher

  • Draco Malfoy / Harry Potter;
  • Frodo Beggins / Legolas;
  • Sawyer / Jack Shepard.

A slash is called a "slash". That's where the name came from.

So who is a slasher? First, they called people who write fanfics of this genre. A little later, when the wave of fan-creativity became more and more extensive, so simple readers, fans of the slash began to call themselves. However, today such a title is awarded to anyone who is able to see the romance between two characters of the same sex in any work or film.

Slashers create art (drawings with images of favorite heroes), video clips, compose and sing songs - in general, devote their favorite couple almost all their free and not very free time.

who is slasher
Usually in the adequacy of such people in othersthere are big doubts. Real slashers can see the "spark" even between characters that do not intersect in the original world of the work. Moreover, in the majority of adepts, as the love for homosexual fanfic and artamas grows ever more, there is an obsession that all the surrounding people are gay and lesbian, they are simply encrypted.

From the terms used by the fikrayery, you can make a huge list. Slashers will not be surprised by the catchwords like:

  • fandom - this is the name of the artistic world of the film / series / books / games on which the fanfics are written;
    who is slasher
  • peyring - a pair of characters whose relationship is described in the fanfic;
  • a disclaimer is a standard message that the work was not created for profit, and the characters belong to the original author;
  • sammari - a summary without disclosing intrigue;
  • rating - age restriction;
  • WARNING - warnings about certain elements that may be unacceptable for some people;
  • fem-slash is a kind of slash in which the main characters are female;
  • AU - alternative universe / reality;
  • OOC - character of characters does not coincide with canonical;
  • RPS is a slash with real people. It can be punishable, however, actors tend to tolerate such manifestations of fan love.

who is slasher
And that's not all! There are a lot of such terms, and it's time for them to devote a separate article.

The community of slashers is growing by leaps and bounds. In social networks, a lot of groups and publics are created for those who dream about the wedding of Dean Winchester with Castiel or the birth of several children from Dr. House and James Wilson (mpreg - a man's pregnancy in fanfics - still no one canceled).

A typical or atypical slasher - whatever you call it, butone thing: they can not live a day without the thought that Vince and Howard from Mighty Boosh or Raskolnikov and Razumikhin from Crime and Punishment are doing well. And they find that confirmation in the endless fanfiction, artach, video and their own dreams.

Now that you know who the slasher is, ask yourself: "Did I have a new hobby?"