Leadership built on charisma is not uncommon. History knows many such examples. Armed with his special ability to influence others, independence and eye-catching traits, the charismatic leader emerges into the masses. Features of his special nature are always visible from childhood, and in time drawing attention to them, you can direct a person in the right direction.

state z is headed by a charismatic leader

The concept of

Charismatic leadership is a special formexceptional and gifted influence on other people with the help of their personal attractiveness. With a beautiful appearance, this attraction rarely has anything in common. A charismatic leader may have too low growth, a big nose, or even be hunchbacked. But even with all this, he attracts people, something special, something that is not in anyone else, this is the charism that we are talking about. Thanks to her, he receives universal support and recognition.

Qualities of the charismatic leader

In the pursuit of leadership, people often resort to thoughts to discover the makings of charisma. Then the question arises as to which charismatic leader features.

First, it is a complete certainty that hesays and thinks. His judgments may be absurd, incorrect, but he sincerely believes in them, which makes them believe all the same. Such people say confidently even that the land is really flat.

Secondly, it is a vision of prospects. Where others do not see the opportunity to realize or win, the charismatic leader sees. Without this vision, there would not be many military escapes. A vivid example of this, Napoleon Bonaparte, he clearly understood when and on whom to attack. But the confidence in his unlimited power eventually led him to defeat.

Third, this ability to captivate your ideasthe rest. For this purpose, leaders use oratory, persuasion and explanation. After that, many people start accepting the ideas of such a leader for their own.

Fourthly, this is dedication to your cause and idea. Such people do not run, even when the ship is sinking. They are not afraid to take risks, and even if in the end the ship goes into the deep sea, they will solely take responsibility for themselves as leaders.

Fifthly, this is a non-standard behavior. Sometimes they behave as they forbid social norms. They are reformers, pioneers. Among such leaders it is possible to allocate the well-known woman-fashion designer Coco Chanel. When everyone around was wearing lush dresses and pulled themselves into uncomfortable corsets, she was not afraid to dress like a man. They laughed at her, she was predicted a failure, but instead of it, she gained success, popularity and eternal glory.

Sixthly, it is the ability to charge with energy. It does not matter whether it is positive or negative, they radiate it, nourish it all around. Being near to this or that person, sometimes you feel that he really helps to cheer up with only his presence. This is a clear sign of the person's charisma.

In addition, these individuals are often noteda special fascinating appearance. It may not meet the standards of beauty of this time, but is recognized by all as irreproachable. In a sense, they are actors who can amuse the audience, and when necessary, even make them cry. Do not have these skills, they would be just another gray unit of society.

examples of charismatic leaders

Types of charismatic leaders

All leaders can be divided into several types:

  • Leader-executor. He does not bring to the masses some idea and does not prove his case. He takes on the execution of already set programs and successfully copes with it. This provides him with such recognition of society.
  • Leader-inspirer. Here we are talking about the idea. He offers the masses a new program of behavior, which he personally developed. Due to his ability to persuade, he gets what he wants.
  • Leader-authority. He takes the masses with the help of universal respect. People find in it that which deserves this very respect, and follow it. In this case, he himself can be both a performer and an inspirer.

A typical model of government

Special attention deserves charismaticpolitical leaders. As if by the genre classics, charisma leads people to power, and eventually they become rulers. But it's more appropriate to say that many rulers have charisma, but not all. The stories are known to the rulers, who not only did not receive respect and recognition, but did not even leave behind any memory at all.

qualities of a charismatic leader

Suppose that the state of Z is headed bycharismatic leader. Such a state is always united. At the same time, the ruler does not resort to military force and his position. The people follow him, voluntarily. For such a country, it is characteristic that the population does not like revolutions, protests, and does not migrate to other states.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, the great king and commander,born in 356 - a very charismatic leader. It is difficult to say what exactly made his charisma so inspiring, what was given to him even from birth, or studying from such great teachers as Lysimachus and Aristotle. At the age of sixteen, he had already ascended to the throne and, despite his young age, quickly earned the respect of the people and his soldiers. As a commander, he conquered almost the whole of Asia Minor and even Egypt, where Alexandria was founded.

charismatic leader

Joseph Stalin

The charismatic leader of the Soviet Union for allhis severity, rigidity and quick temper, was able to raise his rule to the rank of this cult. His mind, along with manners, admired all around so much that few wanted to rebel against his ruthless executions. He received his power without getting an important public position, he received it thanks to the authority that he enjoyed from the people.

charismatic leader features

Adolf Gitler

Hitler, in contrast to Stalin, had his charisma,and replenished the piggy bank, called "not the best examples of charismatic leaders." But, nevertheless, he managed to go so far in realizing his ambitions, that he received as a reward a whole nation of helpers, followers and puppets. The secret of his success is that he sacredly believed in the idea of ​​his superhuman leadership abilities.

charismatic political leaders

Is it possible to grow charisma?

Many naively believe that charismaticleaders are born. In fact, many of these people in childhood had a bad diction, tolerated ridicule by their peers. Nobody could think how from the once quiet and completely gray people can end up with people blinding everyone around. This is facilitated by an unfavorable environment or simply a desire to change your life once and for all. If you are just one of these, take on board a few tips:

  • Never listen to the opinions of others. You can not achieve anything if you listen to someone shouting in the back that you will not succeed. Set goals and go to them, even if no one believes in you. But you do not have to go too far and become a "sheep" instead of a leader.
  • Do not be afraid to suffer defeat. They were tolerated even by the most famous winners. Defeat is only an experience, and nothing more.
  • Do not stand still, constantly develop. The brain must always be in motion. Study foreign languages, painting, history, chemistry.
  • Help people. Universal respect earn this way. But everything must come from a good heart, and not from selfish motives.
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