Paraphrasing the classic, we can say that it is impossiblelive in a society and be free from its influence. What is adequacy, is comprehended only in comparison with other members of the society, with their perception and interpretation. If we do not fit into the established canons of behavior, we are considered either perverts, or sick people. So what is adequacy and how to understand this term?

what is adequacy

In general, this is the "correspondence of the situation." For example, the greeting should be answered kindly, otherwise we will be deemed inadequate. The level and degree of manifestation of emotions also plays an important role in this regard. What is adequacy in understanding social psychology? This is the ability to observe the etiquette, the standards of behavior adopted in a given society, and to remain within the "normal" way of life. If you are fond of, for example, martial arts, but at work do not use the appropriate techniques to convince the interlocutor, and confine yourself to verbal formulations, then you remain relevant. How to understand if your behavior is within the "canon"? Observe others. Everything is known in comparison, because if the Papuans are greeted by rubbing their noses, this does not mean that this way of greeting will be acceptable at the meeting of shareholders of your company.

adequacy of how to understand

A peculiar test for the adequacy of a personIt is often used in the selection - filtration - of potential employees already at the first interview. After all, from the behavior of employees depends ultimately the image of the enterprise and even the brand. If the questions of the recruiter "Where do you prefer to eat lunch?", "How do you spend your free time?" you give detailed and detailed answers, describing all your culinary preferences and devoting the interlocutor to the smallest details, most likely, you will not pass the test for adequacy. How to understand,

adequacy test
do you fit into the notion of"normality"? Listen to your interlocutor. Thoroughly analyze the situation of communication, try to think ahead, given the possible reactions to your words. Compliance with generally accepted norms of behavior is what is adequacy in the ordinary sense. It is also necessary to take into account the international features in communication. For example, if it is considered normal for a Russian person to run "for a glass of tea" to a neighbor or a longtime friend and sit out after midnight, representatives of other nations are unlikely to understand you. In Germany, it is customary to warn in advance about your visit. Do not be surprised if the hosts do not put a few dishes on the table and do not offer to spend the night, because it's too late for you to return home.

Is it possible to assess the adequacy of our facilities,opinions, perceptions? Psychologists argue that the main criterion of whether they meet the "norm" - the achievement of the desired result, the goal. Of course, everyone has their own, as well as the ways of their implementation. And not necessarily our actions will coincide with someone's expectations. This is especially evident in personal relationships. If they lead to the achievement of the desired, we can assume that our installations are adequate.