All of us are social beings, and without communicationpasses no day. It is from knowing how to communicate with people, from the ability to properly conduct a conversation and depends on the level of human relations, the possibility of achieving goals.

There is a category of people who put on themselvesstigma of a loser, explaining it with this phrase: "I can not communicate with people." On the one hand, this can be due to the characteristics of the character of the individual. Shyness, excessive modesty, inflated demands on oneself make a person insecure, withdrawn. And those who do not know how to understand the internal causes of this behavior, consider this person to be arrogant, they are often ascribed such negative qualities that a person does not even have.

Of course, such citizens are best able to communicate withpsychologist, to work out in special groups among his like. Having learned to appreciate yourself, accept your "I" as it is, stop tormenting and torturing yourself, belittling your appreciation in society, a person will gradually become a fully adequate person.

Although sometimes degeneration occurs without participationpsychologists. After all, every person knows how to communicate with people, but can not overcome himself. But suddenly, next to the closed individual will be a real friend, who will help to reveal the person from the best side.

And about the great power of love that helps the floweringthe most provocative teenager, to show his beloved or his own inner world in all the sublime beauty of his even written a lot of artistic works, a lot of songs are composed, a huge number of films were shot.

But often misunderstanding arises in the human environmentonly because some people do not know how to talk with people who surround him. Communication with a business partner can not take place in an easygoing manner, close people do not speak in an official tone, and between a man and a woman, a complex psychological duel takes place at the flirting stage. The establishment and development of any relationship depends on the level of your ability to communicate.

The first impression is created already with the first words. If a person can not clearly formulate his thoughts, uses a foul language for the ligature, and pauses the speech in his speech with "uh-uu", "uh-uh", then it will be problematic for him to declare himself in a cultural society. To express a thought it is necessary to replenish the vocabulary and this is achieved by reading the literature. You can attend lectures and trainings, but elementary literacy does not increase anything like reading.

It is very important to immediately choose the right style,determine which set of words is acceptable in a given circle of communication. In the working environment its own terminology is used, on a date, for example, the neologisms "goldfish" and "kotopusik" will be correctly understood and appreciated. The style of the conversation will immediately show your attitude to the interlocutor. Therefore, if there was a difficulty in choosing a style in unfamiliar surroundings, it is worth to adhere to a neutral-benevolent tone, first of all, to greet others, to use standard phrases.

So how to communicate with people in an unfamiliar groupit is quite difficult, then you can give some advice to someone who will be in a similar situation. For example, you can mentally imagine yourself in the place of the interlocutor or look at the situation from the outside with the view of an outsider.

The second advice on how to communicate with people will beconsist in the call to be as restrained as possible, but respectful. Nobody normally perceives a screaming man or a talking person. What emotions are not raging inside, when communicating, they can not be attacked by others. How often we react with restraint to the rudeness of the seller or the driver and say offensive mucks to the closest people, and then we wonder where the love went.

The pace of speech is also important in communication and in many waysdepends on the specific situation. With children or foreigners speak slowly, using simple words, otherwise it simply does not understand the speech. Speaking to the audience to convey their thoughts to listeners, you need a measured rhythm, with a clear breakdown into individual theses.

To practice this skill, you can practiceas follows - stepping to pronounce one word in one step. Do not forget about goodwill and sense of humor. No matter how hard you try to use your learned communication skills, a spiteful look or an unexpected pod may turn off any interlocutor and even destroy the relationship.