Love is an excellent state of mind and body,because when a person loves, although unrequited, only the most positive emotions live in his heart. But a moment comes when one likes to unrequitedly bored, one wants to touch a person, embrace and kiss him. Here and there is a huge number of questions that girls ask. How can I tell him that I love him, what can I do to attract his attention? And anyway, is it normal to admit love first?

how can I tell him that I love him
A little history

For modern girls can be a problemThe situation when a guy needs to open his feelings. And this is normal, because our society has lived for many centuries under a patriarchal basis, when the predominant place in the family and society is occupied by a man. Labor and social trends have changed somewhat today, and many new ways have been opened for women. But here the sphere of personal life undergoes changes quite difficult, very slowly and reluctantly transforming. Therefore, for today, public opinion still says that primacy in relations is the lot of men. And it is very difficult for girls to step over this invisible threshold, which is often fraught with condemnation from others.

I want to tell you I love
Straight and without convolutions

If a girl is worried about the question "how to tell him thatI just love him, "you just have to dare and say everything you love to your eyes.There are many situations for this, but the main thing is that the couple should be left alone.This can be a slow dance in a disco, communication on a break or a joint trip home. not far from love topics and smoothly go to the main phrase.It should be ready for the fact that the guy in different ways can react to this, because such a phrase from a friend, classmate or an unfamiliar girl can be just a shock. time is passing, the guy will say everything.


How can I tell him that I love him? An easier, but no less effective way can be a message to a loved one. To do this, you can just send a guy sms-ku, write a letter or a brief note. The main thing is to make sure that the written message has got to the addressee. So you can reveal all your feelings and not be afraid, as with live communication, that at the most important moment the voice will tremble or sweat your hands. A great way to admit love to a guy can be Valentine's Day, when all one another are sent valentine-recognition.

if I say love, then I love.

How can I tell him that I love him? Another way for girls is to just call the mobile and open up your feelings. This is somewhat heavier than the written message, but it is much easier than live communication, because on the phone you can hide the share of excitement. In addition, there is no need to look a person in the eye, and this greatly facilitates communication. Calling the guy, you can start a conversation on remote topics and already smoothly go to the main, or you can just bluntly say: "I want to tell you" I love ". And wait for the reaction from the interlocutor.


What can you expect from a guy who receivedunexpected recognition? Initially, all the reaction will be one - a shock, then events can develop in different ways. The main situations are three. First, when a guy does not like the guy, and he does not intend to start with her any relationship. The second is that the girl likes the guy, but he is not sure that he wants to start dating right away. Here an excellent way out is just temporary friendship, so that young people can look at each other. The third, the most anticipated by the girls option - the guy is experiencing the same feelings, just did not dare to say about it. But do not immediately put on a young man and ask a hundred times: "Did I misheard?" This can irritate a loved one and immediately follow the phrase: "If I said" I love ", then I love, why pester me?"