Have you ever wondered whySome have everything, but you have nothing? The reason for this may lie in a low self-esteem. It is self-confident people who are trying to get what they want from life. Adequate self-esteem is one of the main components of success. From how we feel, our status in society depends, successes on the love front - in general, all our achievements. If you are wondering how to increase self-esteem, then before reading the recommendations, get acquainted with what this term means.

What is self-esteem?

This is a person's attitude to himselfall advantages and disadvantages. Low self-esteem creates a bad mood - as a result, all life appears in black colors. The person becomes dependent on the environment, he constantly looks back at others, in order to see on their faces the attitude to their actions or words. Thus, faith in one's own self is lost.

How to increase self-esteem?

For this, one must first of all fall in love with oneself, learn to see in oneself the best features, not to dwell on the existing shortcomings.

Why can self-esteem become understated?

Low self-esteem can be formed as early aschildhood, when the child is under the strong influence of his parents, as well as the environment. Constant reproaches and discontent with your son or daughter can lead to extremely negative consequences. The child will be afraid to do something on his own or make decisions - and he will have a mass of complexes.

Low self-esteem may also appear inof an adult. The circumstances that contribute to this, are very different. This is a lack of money, and failures at work, and betrayal of relatives, and poor health, and other life situations. Do not take everything from a negative point of view, you need to find some positive aspects in the failures, to take everything simply as a negative experience.

How to prevent a decline in self-esteem?

It is not uncommon for people, when faced withsome kind of life situation, they are inactive, and this is their main mistake. They postpone all important decisions for later, in every way delaying the terms, worry that the problem is not exhausted, and are becoming more insecure. Inaction is the main obstacle on their way to success.

How to increase self-esteem for a man?

It is worth to do yourself and improve your physical shape. Going to the gym will not pass without a trace. So you can improve your general condition, become more confident in yourself.

How to increase self-esteem for a woman?

Take care of your appearance, go to the salonbeauty, make a new hairstyle, create a different image. Purchases in stores of new clothes and shoes will raise the mood coolly, and the attitude towards oneself will improve significantly.

The question "How to increase self-esteem?" Can be answered in the form of a number of advice-recommendations. So, for this you need:

- to give up bad habits: the use of alcohol, drugs, smoking, as they affect the subconscious, cause a state of oppression, fear and insecurity. It is also not advisable to drink coffee and energy drinks often.

- Do not compare yourself with others. Go to your goal yourself, without looking around and not envying.

- do not inflate your small slips to an incredible size. Treat them with patience and clearly follow your goal.

- remember your achievements. For clarity, you can put all your diplomas, if any, in a prominent place.

- give more time to what delivers youpleasure. Look in all the positive aspects, then you will do any kind of work with enthusiasm and interest, you will be able to achieve much and at the same time less tired.

- Do not scold yourself under any circumstances. Find better reasons to praise yourself.

- Do not try to achieve everything at once. It is necessary to move slowly but surely towards your goal.

- Even if you do not know how to do something, do not despair in any way, you can not be the first in everything. Do what you do best.

How to increase self-esteem, everyone decides for himself. It is best to approach the issue in a comprehensive manner.